History of Scott, Il.
From: J. S. Lothrop's Champaign County Directory
With History of the same, and Each Township Therein
Published by: Rand, McNally & Co., Printers & Binders, Chicago 1871



Is bounded on the east by Champaign, on the north by Mahomet, on the west by Piatt county, and on the south by Colfax; being Town 19, Range 7 east. The first land entered here, was by I. V. Williams, September, 1835, the east half of north-west quarter of Section 6, Town 19, Range 7. Mr. Williams also was the first settler, building the first house, and planting the first orchard.

With the exception of a small tract in the north-west corner, there are no nature-planted trees in the town, and for that reason, which we have seen obtained everywhere, settlements were very slow, and not until after the war, or about 1865, was there any particular attention paid to this town. The surface of the prairie here, for the most part, is gently rolling, though in the north-western and western parts the swells are more abrupt and sharp, the sloughs or water-courses narrower, and the streams more rapid than on the prairies usually. This part was first settled, proving, what we have often stated, that the more level lands were not understood or appreciated. In traveling over this town, we have been struck with the new appearance of a very large majority of the farms, especially in the southern portion. Like Colfax, this section seems to have changed, in a day, from the broad, unbroken surface of a grassgrown prairie, to extensive tracts of rich black mold, surrounded by narrow belts of green, undisturbed prairie, which mark the highways and winding watercourses, while houses of greater or less pretensions tell of the habitations of men; or, later, we see the broad acres supporting a luxuriant growth of corn and other cereals in the place of the rank wild grasses, that, but a few years since, were its chief glory. There is no soil, or condition of soil, that surpasses that of Scott township, in all that can be desired for mixed cultivation, while the ease and certainty with which abundant supplies of water may be brought to the surface, answers every objection that can be urged against stock-growing or feeding.

The town was organized from the south half of Mahomet, in 1861, and at that time there were but 49 voters, and, as has been said before, the increase was slow until after the close of the war. We refer the reader to the statistics in the latter part of this book for information, that will show the astonishing increase since that period.

Among the prominent men of the town, we name Samuel Koogler, whose large stock-farm of over 800 acres of choice land, is among the best improved in the county. Mr. Koogler has several times represented his town in the county legislature, showing the confidence reposed in him by his fellow-townsmen.

F. G. Seymour and J. B. Lytle have also figured extensively in the history of the town, and as successful farmers, few surpass them.

The large farm of B. F. Cresap has few equals in the State, and no superiors. It is designed and used for stock-growing and feeding, and in all its appointments, approaches as near perfection as one can attain without having control of the contour of the land. It contains over 1,000 acres.

Seth Merriman also has control of a section of land improved for stock purposes, which is a model of its class.

William Dighton also has a large, well improved farm of 1,440 acres, while the new farm of E. J. Anderson gives promise of holding first rank among the model farms of the county. Henry Tilbury, Noble M. Crawford, T. Mallory, William D. Lytle, F. M. Young, and many others, are deserving of all praise for their determined efforts to advance the interests of the town and agriculturists generally.

The grading for the track of the Monticello and Champaign Railroad, has been completed through the town, and the coming summer the track will be laid, and the road put in operation.

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