History of Moville Township, Woodbury County, IA
From: History of the Counties of Woodbury and Plymouth, Iowa
A Warner & Co., Publishers
Chicago Illinois, 1890-91

Moville Township was cut from Wolf Creek and Floyd townships September 2, 1872, the order of creation by the supervisors reading as follows: "The east half of township eighty eight, range forty five, be detached from Wolf Creek township, and the west half of township eighty eight, range forty five, be detached from Floyd township, and that the whole of said township eighty eight, range forty five, be formed into a new township, to be called Moville township." The bounds are Banner and Arlington on the north, West Fork on the south, Wolf Creek on the east, and Floyd on the west.

This township has no superior in Woodbury county as a farming section, and few equals, as it is very little broken, whilst it is abundantly provided with water. The West Fork of the Little Sioux river runs through the center from north to south and Wolf creek flows through the eastern portion. It is gently rolling, and the soil is the best. Corn, cattle and hogs are the products, and immense quantities of the first are raised, and large numbers of the latter two are shipped from Moville village, in Arlington township, the present terminus of a branch of the Chicago & Northwestern railroad. Moville township is simply and strictly an agricultural one. It has no popostoffice, no church, no store, no railroad, no mill, no ranches, and not even a cemetery. The buildings are farm houses, barns and schools, of the latter there being no less than six, which is evidence that the inhabitants should be classed among the reading and thinking class of Woodbury's population. This showing of schools in a township that has only one hundred voters is a silent comment that speaks volumes. The inhabitants are nearly all well to do, progressive and enterprising, and although a large proportion of the voters belong to the Farmers' Alliance, they do not fool too much with politics. Nearly all the mail matter for the population of Moville is received at the town of Moville, just across the northern border of the township, where all business, also, is transacted, which is no small matter, if one can judge by the wagons that enter the village named from the south.

The township, although one of the richest and most fertile in the county, was settled at a very late day, and it seems like straining matters to speak of the old settlers of Moville; there are really none - or none, compared with the Sergeant's Bluff and Smithland settlements. It is true the northern edge is traversed by the upper great road, the one from Sioux City to Correctionville, along which passed the renowned company of citizen warriors raised at Sioux City for the defense of the threatened settlers about Correctionville; the company, a squad of which had such a thrilling adventure at the house of Mr. Morris Kellogg, and in which the now genial Judge Isaac Pendleton was wounded. The exploits of these dauntless foemen with the relentless red skins is related elsewhere, and the circumstance is alluded to in order to show that persons frequently passed through the upper portion of Moville; yet there was land nearer the more advanced settlements, and upon this the claim seeker squatted. There were three of the Metcalfs, however, who came pretty early - William, John and Wilbur Metcalf. This family was, and is yet, one of the most numerous in the county, as the name will be noticed in several preceding and succeeding townships. J. B. Smith was another early settler, but nearly all those who form the population now, came in at a comparatively late date.

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