History Garden City, Cass County, Missouri
From: History of Cass County, Missouri
By: Allen Glenn
Publisher: Historical Publishing Co.
Topeka Cleveland 1917


Southeast of Harrisonville, the county seat of Cass County, Missouri, twelve miles on the Kansas City, Clinton and Springfield Railway, is situate the beautiful little city of Garden City. It is so named from the landscape view and fertile agricultural lands surrounding. The city has a population of, approximately, 1,200. The country surrounding was originally a broad expanse of rolling prairie, unsurpassed in fertility. Here is the home of wheat, oats, corn, grasses, in fact every cereal indigenous to the soil and this climate, thrives.

Garden City boasts of as well equipped high school as is to be found anywhere in small towns. An imposing high school building adorns the town. Four handsome church buildings, viz : Methodist Episcopal and Methodist Episcopal South, the Christian and the Baptist. The communicants of these churches are active and doing great service for the Master's cause. The Masons and Independent Order of Odd Fellows and fraternal orders lend a valuable aid to the betterment of social conditions.

The town was organized in 1885 by the county court, ordering its incorporation, and appointing L. W. Burdette, J. S. Halcomb, Thomas Huett and S. K. McBride, the first officers.

There is and has been from its first start as a city a wealthy class in and about the country tributary thereto. Garden City is now and has ever been well governed. Its population is a peaceful, law abiding peopile. They seem to have been imbued with the idea of making the city of tomorrow an improvement of what it was yesterday. In this the people have succeeded admirably.

There is nothing new in improvements which this city does not at once appropriate. It has lights, telephone, graded streets, concrete and brick sidewalks, beautiful lawns and, in fact, everything in public and private improvements, in the home and for the public, that the heart of the citizen or public could crave.

The banks, two in number, are up to date in equipment and management. The merchants and other branches of business would be creditable to a city of much larger pretentions. Complimentary to such business the farmers surrounding patronize there home institutions and trade with and in Garden City. Go where you may and return to this city of handsome homes and well kept lawns, facing the wide streets well cared for, you will receive a hearty welcome by this hospitable people.

At the edge of the city is a large seven acre park, always open to the public. You see on every side the evidences of intelligence, energy, thrift and success. Garden City is a good place to do business, as well as a good place to live. These people do things. They realize anything worth having costs money. The citizens simply go down into their jeans and voluntarily contribute and Garden City has its desire.

The future of Garden City is great; it is already fixed; its moral uplook is high, and it has the wealth and business energy. Nothing can excel this. Come and see.

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