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THIS town was chiefly taken from Uxbridge, and derived its name from its situation and bearing relative to that town. It was incorporated a distinct town in 1772. The first church was organized in 1782, and the next year Rev. John Crane, D. D., was ordained their pastor; his successor was Rev. Samuel H. Fletcher, who was settled in 1832; Rev. Charles Furbush, the next pastor, was settled in 1834. Rev. Michael. Burditt was installed pastor over the second village church in 1835.

The surface of this town is somewhat rocky and rough, but the soil in general is rich, strong, and good. It is finely watered by springs, streams, and rivers. Of these Blackstone and Mumford rivers are the largest. On these rivers are tracts of good interval land. Blackstone canal passes through this town, on the west bank of Biackstone river. There are 4 churches, 2 Congregational, 1 Methodist, and 1 for Friends. Population, 1,409. Distance, 12 miles from Worcester and 35 from Boston. In 1837, there were 4 cotton mills; cotton spindles, 9.000; cotton goods manufactured, 1,450.000 yards: value, $136,750: males employed, 90; females, 107; one woollen mill, 3 sets of machinery; 100,000 yards of satinet were manufactured; value, $70,000; males employed, 40; females, 20. There were 600 pairs of boots and 53,500 pairs of shoes manufactured; value, $50,000; males employed, 75; females, 20; value of cotton machinery manufactured, $25,000.

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