History of Connersville, Indiana (Part 4) Business Directory
From: History of Fayette County, Indiana
Her People, Industries and Institutions
By: Frederick Irving Barrows
B. F. Bowen & Company, Inc.
Indianapolis, Indiana 1917


There' have been enumerated more than a score of the larger industrial concerns of the city, but in addition to these are a number of other concerns engaged in manufacturing on a smaller scale. The city has its full share of bakers, confectioners, jewelers, milliners, monument makers, plumbers, photographers, tailors, tinners and wagon makers. There are the usual number of department stores, grocery stores, dry goods stores, hardware stores, drug stores, and the like, all of which are enumerated in the appended directory, which includes the various business and professional interests of Connersville in 1917.

Ackerman, C. C., jeweler.
Adams Express Company, Z. O. Mullane, agent.
Ainsley, Joseph, tailor.
Allison, Roscoe, tinner.
American Express Company, H: E. Suhre, agent.
Ansted Spring and Axle Company.
Ashworth, J. L., drugs.
Auditorium The, William Shea, manager.
Ayers, Mrs. Albert, restaurant.
Ayers, John, second hand goods.
Ball, Isabel; librarian.
Barker, V. J., hardware and implements.
Barrows, A. E. Company, insurance.
Bell Ice Cream Company, Albert Bell.
Berg, Charles, photographer.
Blieden, Harry, clothing and shoes.
Blum, W. L., meats.
Booher, Irvin E., physician.
Brand, Theodore, harness.
Braun & Kehl, clothing.
Broaddus & Florea, attorneys.
Cain, Harry, tinner.
Carlos, John F., grain and seeds.
Carter, George R., Company, leather goods.
Carver. C. H., insurance.
Cassidy, E. P., life insurance.
Central Manufacturing Company, vehicle bodies.
Central State Bank.
Chance Bros, grocers.
Ching Tong, laundry.
Chitwood, F. A., physician.
Chrisman, A. L., attorney and real estate.
Chrismer European Hotel, J. A. Chrismer, proprietor.
Clark, J. H., physician.
Clifford-Mathewson Company, insurance.
Cochran, Murlin, insurance.
Conner, Alonzo. attorney.
Connersville Blower Company.
Connersville Commercial Club.
Connersville Commercial School, Irene Durham.
Connersville Dry Cleaning Company, S. E. DeHaven, proprietor.
Connersville Examiner.
Connersville Furniture Company.
Connersville Ice Company.
Connersville Lumber Company.
Connersville Mirror Works.
Connersville Publishing Company.
Connersville Taxi Company.
Connersville Times.
Connersville Vulcanizing Company.
Conner & Lewis, hardware and implements.
Conwell, LaFayette, architect.
Cooley, A. C., photographer.
Cooley, Frank M., grocer.
Corner Drug Store.
Courier Printing Company.
Crescent Enterprise Laundry Company.
Dan Patch Novelty Company.
Dillman, L. D., physician.
Doenges, Simon, postmaster.
Dorris, Andrew, confectioner.
Douglass, George, shoes.
Drebin, Myer, clothing and shoes.
Dudley, baker.
Elliott, R. H., physician.
Evening News, Times-News Company.
Farmers & Merchants Trust Company.
Fayette Lumber Company.
Fayette Manufacturing Company, confectioners.
Fayette National Bank.
Fayette Savings and Loan Association.
Citizens Telephone Company.
Fearis, J. H., insurance.
Fick, A. C., furniture.
First National Bank.
Fletcher, A. J., physician.
Frost, Goble & Himelick, attorneys.
Gardner, Bruce C., photographer.
General Repair Machine Company.
German Building and Loan Association.
Grand Hotel, Mrs. Albert Ayers, proprietor.
Green, L. E. and D. R., drugs.
Gregg, William M., monuments.
Griffin, H. M., architect.
Guttman, Harry, furniture.
Hackman-Heeb Company, furniture.
Hahn's Accessory Company, garage and accessories.
Hamilton, Jesse & Son, transfer.
Hankins, John S., attorney.
Harper, E. E., horse and auto livery.
Harr, J. C., veterinary surgeon.
Hassett, Michael, sporting goods.
Hassler, F. J., grocer.
Heinemann, Charles, grocer.
Helvie & Dragoo, veterinary surgeons.
Henry, O. M., harness and buggies.
Hilbert, J. H. wagonmaker.
Holberg, M. & Company, clothing.
Home Loan Association.
Hoosier Casting Company.
Huxtable, F. W., laundry.
Hydro-Electric Light and Power Company.
Ideal Candy Shop.
Indiana Lamp Company.
Inland Motor Sales Corporation, automobiles.
Israel, Edward, jeweler and optician.
Jessop's Candy Factory, C. W. Jessop, proprietor.
Johnson, J. H., physician.
Johnson, Zella, optometrist.
Johnson & Sparks, attorneys.
Jordan, Oliver, tailor.
Joseph, Phil, dry goods and milliners.
Kahn, Leo, clothing.
Kahn-Williams Company, shoes.
Kehl, A. (F. E. Kehl), jeweler.
Keller, John, repair shop.
Kennedy, Fred A., dentist.
Kinder, Tillie, tailor.
King & Moffet, livery and stock dealers.
Klein, W. C., jeweler.
Koch, J. L., meats.
Krell Auto Grand Piano Company, Lawrence Maxwell, owner.
Lambert, Walter R., taxicab and transfer.
Leiter, A. E., dry goods and millinery.
Lewis, William D., fruits and feed.
Lexington-Howard Company, motor cars.
Lines & Layson, cigar store.
Lockhart, W. M., grocer.
Luking, W. H., shoes.
Lyric Theater, J. A. Chrismer, proprietor.
McCann Milling Company.
McComb, G. F., dentist.
McCune, Mary, milliner and ladies furnishings.
McFarlan Hotel.
McKee, Wiles & Elliott, attorneys.
McQuestion, W., grocer.
Mancini, Peter, cigars and fruits.
Mancini Sisters, millinery.
Masters, G. L., dentist.
Mathews, H. J., plumber and electrician
Maxine Company, dental supplies.
Mettel Brothers, bakers.
Miller, J. H., automobiles and garage.
Moffett, Miles K., drugs.
Moffett & Davis, live stock.
Morrison, J. H., dentist.
Mountain, J. R, Physician.
Muddell, John S., lawyer.
Mungavin, Thomas, tailor.
Myers, Charles, undertaker.
Nave, I. R., grocer.
Neal & Stoll, plumbers.
Ochiltree & Edwards, attorneys.
Oliger, A. J., livery.
Owl Pharmacy.
Palace Hotel, J. W. Reichle, proprietor.
Peters, John J., meats.
Porter, C. E., photographer.
Porter, W. J., physician.
Powell, John G., hardware and implements.
Pratt Shoe Store.
Pryor, F. M., meats.
Remington, J. A., cigars and sporting goods.
Rex Manufacturing Company.
Rice, J. S., physician.
Richman, Leslie, life insurance.
Ricord, Henry, restaurant.
Riley, C. P. & Son, plumbers.
Risher & Guttman, ladies' furnishing goods.
Roots, Clarence S., attorney.
Roots, P. H. & F. M., Company, blower manufacturers.
Roth, A. J., variety store.
Rubenstein, A., clothing store.
Sample, J. M., physician.
Schlichte, Edward J., department store.
Schneider, Peter, grocer.
Scholl, W. H. & Sons, grocers.
Schriever & Company, confectioners and seeds.
Sherry, W. H. & Son, coal and lumber.
Silvey-Luking Company, clothing.
Smith. Bernard R., physician.
Smith, Virginia, hair goods.
Smith, T. L. & Son, undertakers.
Sparks, William E., attorney.
Spencer, W. H. & Company, notions.
Spillman, Frank J., physician.
Stoll. John, grocer.
Stoops, Thomas H., planing mill.
Strauss Mercantile Company, department store.
Sweetland, A. T., chiropractor.
Swindler & Spicely, drugs.
Tate, Grover C., second hand goods.
Thompson, C. E., undertaker.
True, W. E., insurance.
Uhl-Snider Milling Company, flour mill and grain.
United Vacuum Appliance Company.
Van Ausdall, Nellie, fish and oysters.
Van Hart, L. M. & Company.
Vaudette The, J. C. Shilling, manager.
Wainwright, W. W. & Son, engines.
Wait, John T., real estate and investments.
Walker, restaurant.
Wallace, William E., wall paper.
Walmer Company, notions.
Waybright, Julia, second hand goods.
White Water Creamery Company.
Whiteis, J. N., mechano therapist
Williams, H. O., restaurant.
Willis, N. G, dentist
Worster, J. A. & Son, live stock, automobile and garage.
Wrennick, J. H., cigars.
Young, I. B., books and office supplies.
Zehrung, H. M., dentist.

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