History of Winona Township, Winona County, Minnesota
From: The History of Winonia County, Minnesota
Compiled by Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge, Editor
H. C. Cooper Jr. & Co., Publisher
Chicago 1913


The early history of Winona township is identical with that of Winona City and Wabasha Prairie which is given elsewhere. The early settlers were all residents of the city, and for many years township and village remained unseparated.

Land Office Records. The first claims to land in Winona township were filed in 1855. Those who filed that year were as follows, the section being given first, the name of the claimant next, and the date of filing last. In case the settler had land in more than one section, only one section is given: 7 - L. R. King, October 20. 17 - Myron K. Drew, October 30; John L. Balcombe, May 9. 18 - Henry Wheeler, June 23; Henry C. Bolcom, May 16; Pardon D. Follet, September 12; Esther Denman, July 21. 19 - Gotfried Schultz. October 24; John B. Brisbin, October 30. 20 - Chas. Eaton, October 10; Willard Doolittle, August 15; Orrin Clark, May 10; William H. Coryell, May 11; Rufus Emerson, July 10; St. A. D. Balcombe, August 30. 21 - Andrew C. Clark, October 22; Arthur Chambers, October 17; James M. Williams, October 26; James Holcomb, May 9; Geo. W. Clark, December 26. 22 - M. J. Laird, May 14; James H. Jacoby, May 14; Chas. S. Hamilton, September 10; Erwin H. Johnson, July 23; Isaac Hamilton, May 9; Enoch C. Hamilton, May 9; John Keyes, May 9; John Evans, August 17. 26 - Horace Ranney, May 14; Ithiel Hubbard, May 15; Loomis D. Smith, September 5; Geo. H. Sanborn, May 14. 27 - Samuel K. Thompson, May 14; Edwin Foster, May 9. 28 - John Cater, July 12; Anthony Dwyer, May 9; Dennis Eno; September 3. 29 - Royal B. Evans, August 27; Henry Childs, June 8. 30 - Samuel T. Harris, May 19; William Petheram, October 30; Michael Ryan, October 25. 32 - Geo. F. Childs, May 11. 33 - E. Phillips, October 24; John Holland, September 27. 35 - Peter Burns, June 2; Erastus, H. Murray, June 19; John Wallace, October 30; James White, May 24.

Political History. Under Fillmore county administration, the officers of Winona precinct were: John Burns and John M. Gere, justices of the peace; Frank W. Curtis, constable; and Geo. W. Clark, road supervisor. These officers held their seats until the regular territorial election, on the second Tuesday in October, when Geo. W. Gere and Wm. IL Stevens were elected justices of the peace and F. W. Curtis, constable. The terms of office for which these gentlemen were elected expired by operation of the special act of February 23, 1854, ordering a special election to be held April 4 ensuing. The judges of election were appointed by the Fillmore county commissioners, the election held as ordered, and Winona precinct, besides casting its vote for the regular county officers, elected for itself as justices of the peace Wm. H. Stevens and Geo. H. Sanborn, and for constable, Frank W. Curtis. At the October election of 1854, S. K. Thompson and A. C. Jones were elected justices of the peace, F. W. Curtis and A. C. Smith constables, and Enoch Hamilton road supervisor. A. C. Jones appears not to have served as justice of the peace. The election of 1855, returned Henry Day and John Keyes, justices; Harvey S. Terry and W. H. Peck, constables; and Win. Doolittle, road supervisor.

At the election of 1856, G. R. Tucker and I B Andrews were elected justices of the peace; Harvey S. Terry and C. C. Bartlett, constables; and Asa Hedge as road supervisor. The terms of office for which the above election was held expired with the charter election held Monday, April 6, 1857.

Organization. Winona township was organized May 11, 1858. The officers elected were: Supervisors, Charles Eaton, James White and P. P. Hubbell; clerk, Sam. Whiting; assessor, John Keyes; collector, Lyman H Buck; justices of the peace, William H. Yale, G. It Tucker; constables, H. S. Terry, John Holland; overseer of the poor, G. W. Paine; road supervisor, John Cater, road supervisors for city, H. D. Morse, T. E. Bennett, William H. Stevens.

Town Separated. On May 23, 1862, the county commissioners appointed officers for the township outside the city limits and since that date the township and the city have been entirely separate. The officers appointed at that time were: Supervisors, - J. K. Buck (chairman), S. B. Simpson, F. Roth; justices, E. S. Smith, J. F. Buck; clerk, Jared K. Buck; assessor, Geo. W. Clark; treasurer, F. Roth; constables, John Cunningham, James Brownley. The act separating the township and city passed the legislature March 6, 1862.

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