History of Cabazon, California
From: History of Riverside County, California
with Biographical Sketches.
History By: Elmer Wallace Holmes
Historic Record Company.
Los Angeles, Califirnia 1912


The fact that the railroad, when it pushed its first track through the uplands of the San Gorgonio Pass, established at Cabazon a small depot, has already been noted. Cabazon received its name from old Chief Cabazon, who was one of the well known Indians in the early days.

The town is located about six miles east of Banning, and is 1,776 feet in elevation. The railroad, which between Cabazon and Banning climbs a steep grade, drops from Cabazon to Whitewater, where there is a small depot and section house, to an elevation of about 1,100 feet in less than ten miles.

When Hall City was in existence Cabazon also assumed some importance, but later, until 1884, there was not much of moment in the place. In that year a company beaded by Balfour-Guthrie, a Scotch firm, and known as the Cabazon Land and Water Company, bought the land from the railroad and state. They commenced to colonize the place, and sold some of the land, but later bought this in again and managed the property, as a whole, through a resident manager. They built a two story house for the manager, probably about 1884 or 1885. A moderate acreage of grapes, apricots and almonds was set out, and these proved fruitful. Some of the earliest fruit in the San Gorgonio Pass is raised at Cabazon, and the quality is good. Water for the irrigation of the lands, and for domestic use, was brought in a five mile stone ditch from the Millard canyon, north of the town. The railroad company then, as now, obtained a supply for the water tank from a tributary canyon, and at present maintains a caretaker in the canyon who has charge of the company water system.

For many years the Scotch company carried on the fruit farming through a manager, but in 1910 the townsite was bought by R. F. Garner of San Bernardino. He soon sold it to the Malone Water and Land Company of Los Angeles, and last year they commenced the subdivision and improvement of their property. About 2,400 acres, lying for the most part south of the railroad, were platted by this company, and in the neighborhood of 1,000 acres were soon sold. One of the largest purchasers was the Angelus Fruit Company, which bought the land with the idea of raising olives, figs, peaches and apricots, with a preponderance of the first.

To date there has never been any town in a business sense at Cabazon. A number of the recent purchasers of land there have built homes for themselves, and the company in charge installed a distributing system for the water, laying about thirteen miles of pipe. The first postoffice was installed there early in the present year, with B. H. Votaw as postmaster, and bonds for a small schoolhouse have been voted. The residents have always been few in number, and at present the total is not large, in comparison with the other towns of the valley.

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