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THIS town was granted about 1700, and began to be settled in 1722. The first settlers came from Sherburne, in the county of Middlesex, from which circumstance it was called New Sherburne until its incorporation in the year 1746, when it received the name of Douglass, to perpetuate the name and deeds of Dr. William Douglass of Boston, originally from Scotland, an eminent physician, and author of a history of New England, in 2 vols. 8vo., a proprietor and considerable benefactor. The church was gathered here in 1747, and Rev. William Phipps was ordained their first pastor. He was dismissed in 1765, and was succeeded by Rev. Isaac Stone, who was ordained in 1771. Mr. Stone died in 1837. His successor was Rev. David Holman, who was ordained in 1808. The second Congregational church was organized in 1834, and Rev. John Boardman was installed pastor in 1835.

The general face of this town is uneven, hills and vales interspersed. Rivulets and springs abound, and the people reap great advantages by turning and spreading the water over their lands at their pleasure. There are some excellent interval lands on Mumford river, which passes the north part of the town, and empties into the Blackstone in Uxbridge. There are three small ponds lying in different parts of the town. On the west side of a hill a little north of the meeting-house, at the bottom, near a swamp, the Indians in former times bad their wigwams and a fort, the remains of which are still visible, and their tools are yet found in the fields. There are 6 churches, 2 Congregational, 2 Methodist, 1 Baptist, and I for Friends. Population. 1,713. Distance, 18 miles from Worcester, and 47 from Boston. In 1837 there were 2 Cotton mills, 4,000 spindles; 1,000,000 of cotton goods were manufactured; value, $55,000; males employed, 65; females. 75. There were 2 axe manufactories; 121,400 axes and hatchets were manufactured; value, $116,400; hands employed, 79.

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