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THIS town was incorporated in 1765. The Rev. Aaron Bascom and. Samuel M. Emerson appear to have been the first ministers. Rev. Rufus Pomeroy was settled here in 1819; he resigned in 1827, and was succeeded by Rev. Saul Clark in 1829. Mr. Clark was succeeded by Itev. Alanson Alvord, in 1834.

The above is a southern view of Chester village situated in the south eastern corner of the town of Chester. This place is situated at the corners of four towns, viz. Chester, Blandford, Norwich, and Montgomery. The Methodist church seen in the engraving stands on the line between the towns of Chester and Blandford; the house on the left is in Blandford. This little village, consisting at present [1838] of about 15 dwelling houses, a cotton factory, and some other buildings, is situated in the gorge through which the Westfield river passes. The route of the Western railroad is laid out through the village. Part of the mountainous elevation seen in the back ground is within the limits of Norwich. This place is 5 miles from the center of the town, 12 from Westfield, 16 from Northampton, 21 from Springfield, and 118 from Boston. The scenery along the Westfield river is wild and picturesque in many places. Population, 1,290. In 1837, there were 2 cotton mills; cotton spindles, 1,690; cotton goods manufactured, 225,000 yards; value, $22,075; males employed, 13; females, 22. There were 1,055 Saxoriy sheep, 2,495 merino, and 170 of other kinds of sheep; average weight of fleece, 2 and three fourths pounds; value of wool produced, $5,817.38; capital invested, $11,347. There were 3 tanneries; hides tanned, 33,500; value of leather tanned and curried, $10,900; the value of window blinds manufactured, $15,000; males employed, 14; females, twenty six.

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