History of Jackson Township, Sac County, IA
From: History of Sac County, Iowa
By: William H. Hart
B. F. Bowen & Company, Inc.
Indianapolis, Indiana 1914


Jackson is the township in which Sac City, the county seat, is situated, and comprises congressional township 88, range 36 west, and is bounded on the north by Douglas and Delaware townships, on the east by Cedar township, on the south by Wall Lake township and on the west by Boyer Valley township. It was in and near here that the first pioneer settlement was effected in the early fifties, and, having been mentioned at length in the general chapter on early settlement, need not here be enlarged upon. It was here that Judge Eugene Criss located and ran the old stage station and a general store for the accommodation of a wide scope of country. He later constructed a saw and grist mill. The Corys, the Tiberghiens, the Watts and Platts all found homes in the new country. It was in 1854, 1855 and 1856 when they arrived.

Indian creek and the Coon river are the principal streams flowing through this township. Along its beautiful groves were made the first cabin homes in the county. Over this picturesque section had roamed the savage Sioux, the Sac and Fox tribes, and here had they been at war one with another. Here camped many an immigrant on his way to this and other western Iowa counties. The value of the prairie land was not really known to the first settlers here, and all huddled themselves along the timber skirting the Coon river, little dreaming that the uplands and prairies were destined to outstrip the timbered sections of the county. Wild game was plentiful in this part of the county and the river afforded an endless amount of excellent fish. Fifty years have made a wonderful transformation in this country, and especially in Jackson township, with Sac City in its midst, a thriving city, with all modern improvements and a hum and stir of genuine industry.

Jackson township was created as one of the first civil townships in Sac county, the date being 1856. In 1880 its population, including Sac City, was about one thousand sixty six souls. The 1910 census reports gave the township five hundred and eighty four, exclusive of Sac City and two thousand seven hundred and eighty five, including the city. The railroads have greatly aided in the development of Sac county, including this special township. The Chicago & Northwestern and the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railroads have lines running through the township from all points of the compass, concentrating at Sac City.

The history of this township is almost identical with that of Sac City, hence the reader is referred to the facts concerning the founding and present standing of the country seat town.

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