History of Jackson Township, Anderson County, Kansas
From: The History of Anderson County, Kansas
From its first settlement to the fourth of July, 1876.
BY: W. A. Johnson Chairman of Historical Committee.
Published by: Kauffman & Iler, Garnett Plaindealer, 1877

JACKSON TOWNSHIP was established in October, 1857, with the following boundaries; Commencing at the northwest corner of section 19, township 20, range 20; running thence west six miles; thence north nine miles; thence east six miles; thence south nine miles; containing fifty four square miles, consisting of high, undulating prairie, bottom and woodland, the latter bordering on Cedar and North Pottowatomie creeks, and their tributaries. The streams furnish an abundant supply of water to every portion of the township. Plenty of good timber, and sand and limestone of superior quality are found skirting the streams. The soil is not surpassed in fertility in the State. The assessor's returns show that it surpasses any other portion of the county in its productiveness.

The board of county commissioners, on the 7th day of April, 1870, formed the township of Putnam, and made the North Pottowatomie the north line of Jackson township, which reduced the township about one third in area.

The first settlement made in the territory now in the township was on the North Pottowatomie, in 1855. The following are some of the more noted settlers of that year; Granville Fagg, B. L. Adington, Christian Feuerborn, Rezin Porter, Thomas Maloy, James Maloy, John Kirkland, Richard Sandlin, Henry Harmon, Daniel Harmon, Wm. Bundy, Geo. Thompson and John Falls.

In 1856-7, Riley Watkins, John Ramsey, Anson Rudd, James Black, Jackson Black, James A. Dorsey, C. W. Ballard, John Tefft, Benjamin Lawellin, A. Lawellin, Henry Duncan, Wm. Dennis, John Hegetschweler, W. R. Vancoyoc, H. Cavender, J. H. Best, Tillman Dennis and Leander Putnam.

The following are the first officers elected in the township; Rezin Porter, chairman of board of supervisors; John R. Kirkland and W. E. Beddoes, supervisors; J. H. Best, assessor; J. W. Lawellin, clerk; Henderson Cavender, treasurer; William Dennis, Hiram Tefft, John L. Adington, justices of the peace; W. Tefft and Tillman Dennis, constables.

The first school taught in Jackson township was in a cabin on the claim of Benjamin Lawellin, in the fall of 1858, by Miss Josephine Ramsey.

The first religious services were held in the township at the house of Benjamin Lawellin, in 1857; and the first Sabbath school was organized at the same place in 1858.

The first white child born in the township was a son of Richard and Sarah Sandlin, in the year 1856. The first two marriages in the township were solemnized on the same day. The persons married were Giles Sandlin and Eliza Harmon, and Daniel Harmon and Mary Sandlin. There was considerable talk as to the legality of the marriages, in the neighborhood, on the ground that the justice of the peace who solemnized them had not received a commission from the Governor. Legal gentlemen were consulted, who pronounced the marriages legal under the laws of Kansas.

The first death in the township was more than ordinarily sad. It was the accidental killing of Tipsword, an account of which has been given in the foregoing pages.

From 1857 to 1860 a number of prominent men settled in the township, among whom were G. W. Flint, Thomas Flint, A. D. Jones, James W. Junkins, Thomas G. Headley, Morgan Heflin, B. F. King, B. M. Lingo, B. P. Brown, Dr. Wm. Smith, Wm. Hopkins, Robert. McLaughlin, Wm. Severns and John Hurd.


1858, Rezin Porter, chairman of the board; John Kirkland and W. E. Beddoes; 1859, John L. Adington, chairman; T. G. Headley and Rezin Porter.


1858, William Dennis, Hiram Tefft, John L. Adington and Leander Putnam; 1860-1, William Dennis and Leander Putnam; 1863, John IL Kirkland and G. W. Flint; 1864, William Dennis, to fill vacancy caused by the removal of John R. Kirkland from the township; 1865, William Dennis and G. W. Flint; 1867, William Dennis and G. A. Marshall; 1868, William Horton, to fill vacancy; 1869, J. T. B. Routh and William Horton; 1871, William Dennis and William Horton; 1873, William Dennis and William Hester; 1875, G. A. Marshall and Thomas Gowdy.


1860, J. T. B. Routh; 1861. J. W. Junkins; 1862, William Smith; 1863. T. G. Flint; 1864, W. R. Vanscoyoc; 1865, B. M. Lingo; 1866, William Dennis; 1867, Samuel Crum; 1868-9-70-1, William Dennis; 1872, J. F. Hunt; 1873, L. D, Barnett 1874, S. A. Herriman 1875. J. W. Lawellin.


1858-9, J. W. Lawellin; 1868, J. J. Osborn; 1869, William Horton; 1870. J. W. Lawellin; 1871-2, J. M. Axtell; 1873. D. W. Hodgin; 1874-5, J. F. Hunt.


1858, Henderson Cavender; 1868. William Severns; 1869, Thomas Severns; 1870-1, O. B. Brown; 1872, John Shelley; 1873, J. M. Herriman; 1874, J. F. Douglass; 1875, C. Marshall.

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