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THIS town was purchased in 1686 of John Magus and Nassowanno, two noted Indians, for the sum of £20, New England currency, and a deed taken by Messrs. Joshua Lamb, Nathaniel Page, Andrew Gardner, Benjamin Gamblin, Benjamin Tucker, John Curtiss, Richard Draper, and Samuel Ruggles, of Roxbnry. The heirs of these persons upon petition obtained a grant of the tract from the general court in 1732. It was called Lambstown, from the first-named proprietor, until it was incorporated in 1738, when it was named Hardwick. The first church was gathered here in 1736, and Rev. Daniel White ordained their first pastor. He remained with the people till his death, in 1784. He was succeeded by Rev. Thomas Holt, in 1789. Rev. Wm. B. Wesson, the next pastor, was ordained in 1805, and was succeeded by Rev. Martyn Tupper in 1828; Rev. Edward J. Fuller was installed the pastor in 1835. Rev. John M. Merrick, the parish minister, was ordained in 1828, and was succeeded by Rev. John Goldsbury, who was installed in 1832.

The surface of this town is rather rough, hilly, and uneven, but the soil is good, suitable for grazing land and orchards. Ware river runs on the east and south of the town, and has some valuable interval land. There are 4 churches, 2 Congregational, 1 Baptist, and 1 Universalist. Population, 1,818. Distance, 24 miles from Worcester, and 64 from Boston. In 1837, there were 75,000 palm-leaf hats manufactured; value, $15,500; there were 5,000 pairs of boots and 5,000 of shoes manufactured; value, $14,500; males employed, 20; females, 8; there were 2 paper-mills; value of paper made, $5,600.

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