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THIS town was incorporated in 1753. This town, with several others in the vicinity, some in Massachusetts and some in New Hampshire, were once included within the ancient limits of the town of Dunstable. The river Nashua forms the eastern boundary of the town, dividing it from Groton and the present town of Dunstable. The land bordering on the river is level, and the soil is good; the land at a distance from the river is uneven. On Nisitissit river there are several mills for various purposes, and the Nashua itself has several falls in its course along the border of the town, affording many valuable water privileges.

In the central part of the town there is a village, containing two Congregational churches, one of which is Unitarian, and an Insane Asylum, by Dr. Cutter. Population. 1,586. Distance. 17 miles from Concord, and 33 from Boston. In 1837, there were manufactured 100 pairs of boots and 30,000 pairs of shoes, valued at $25,000; males employed 30; females, 15. There were 3 paper mills; 550 tons of stock were manufactured: value of paper, $50,000; fifty hands (20 males, 30 females) were employed; 40,000 palm-leaf hats were manufactured, valued at $5,000. Maj. General Prescott, one of the commanders at the memorable battle of Bunker Hill, was a native of this town.

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