History of Topeka Township, Kansas
From: History of Shawnee County, Kansas
and Representative Citizens.
Edited by James L. King, Topeka, Kansas
Richmond & Arnold Publishers
Chicago 1905

TOPEKA TOWNSHIP - The territory comprising Topeka township belonged in 1855 to Yocum township, which then included all the territory in the country lying south of the Wakarusa River. The name Yocum was dropped February 23, 1857, when the county was subdivided into five townships, Topeka being one of them. Additional territory and later subdivisions gave it its present boundaries, from the Kansas River south to Williamsport, with Tecumseh on the east and Mission on the west Soldier being the opposite township on the north side of the river.

Clement Shattio, a Frenchman, was the first white settler in the township, coming from Uniontown, November 15, 1852. He purchased a farm on the south bank of the river one mile west of the present city of Topeka. The farm formerly belonged to Alexander Bushman, a half breed Shawnee Indian. Shattio was born in St. Louis in the year 1800, and moved to Uniontown in June, 1848, In 1850 he married Ann Davis, a colored woman, who was born in Palestine, Illinois, in 1817. Ten years later she was stolen from her parents and carried to Missouri, where she was several times sold as a slave. She bought her freedom in 1859, after taking up her residence in Kansas.


Later settlers arrived in the following order: Horatio Cox, May 5, 1854; Anthony Ward, June 1; Robert Matthews, July 15; J. Jondron, A. Beringer, Isaac Edwards, L. Bivard and D. Chilson, about July 25; Gilbert Billard, Charles Sardou and Fred Vascalders, August 28; John Long, Thomas Warren, J. R. Warren, H. McConnell and James McConnell, October 10. The Warrens, father and son, were from Kentucky. Thomas Warren, the elder, became loo years of age in 1870, and visited the Kansas Legislature on his centennial birthday anniversary, receiving a special welcome at the hands of the Speaker pro tem, Hon. John Guthrie. Warren died in 1874, at the remarkable age of 104 years.

William R. Boggs moved into the township August 14, 1854, and purchased the farm which is now the site. of the Kansas State Hospital for the Insane. Following him came William Pickerell, October 17; Philip Briggs, October 20; John Parkinson, October 18; William Griffenstein, November 1; John T. Adams, Rev. Michael Hummer and Dr. Noble Barron, about November 15; John Armstrong, November 2o; Enoch Chase, Jacob B. Chase, Milton C. Dickey and George Davis, November 29 - this party settled on the farm land upon which the city of Topeka is located; Daniel H. Home, Fry W. Giles, Loring G. Cleveland, S. A. Clark, W. C. Linaker, Thomas G. Thornton, Jonas E. Greenwood, Cyrus K. Holliday and Timothy McIntire, December 4; James F. Merriam, December 7; James A. Hickey, December 12; L. S. Long, December 15; Freeman R. Foster and Robert L. Mitchell, December 2o; Dr. S. E. Martin, December 25. S. J. Case, H. F. Root, C. N. Gray and G. F. Crowe also came in December.


Those who settled in the township in the year 1855, as nearly as can be determined, were the following: John Ritchie, J. C. Miller, W. W. Ross, J. C. Jordan, H. W. Curtis, Charles Farnsworth, L. W. Home, R. A. Randlett, O. C. Nichols, S. D. Conwell, B. F. Dawson, C. A. Sexton, Henry Cowles, John Perrin, Rev. Henry Burgess, Charles Frazier, C. A. Dexter, W. H. Weymouth, Daniel Sayres, Ephraim Herriott, Horatio Fletcher, Samuel Herriott, Daniel Banta, H. Higgins, Johnston Thomas, King Smith, Antoine Bernier, H. Tyrrell, A. H. Barnard, Robert Todd, Dr. M. A. E. J. Campdoras, Henry Griffin, C. Durupt, Isaac Renfrew, J. Willetts, J. W. Jones. C. D. Howard, L. H. Wentworth, Robert Gilbert, D. Sheridan, James Goodrich, E. C. K. Garvey, F. L. Crane, James Chadwick, Dean Chadwick, C. C. Leonard, C. L. Terrill, Moses Dudley, J. Orcutt, William Scales, H. P. Waters, James G. Bunker, James McNamee, J. F. Cummins, Isaac Zimmerman, Loring Farnsworth, E. Seagraves, Abner Doane, A. M. Lewis, Guilford Dudley, John R. Lewis, George F. Boyd, D. Mintum, J. D. Clarkson. James Taggart, L. C. Wilmarth, A. G. Thompson, Gabriel Wright, J. C. Gordon, Asaph Allen, James Disney, Moses Hubbard, P. R. Hubbard, Eugene Dumez, P. O. O'Connor, E. S. Parker, Jesse Stone, O. H. Drinkwater, Samuel Hall, Leonard Wendell, A. F. Whiting, W. E. Bowker, S. N. Frasier, M. C. Martin, William P. Thompson, David H. Moore, W. W. Henderson, William Gibbons. M. K. Smith, A. F. Hartwell, David Smith, Charles L. Wilbur, G. B. French, E. Trask, August Roberts, H. C. Young, Nelson Young, James Cowles, R. M. Luce, F. T. Tucker, Richard Gustine, Henry P. Waters, Gerard C. Hooft, S. Ly ford and W. W. Phillips.


Topeka, the county seat and capital city, is located in Topeka township. No other city or town has ever been erected in the township, every attempt in that direction having proved a failure, or resulted in adding a suburb to the big city, as in the cases of Oakland, Seabrook, Auburndale and Potwin. Of the towns projected near Topeka at different periods, the following names are given as a matter of record, the places having long since faded from sight - almost from memory: Fremont, Paris, Washington, Council City, Glendale, Carthage, Kenamo and Mairsville.

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