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THIS town was incorporated in 1754, and included in its original limits the present town of Tolland. Rev. Moses Tuttle appears to have been the first minister. He was settled in 1747, and continued pastor here about six years; he was succeeded by Rev. Jedediah Smith, who was ordained in 1756. Mr. Smith was a man of uncommon piety, pleasantness, and affability. After his dismission, in 1776, he preached his farewell sermon, and embarked at Middletown, Con., with his family, for Louisiana. In a long passage up the Mississippi, being exposed to an intense heat and noxious atmosphere, he was attacked with a fever, and in a phrensy leaped into the river. Though rescued from the water, he soon after died, and was buried on the land. The river gradually encroached on the bank, till the grave was borne away, and ‘no man knoweth of his sepulcher unto this day.’ His family went on and founded a settlement in that remote country. The descendants comprise some of the most respectable citizens of Louisiana. The church was destitute of a pastor for 20 years, and the place was a moral waste. Divisions were prevalent in the church, and profaneness, horse racing, and intemperance in the town.” The next settled minister after Mr. Smith was Rev. Timothy M. Cooley, D. D., who was settled in 1796, and his labors have had a happy influence in the town. The first minister of the Second church, or church in West Granville, was Rev. Aaron J. Booge, who was installed in 1786, and dismissed in 1793. He was succeeded by Rev. Joel Baker, who was settled in 1797, and died in 1833; his successor, Rev. Seth Chapin, continued pastor till 1835. He was succeeded by Rev. Henry Eddy.

The principal village in this town is in East Granville. It is situated on a very elevated hill, about 17 miles from Springfield. This is situated in a mountainous region, and agriculture is the principal business of the inhabitants. In 1837, pocket books were the principal articles manufactured in the town; the value of these was $6,240. Population, 1,439. The church in East Graneville organized from their own number a church to form a settlement in Granville, Ohio. This colony laid the foundation of one of the most respectable churches in Ohio, and now consists of about 400 members. The church in West Granville likewise organized a church which settled in Charlestown, in the same state; this is also in a flourishing state.

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