History of Monroe Township, Anderson County, Kansas
From: The History of Anderson County, Kansas
From its first settlement to the fourth of July, 1876.
BY: W. A. Johnson Chairman of Historical Committee.
Published by: Kauffman & Iler, Garnett Plaindealer, 1877

MONROE TOWNSHIP is situated in the central and northern portions of the county. Its boundaries were first established in October, 1857, containing an area of forty five square miles, and the first township officers were elected in the spring of 1858. The North and South Pottowatomie creeks run across the township, supplying it with plenty of water and timber. The territory north of North Pottowatomie was cut off and included in Putnam township, which greatly reduces the limits of Monroe. It contains some of the finest valley lands in the county, and has some of the first settled farms in the county.

The first white settler in the township was Patrick Tyler, in the spring of 1855, on the farm now occupied by Judge William Spriggs.

A number of persons settled in the township in the year 1855, among whom were C. E. Dewey, H. H. Williams, Darius Frankenberger, W. L. Frankenberger, M. M. Minkler, Frank Winkley, John H. Rockers, Frederick Rockers, James McGue, Eli P. Bawgus, Samuel Anderson, Wilson Anderson, John Anderson, John McDaniel, John Rogers, Henry Alderman and Henry Feuerborn.

This township was celebrated for its townsites. In the early part of 1856 Garnett was laid out. The history of its location and progress has been given in another chapter in this volume, and will only receive a partial notice here. The town of Canton was located and laid out in 1857, by B. Tyler, on section 23, township 20, range 20. It was laid out as a rival to Garnett. Some improvements were made on its site in 1858-9; but, when the question of the county seat was settled in favor of Garnett, Canton was soon abandoned and left to the roaming herds, but has since been reduced to fine farms by the husbandman. Such was the fate of the once noted rendezvous of intemperance and wickedness. The town of Shannon was laid out in 1857, by Dr. Preston Bowen. It was named in honor of Wilson Shannon, second Governor of Kansas Territory. Some improvements were made on the townsite in 1857-8; but when the county seat was removed from Shannon to Garnett, in 1859, it went the way of all sublunary things; and the public parks and squares are now part of the fine farm owned by Dr. Bowen.

Another town of some historical notoriety was laid out in 1858, by Dr. G. W. Cooper, adjoining the townsite of Garnett on the south, named Mandovi, and covered as much paper as any town in Kansas, and it took as much paper to make a deed for one of its lots. While this town had no improvements as a town, it had the finest lithographed map of any in Kansas, which was equivalent to one hundred thousand dollars of buildings for selling purposes. In those days all that was necessary to sell town lots was to stake out the townsite, get a fine lithographic map, and go into the Eastern States with a fine historical sketch of the excellent advantages of the future city, its proximity to large streams and bodies of timber; beautiful valleys of rich soil surrounding it; and great abundance of building stone, for a town of one hundred thousand inhabitants, with positive assurance of a railroad, within a few months, through its limits, These paper towns have failed to bring forth the future profit so beautifully set forth by the oily tongues of the speculators in this species of property.

In 1856 a number of settlers came into Monroe township. Among the more prominent of these are Alanson Simons, B. F. Simons, George Simons, Charles Simons, Samuel McDaniel, Wm. J. Bayles, Thos. Bayles, Marion Fraker, James Y. Campbell, Jacob Troy, W. A. Tipsword, Leon Phillips, F. L. Majors, W. Beddoes, B. Tyler, John H. Pattie, Wm. Tull, G. W. Yandall and Wm. Puett.

The following are the more prominent among the settlers of 1857: C. W. Fraker, Isaac Hiner, D. D. Judy, W. L. Webster, J. L. Bockover, William Spriggs, Geo. S. King, Wm. Smith, W. S. Smith, G. A. Cook, Jonathan Masterson, Thomas Lindsay, C. B. Smith, J. N. Chambers, Nathaniel Cottle, D. D. Lampman, Harvey Springer and J. M. Johnson.

Of the settlers, of 1858 the following are the more prominent: D. W. Houston, Charles Norris, Elias Norris, Win. McLaughlin, John R. Slentz, E. E. Moore, John Parker, Christian Bowman, Norman A. Porter, J. G. Smith, H. Tefft, John S. Stowe, William Tefft and John Johnston.

The prominent settlers of 1859 were James McLaughlin, Robert McLaughlin, C. P. Alvey, S. J. Crawford, Hugh Quinn, J. Graham, Samuel Boyd, G. W. Iler and Wm. Lampman.


1858, John McDaniel, chairman; Charles Bidden and William Puett; 1859, C. W. Fraker, chairman; John 11. Pattie and Wm. Smith.


1860-1, Clark B. Smith; 1863, G. W. Arrell. [There was a tie vote between C. B. Smith and G. W. Arrell, which was decided by the board in favor of Arrell.] 1864-5, C. B. Smith; 1866, J. T. Lanter; 1867, J. L. Kercheval; 1868, John Ricketts; 1869-70-1-2, L. M. Earnest; 1873-4-5-6, R. W. Gailey.


1858-9, C. E. Dewey; 1869-70-1-2-3, G. M. Everline; 1874, J. M. Craig; 1875-6, George Patton.


1858, Enoch Barker; 1859, Thomas Lindsay; 1868, M. B. Taylor; 1869-70-1-2-3-4-5-6, John Ricketts.


1858, Henry Fenerborn, M. G. Carr, D. D. Judy and Wm. J. Bayles; 1859, Wm. J. Bayles, Charles Hidden, D. D. Judy and M. G. Carr; 1860-1, Isaac Hiner and Harvey Springer; 1863, G. W. Iler and G. A. Cook; 1864, Joseph Williams, to fill vacancy caused by the resignation of Iler; 1865, G. A. Cook and James McLaughlin; 1867, G. A. Cook and Harvey Springer; 1869, G. A. Cook and J. W. Rice, both of whom resigned in the fall of the same year. 1870, Milton Mills and James Reber were elected to fill vacancies; 1871, Milton Mills and A. M. Thorne; 1873, G. A. Cook and A. M. Thorne; 1875, G. A. Cook and L. H. Gordon.

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