History Ladora, Iowa County, IA
From: History of Iowa County, Iowa And its People
By: James C. Dinwiddie
The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co. Chiago 1915


The Town of Ladora was surveyed and platted by James A. Paine on September 19 and 20, 1867, and was located on the southeast quarter of the northeast quarter of section 12, township 8o, range 12, for the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad Company. The plat was officially recorded October 25, 1867.

At the November term of court, 1879, an order was obtained to call an election to decide the question of incorporation. In January, 1880, this election was held accordingly and the town was incorporated. The following were the first officers: J. H. Gray, mayor; O. F. Williams, recorder; O. F. Williams, assessor; F. E. Dennis, marshal; F. Pike, L. W. Wilson, F. P. Starrett, M. D. Snavely and I. D. Smith, councilmen. Gray soon after the election resigned and in May W. S. Foster' was chosen mayor to fill the vacancy.

The first dwelling on the site of Ladora was erected by P. J. Rosencrans in 1868. The second building was the old elevator built by the same man. It stood on the south side of the railroad and Rosencrans' dwelling stood a few rods north. The third building was constructed by Melvin Wigton north of the railroad and used as a store. S. Huston also built a store building early. A depot was put up in the fall of 1869, consisting of one small room.

The postoffice was established about the year 1865 and kept on the Wilson farm. When the application made for an office was received it was not easy to decide upon a name, but Mrs. General Scofield, a music teacher living there at the time, conceived of taking the musical syllables "la," "do" and "ra" and thence spelling Ladora. The office was brought into Ladora in the fall of 1868.

The Presbyterian Church was organized in the year 1869 with about a dozen members. They constructed a church during the summer of 1870 at a cost of $1,500, but was not dedicated until 1874. Several times the church building was injured by lightning and wind and had to undergo extensive repairs.

The Methodist Society was organized in 1870 with eight members. The first minister was John Elrod. They used the church structure which had been built by the Seventh Day Adventists and located three miles west of Ladora on the Allen farm in 1879. It was moved into town.

A lodge of Masons was organized in 1871 with eleven charter members.

Woster B. Bricker Post No. 145, Grand Army of the Republic at Ladora, was organized March 14, 1883. The charter members were: R. W. Rosenberger, C. A. Gates, M. Gardner, J. E. Leasure, N. F. Kimes, W. S. Foster, J. D. Kohl, J. J. Coats, Isaac Bricker, B. Mason, J. N. Rumple, M. A. Mantz, J. H. Byers, F. M. Fields, J. H. Vosburg, A. E. Gates, C. W. Bell, H. S. Wyant, J. N. Rosenberger, Isaac Voorhees, George Rossman, M. Haverly and A. Trimble. The members who have been mustered since the organization are: R. W. Rosenberger, Charles A. Gates, J. M. Gardner, N. F. Dimes, W. S. Foster, J. D. Kohl, J. J. Coats, Isaac Bricker, J. E. Leasure, B. Mason, Jr., J. N. W. Rumple, J. N. Rosenberger, Isaac Voorhees, A. E. Gates, C. W. Bell, G. H. Rossman, A. Trimble, F. M. Fields, H. S. Wyant, J. H. Vosburg, M. A. Mantz, M. Haverly, J. H. Byers, J. N. Shedenhehn, J. B. Betz, David Watson, John Boher, E. Wallack, John Ward, M. S. Shaull, Elliott, S. R. Shaull, Thomas Case, J. F. Orin, Everett Beemer, David M. Shaull, J. S. Smith, R. Horton, E. S. Bateman, J. M. Johnston, James Field, N. B. Sheperun, George Wall, Adelbert Norton, B. F. Jones, H. F. Pugh, A. J. Reden, R. N. Brown, M. E. Hotchkiss, A. Phillips, A. R. Brown, David Rowe, J. C. Lawrence, John C. Eaton, W. G. Ritchie, John Dailey, James E. Bigbee, Willis Huddleston.

Woster B. Bricker, from whom the post was named, was born in Ohio in 1845, the son of Dr. Simon Bricker who was a brother of Dr. John Bricker, of Ladora, Ia. Woster enlisted in Company E, Twenty fourth Iowa Infantry in 1862. He served his country loyally and bravely during the war, finally giving up his young life in battle on September 19, 1864, at Winchester, Va. He and John W. Arbuckle were shot through the head and instantly killed. They were buried together in a single grave upon the battlefield, the exact location of which has been lost. Efforts made to find the last resting place of these two young patriots have been unsuccessful.

The Ladora Savings Bank commenced business August 1, 1901, with a capital of $25,000. George E. Morse was president; A. L. King, vice president; H. C. Gates, cashier; W. B. Fields, assistant cashier. At the present time the capital is 550,000. Morse is still president; W. B. Fields is vice president; H. C. Gates is cashier; and W. E. Bierkamp, assistant cashier. The deposits amount to about two hundred and sixty thousand dollars.

The Farmers Savings Bank is a new institution, but well patronized and of good reputation in the county. H. L. Mussetter is president; A. J. Clark is vice president; and E. L. Mussetter is cashier. The capital stock is $17,000 and the deposits $75,000.

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