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THIS town was incorporated in 1779. A part of its territory was within the limits of Charlemont. The first minister of this place was Rev. Josiah Spaulding, from Plainfield, Con.; he was installed pastor in 1794. His successor, the Rev. Benjamin F. Clarke, was settled here 1824. The first settlement within the limits of the town was probably made on Deerfield river, about two and a half miles from the Congregational church in the center of the town. A Mr. White is believed to have been the first person who settled there. About the same time a settlement was made in the south part of the town by Capt. Nahum Ward. Flis son, Jonathan Ward, was the first white child born in the town. Capt. Ward settled about one and a half miles westward of the center. Persons of the Baptist denomination settled about two miles south-easterly from the center of the town at a very early period.

The surface of this town is hilly and broken. Clesson’s river, a uiill-stream, passes centrally through the town. It was tbrmerlv noted for trout, and on its banks were fine hunting-grounds. A park for deer was built about two miles northerly from the center of the town, by Othniel Taylor. Agriculture is the principal business of the inhabitants. There are 3 houses of worship, 1 Congregationalist, 1 Baptist, and 1 Methodist. Distance, 12 miles from Greenfield, 23 to Northampton, and 105 from Boston. Population, 1,051.

The following is the inscription on the monument of Mr. Spaulding, the first minister:

In memory of Rev. Josiah Spaulding died May 8th, 1823, AE 72. Rev. J. S. was born at Plainfield, Conn., Jan. 10, 1751, graduated at Yale College 1778, licenced to preach 1780, ordained 1782. Of the 41 yrs. of his ministry, 5 were spent at Uxbridge. 6½ at Worthington, 28 at Buckland. Merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come.

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