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THIS was called the north-east quarter of Rutland, being wholly included in the original grant of that town, and was incorporated in 1767, and called Hubbardston, to perpetuate the name and memory of Hon. Thomas Hubbard, Esq., of Boston, who was a large proprietor of lands in this place. The first church was formed here in 1770, and Rev. Nehemiah Parker was ordained pastor. He was succeeded by Rev. David Kendall in 1802, and by Rev. Samuel Gay in 1810. Rev. Abner D. Jones was ordained pastor of the parish church in 1828, and was succeeded by Rev. Ebenezer Robinson in 1833.

Hubbardston is an extensive township, situated on the elevated lands between Connecticut river and the ocean. The ridge rises here to the height of more than 1,000 feet above the Connecticut, and sends to Ware river several considerable tributary streams. There are three ponds in this town, known by the names of Great and Little As-na-con-com-ick and Nattic ponds.

The above is a south eastern view in the central part of Hubbardston, showing the two hotels, and some other buildings in the vicinity. The village, which consists of two churches and about 50 dwelling houses, has a flourishing appearance.

It is stated in Whitney's History of Worcester that for a considerable way around Little As-na-con-corn-ick pond there is every appearance that once a stone wall was built or building. In some places it was then two and a half feet in height, iii others entirely thrown down. When, by whom, and for what purpose this wall was built, will probably ever remain a mystery.'' in the village are two Congregational churches. 1 of which is Unitarian. Distance, 17 miles from Worcester, 7 from Barre and Princeton, and 53 W. of Boston. Population, 1,780. In 1837, there were 5,300 pairs of boots and 1,100 pairs of shoes manufactured; value, $14,562. Value of chairs and cabinet ware manufactured. $5,941. There were 35,122 palm leaf hats manufactured; value, $5.405.

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