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THE Indian name for this town was Shaomet. It was incorporated as a town in 1763. The first church which was formed here, in 1760, consisted of twenty-six members. Rev. Lemuel Hedge, the first minister, was ordained here December 3d, 1760, on the day of the formation of the church; he died in 1777, aged 44 years. His successor was Rev. Samuel Reed, who was settled here in 1779; he died in 1812, aged 57. Rev. Preserved Smith, the successor of Mr. Reed, was settled in 1814. The church and society now worship in the third house that has been built for the society; it was erected in 1836. The Trinitarian church in this place was organized in 1829, and consisted at that time of thirty members. Rev. Samuel Kingsbury, the first minister, was installed pastor in 1833, and resigned in 1835. His successor was Rev. Roger C. Hatch.

There is in the central part of the town an insulated, mountainous elevation, called Mount Grace, from which there is a fine prospect. There is a scythe factory in the town. In 1837, there were manufactured here 47,000 palm-leaf hats, which were valued at $6,400. Population, 1,111. Distance, 14 miles from Greenfield, 22 south from Keene, N. H., and 78 from Boston. In 1812, there was a glass manufacturing company established here, with a capital of $70,000.

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