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THE Indian names of this place were Pompsiticut and Shabbukin, from “two notable hills.” It appears that the first minister called to the pastoral office in this place was the Rev. John Eveleth; this was in 1700. Mr. Eveleth was dismissed in 1717. Rev. John Gardner was ordained in 1718, as the next pastor; he died in 1774, and was succeeded by Rev. Jonathan Newell the next year. Stow is 8 miles south westerly from Concord, and 24 westward from Boston. It contains 1 Congregational church and 1,134 inhabitants. The town is watered by Assabet river, on which is situated a broadcloth factory. Of late years the cultivation of hops has received considerable attention in this town. In 1837, there were in this town 2 woollen mills, 7 sets of machinery; 55,000 yards of cloth were manufactured, valued at $210,000; males employed, 40; females, 45. There were 587 pairs of boots and 61,044 pairs of shoes manufactured, valued at $18,905.50; males employed, 32; females, 30.

The first settlement in this town appears to have been made by two adventurers from Charlestown, with their families, about the year 1650. Their names were Kettle and Boon; they settled upon land which they purchased of the natives. Upon the breaking out of Philip's war, in 1675, these two defenceless settlers were so alarmed as to induce them to remove their families; but the unhappy Boon, in attempting to remove his household goods, was ambushed and murdered by the Indians. The affairs of this village, as it was then called, were managed by a committee, under the appointment of the general court, until they were incorporated into a town in 1683, by the name of Stow. The first town officers were Sergeant Benjamin Bozworth, Thomas Stephens, Stephen Hall, Boaz Brown, and Joseph Freeman, selectmen; -Thomas Gates, constable.

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