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THIS town was incorporated in 1783. The face of the township is generally rough and uneven. Millerís river, which now passes through the central part of the town, affords valuable water privileges. Mr. Emerson Foster and Mr. Chandler are the only ministers who have been settled over the old church in. Orange, now in the northern section of the town. Mr. Foster was minister here about 1798. Mr. Chandler was in the place but a short time. In 1837 an ecclesiastical council convened and organized a church, called the "Evangelical Church of Orange."

The above is a southern view of the flourishing little village of Orange, now in the central part of the town. Miller's river, which passes through the place, was formerly the southern boundary of Orange. The northern part of New Salem ha.s been qinte recently annexed to this town, so that this village is now in the central part. The forests have been recently cleared away in the immediate vicinity, and the place presents the appearance of a new settlement springing up in the wilderness. Population of the town in April, 1837. was 1,543. Distance, 75 miles from Boston. In 1837, there were manufactured in this town 72,300 palm leaf hats, the value of which was $12,050.

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