History Conroy, IA
From: History of Iowa County, Iowa And its People
By: James C. Dinwiddie
The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co. Chiago 1915


The Village of Conroy had its inception in 1884, with the building of the Milwaukee through Hilton Township. Henry Shimer of Mt. Carroll, Ill., donated ten acres of land to the railroad where Conroy now stands and James Conroy helped to start the town, superintended the obtaining of the right of way for the railroad and in honor of him the railroad officials named the new village after him. James Conroy also started the first store in Conroy, with his son as manager. The Miner Grain Company of Cedar Rapids built a grain house next; this was the second structure. Harry E. Hull was then manager of this plant at Conroy. The elevator was constructed some time afterwards. The first car load of rye shipped from here on the new railroad was from the Engelbert farm adjacent to the town. The first residence was the Conroy home. Peter White, Chris Engelbert, Levi Nelson and Richard Nelson were other pioneers of the town with Conroy. The cooperative creamery was established and a building erected in 1890.

The Conroy Savings Bank was established in 1910. The charter bears the date of April t8th and the bank was moved into the new building on December 14th. This structure is of brick and stone and cost $6,000; the fixtures amount to $2,000 additional. There were eighty four stockholders at the start and now there are seventy four. The officers are: S. H. Stanerson, president; J. H. Burgy, vice president; H. E. Oldaker, cashier; John G. Heitshusen, assistant cashier. The directors are: H. E. Oldaker, G. H. Plagmann, Herman G Maas, J. A. White, J. W. Newkirk, S. H. Stanerson, J. H. Burgy, Fred M. Pundt, Dick Schwarting and Andrew Jacobs. The capital stock is $12,500; the surplus $2,500; and the deposits amount to $149,000; total resources $164,000.

The first church established in Conroy was the Presbyterian. Charles McCampbell of Muscatine came here and started a Sunday school, from which the church afterward developed. This was in 1898. The church building was constructed under the direction of McCampbell in the same year as his coming. The pastors have been: Reverends Karlstram, Cornell, Cameron and Whitehead.

The German Lutherans built their first church in 19o9. This was a frame structure and did not long satisfy the demands of the congregation. A new church is being constructed in 1915 which is to cost about nine thousand dollars. The pastors serving this church have been: Reverends Wagner, Matzat, Kablatz. There are fifty families in this society.

There are about one hundred and fifty people in Conroy at the present time. A town hall was constructed in 1911-12, costing $5,400.

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