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THIS town was granted by the general court, in 1719, to a number of persons, upon their petition, for a valuable consideration; reserving, however, school and ministerial lands. The grant included the whole of the present town of Fitchburg. It was called Turkey Hill (from a hill in the middle of the tract which was once frequented by wild turkeys) until the time of its incorporation, in 1728; when the name of Lunenburg was given to it, in compliment to George II., who the preceding year came to the British throne, and was styled Duke of Lunenburg, as having in his German dominions a town of that name. Many of the first settlers were emigrants from Ireland and Scotland. A church was formed here in 1728, and the Rev. Andrew Gardner ordained pastor, a few months before the incorporation of the town. He was dismissed in 1732, and was succeeded the next year by Rev. David Stearns, who died in 1761. He was followed by Rev. Samuel Payson, ordained in 1762, died in a few months. Their next minister was Rev. Zabdiel Adams, ordained in 1764. The succeeding ministers were Rev. Timothy Flint, ordained in 1802, Rev. David Damon, in 1815, and Rev. Ebenezer Hubbard, in 1828. Rev. Eli W. Harrington was ordained pastor of the 2d church in 1837. The land in this town is elevated, and the hills afford the best soil. The people are principally engaged in agriculture. In 1837, there were manufactured 90,000 palm leaf hats; value, $17,000. There were 16,000 volumes of books printed and bound; hands employed, 5. in the central part of the town there are two churches, and about 15 houses. Distance, 25 miles from Worcester, 10 from Lancaster, 22 from Lowell, and 40 from Boston. Population, 1,250.

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