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THIS town was included in the original grant of the township of Shrewsbury. It was made a parish by the legislature in 1742, and was called the north parish of Shrewshury until 1786, when it was incorporated and made a distinct town by the name of Boylston, in honor of an eminent family of that name in Boston, two of whom in succession were skilful physicians, and another founded a professorship of rhetoric and oratory in Harvard University. The first church was organized in 1743, and. Rev. Ebenezer Morse was ordained the first pastor. He was also an eminent and. skilful physician. He continued with the people till 1775, when he was dismissed in consequence of his political sentiments regarding the controversy between England and America. The second minister was Rev. Eleazer Fairbanks, ordained in 1777, and continued their pastor till 1793, when, at his request, he was dismissed. The following ministers have been his successors: Hezekiah Hooper, Ward Cotton, Samuel Russell, William H. Sanford.

The surface of this township is hilly, rough, and uneven. The land in general descends to the north and north east. The soil is good, rich, and fertile. This is principally an agricultural town. Large quantities of beef, pork, grain, butter, and cheese are annually produced and exported. The town enjoys a fine healthy air, and the place has been noted for the longevity of its inhabitants. This town is watered by the south branch of the Nashua river, and a number of brooks and rivulets which flow into it. There are two small ponds, Rocky pond and Sewal's pond. Iron ore is found in this town. There are 3 churches, 2 Congregationalist and 1 Universalist. Distance, 8 miles from Worcester, and 45 west of Boston. Population, 821. In 1837 there were 1,300 pairs of boots and 17,535 pairs of shoes manufactured; value, $20,000; males employed, 34; females, 6.

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