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THIS town was incorporated in 1785. It has an elevated situation, and was originally purchased by a Mr. Jones. In 1838, the legislature annexed a part of an unincorporated tract, called Zoar, to this town. This tract comprised 1,875 acres of land, adjoining the south part of the town, on which were six families. One of the cordon of forts erected about 1744 for a defence against the French and Indians was situated in this town. The ruins of this fortification, called Fort Pelham, are situated south-east of the Congregational church in the center of the town, on Peiham brook, a small stream, being the oniy one passing through the town. Rev. Preserved Smith, the first minister, was settled here in 1787; his successor was Rev. Jonathan Keith, was settled in 1808, and was succeeded by Mr. Smith, who again settled in 1812. His successor was Rev. William D. Stearns, was settled in 1835. Rev. John C. Thompson was settled over the Trinitarian church in 1835. There are four religious societies and four meeting-houses in this town. Population, 688. Distance, 22 miles from Greenfield and 130 from Boston. There is a woollen mill in this town. In 1837 there were 302 Saxony, 1,630 merino, and 364 of other kinds of sheep, producing wool to the value of $4,249 80.

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