History of Mt. Vernon Township, Winona County, Minnesota
From: The History of Winonia County, Minnesota
Compiled by Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge, Editor
H. C. Cooper Jr. & Co., Publisher
Chicago 1913


Mt. Vernon township embraces township 108, range 9, with the exception of a corner which is cut off by the Mississippi river. The town is bounded on the north by Wabasha county, on the northeast by the Mississippi river, on the east by Rollingstone township, on the south by Norton and on the west by White*ater. The Trout valley intersects it, running almost north and south. The eastern and western portions are broken by valleys, containing timber, while on the ridges is to be found good prairie land.

First Settlers. The first settlers in Mt. Vernon township were the Halls, who established a landing known as Hall's landing. S. M. Burns came in 1852, bought an interest in the site and established the village of Mt. Vernon. The story has been told in an earlier chapter. Settlers began to take up the farm land in 1855. The first school was a private one, taught by the wife of Deacon Smith, at her home in Trout valley.

Land Office Records. The first claims to land in Mt. Vernon township were filed in 1855. Those who filed that year were as follows, the section being given first, the name of the claimant next, and the date of filing last. In case the settler had land in more than one section, only one section is noted.

One, Stephen M. Burns, August 11; 2, Lyman Lovell, August 15; Mathew Mallinson (Malmson), Oct. 20; A. J. Brown, Nov. 1; 3, Pliny Putnam, November 30; 5, Joseph Heaser, November 22; 6, Franklin Holister, November 13; 8, Chas. N. Woods, October 23; Patrick Murry, October 1; 11, Thos. Win. Smith, December 18; William Keith, February 19; 13. Daniel W. Quimby, November 13; 17, Albert Pomeroy, October 20; Hanford Lovell, November 1; 25, John Cole. November 19; 27, John Bartholomew, November 14; 32, Franklin Wells, November 14; 35, George Jenkins, October 26. A man named Brizius is said to have also taken a claim this year. John F. Brown settled on section 27 about this time

Organization. The first town meeting was held at the house of S. M. Burns, May 11. 1858, and the following officers were elected: G. A. Whiteman, Patrick Murray. H. C. Jones, supervisors; G. A. Whiteman, chairman of supervisors; Charles Smith, town clerk; Samuel Bullard, assessor; Lyman Lovel, collector; M. Mathison, overseer of poor; John Montgomery, justice.

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