History of Eden Township, Sac County, IA
From: History of Sac County, Iowa
By: William H. Hart
B. F. Bowen & Company, Inc.
Indianapolis, Indiana 1914


On the north line of the county and second from the western line, is Eden civil township, which comprises all of congressional township 89, range 37 west, this tier being the first north of the "correction line" of the state. It is six miles square and a very fertile portion of Sac county - well named by the pioneers. The Moville branch of the Northwestern railroad runs through sections 33, 34, 35, 28, 29 and 30. The nearest station points are Early, in Boyer Valley township, and Schaller, in Eureka township. The headwaters of the Boyer river are found in the northern portion of this township and the southern part of Buena Vista county. There are numerous smaller streams, all forming junction with this principal stream. For general farming, this part of the county is not surpassed. Eden, which was constituted in 1871, had four hundred and eighty population in 1880.

The oldest settler still living in the township is Christian Schaeffer, who came into the territory now known as Eden township on May 7, 1870. Others of about that date, or a little later, were Christ Lucke, Fred Hahne and Adolph Martin, who all crossed the Boyer river and became settlers in this township. These all emigrated from Alamakee county, Iowa, in the autumn of 1870. Fred Hahne and Mr. Lucke came on in advance and took up land for the entire party. Before this settlement there were only two others within the township, Messrs. Hobner and Walter Toll, neither of whom remained to make a permanent settlement.

Eden and Delaware townships both originally belonged to the territory of Douglas township, but in the seventies a division was made and separate civil governments were formed of these two townships.

Of the schools and churches in this township, other general chapters will treat at considerable length. The population of the township, according to the latest (1910) United States census, is five hundred and eighteen.

Owing to the richness of the soil and the location, lands have steadily advanced in this section of Sac county, until today it is hard to find a man who cares to sell for less than one hundred and twenty five to one hundred and seventy five dollars per acre. From this township have come several of the county supervisors and other officials of the county, all having the best interests of the county at heart while serving in an official capacity.

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