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THIS town was granted by the general court, in 1735, to 60 persons, all of whom. excepting 8, belonged to Ipswich, in Essex county. It was called "Ipswich Canada" till its incorporation, in 1764, by the name of Winchendon, because most of the grantees were soldiers or the heirs of soldiers who had served in an expedition to Canada in 1690.

By the year 1752, ten families were fixed down here. But the settlement was retarded by what is usually called the last French war. Most of the settlers left the place; those who remained were obliged to keep in garrisons. The proprietors set up the first meeting house, 45 feet by 35, in the spring of 1762. The church was organized, and Rev. Daniel Stimpson ordained their pastor, in December of the same year. He died in 1768, and was succeeded by Rev. Joseph Brown, who was ordained in 1769. Rev. Levi Pilsbury, the next pastor, was ordained in 1801; he was succeeded by Rev. Eber Clark, who was installed in 1820. Rev. Daniel O. Morton was installed the next pastor in 1836.

This town is rocky and moderately uneven, but the soil is deep and good. Manomo nack Pond, lying partly in this town and partly in New Hampshire, is the head source of Miller's river. Several branches of the stream meet here, and the town enjoys valuable water privileges. There are 3 churches, 1 Congregational, 1 Baptist, and 1 Methodist. Population, 1,802. Distance, 33 miles from Worcester, and 60 from Boston. In 1837, there was 1 cotton mill, 4,000 spindles; 1,000,000 yards of cotton goods manufactured; males employed, 25; females, 125; one woollen mill, 3 sets of machinery; 55,000 yards of cloth were manufactured; value, $53,000; males employed, 25; females, 25.

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