Township informatin and names, Sac County, IA
From: History of Sac County, Iowa
By: William H. Hart
B. F. Bowen & Company, Inc.
Indianapolis, Indiana 1914


The civil township is to the county what the county is to the state. Each township has a government peculiar to itself, though in perfect harmony with its sister sub divisions in the same county. Here in Sac county, fortunately, these civil townships are all the same in size, an even six miles each way, or a full congressional township. As now constituted and named they are as follows: Boyer Valley, Cook, Cedar, Coon Valley, Clinton, Douglas, Delaware, Eden, Eureka, Jackson, Levy, Richland, Sac, Wheeler, Wall Lake and Viola.

These townships have been constituted or organized at different dates within keeping of the advancing settlement of the county. The following is the order, according to dates when these various subdivisions of Sac county were made separate townships for governmental purposes: Sac and Jackson, 1856; Douglas, 1860; Boyer Valley, 1871; Wall Lake, 1871; Eden, 1871; Clinton, 1874; Cedar, 1873; Delaware, 1875; Eureka, 1875; Viola, 1875; Wheeler, 1875; Richland; 1876; Coon Valley, 1877.

Douglas township was taken from Jackson; Boyer Valley and Cedar taken from Jackson and Sac; Cook taken from Boyer Valley; Eden and Delawere taken from Douglas; Levey and Viola taken from Sac; Wall Lake and Clinton from Jackson and Sac; Richland was taken from Clinton; Coon Valley from Wall Lake township.


The various townships were named from the following facts and incidents: Sac township, from the name of the country and originally from the Indian tribe, the Sacs, who, with the Foxes, at once time held all this portion of Iowa.

Douglas, named after Hon. Stephen A. Douglas, who ran for President against Mr. Lincoln in 1860.

Delaware township, from some of its earlier settlers who came from the state bearing that name.

Eden township was named from the fact that the pioneers who settled here thought they had struck an earthly paradise.

Eureka, from "I have found it," as the settlers said when looking for a good section in which to claim land.

Cook township, for the largest farmer and landowner in the township and one of the largest in Sac county, Mr. Cook.

Boyer Valley township, from the river that flows through the county and finally empties into the Missouri at Council Bluffs.

Jackson township, after "Old Hickory," Andrew Jackson, a former President of the United States.

Cedar township, from the Cedar river, or creek, that courses through it. Coon Valley, from the Coon river.

Wall Lake, from the walled lake in the southern portion of the county, of which so much has from time to time been written, but really the "wall" consists of the prairie boulders that have with passing generations been heaved up by the frost.

Clinton township was named after that most excellent county in eastern Iowa, from which many of the dearly corners to Sac came.

Richland township, as might naturally be guessed, was named for its excellent soil qualities.

Wheeler township was named in honor of Hiram Wheeler, the once great land owner near Odebolt, who was a candidate for governor on the Republican ticket and defeated by Hon. Horace Bodies, when temperance was the leading issue in this state.

Levey township was named for C. N. Levey, an early settler and county official.

Viola township, from Viola, Illinois, by W. A. Robinson.

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