Montara Hills

From: The Story of San Mateo County, California
By: Roy W. Cloud
The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company.
Chicago, Ill 1928

By W. A. Brewer, Jr.

(These stanzas breathe the atmosphere of San Mateo County. They were first published in the San Francisco Bulletin, April 4, 1925.)

When I am done with city streets,
And canyons walled with brick-built towers

I'll find Montara's still retreats
Among the redwoods and the flowers;

When I am satiate with new,
I'll go and seek the old, old thrills

That wait all those who wander through
The sleepy, blue Montara Hills!

The redwood armies mount the slope,
Knee-deep in tangled underbrush;

Above dark lakes where fishes grope
To where the span-wide rivers rush;

The drunken bees go blundering by
Blue cups that fragrant honey fills;

You long for these? Then why not try
The sleepy, blue Montara Hills?

Unwaked by gasoline or steam,
Untroubled by the siren's shrieks,

They still prolong the ancient dream
They dreamed when Spaniards trod their peaks;

To those forespent with cash and change,
But one retreat their hope fulfills;

The old, unwaking redwood range-.
The sleepy, blue Montara Hills!

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