History of Pauline, Nebraska
From: Past and Present Adams County, Nebraska
Edited by: Judge William R. Burton
Assisted by David J. Lewis
Published By: S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago 1916


Pauline is located on the Missouri Pacific and the Burlington railroads, in Little Blue Township. It came into being with the K. C. & O. Railroad in 1887. It was named in honor of Pauline S. Ragan, of Hastings, wife of John M. Ragan, who was general attorney for the railroad. The town was built on the farm of James B. McCleery on the east half of the northwest quarter of section 9. Pauline has not been incorporated.

The store now occupied by M. M. Abbott was the first to be built in the town and was erected in 1887. It was built by Duncan & Jeffries, who conducted a general store for about three years and then sold to Phineas Townsend. Mr. Townsend ran the store about four years and then removed his stock to Iowa. John Moran, who lived on a farm south of Pauline, was the next man to operate this store. About this time the building was moved east to its present location. John McCleery and Cash Fairman followed Mr. Moran in the business, and they were followed successively by Bert Port and S. True. After Mr. True went out of business the store was vacant for about six months, and then Harvey Abbott opened a store which was bought by the present proprietor, M. M. Abbott, who conducted a grocery in Hastings for several years.

The second store to be erected in Pauline was built in 1887 by S. L. Heaps, who lived on a farm about three miles south of the town. Pat Cronin operated a general store in this building for many years, until he built his own building about 1891. During the next year the building erected by Mr. Heads was destroyed by fire.

Pat Cronin disposed of his stock to C. H. McCulloch about 1895, and in about two years Mr. McCulloch sold to R. O. Slater, now of Sutherlin, Ore. At about the time that Mr. Slater purchased the business from Mr. McCulloch, T. T. Jones purchased the store building from Pat Cronin for his daughter, Mrs. R. O. Slater, who still owns the building. Mr. Slater eventually sold his business and stock to R. Abel and later Mr. Abel moved the stock to another town. It was in Mrs. Slater's building that Carl McCleery opened the first drug store in Pauline, about 1907. Mr. McCleery soon sold the drug business to Ernest Barrett, who sold it to the present proprietor. Clarence Taylor, of Guide Rock.

In the fall of 1891 Miss Nellie Jones, now Mrs. Isaac Franklin, built the brick store building in which the general store of Carl McCleery is now located. Miss Jones conducted the store about five years before Mr. McCleery purchased the business. The store in which May & May are located was erected by Mr. Purdy about six years ago. Some three years ago Mr. Purdy sold to Ernest May, whose son, Arthur, is associated with him in the business.

The first hardware store in Pauline was opened by B. K. West in 1888. This store was destroyed by fire at the same time that the store erected by Mr. Heaps was burned. The Marquis Brothers, of Hastings, conducted a hardware store for a time in Pauline in a building that had been erected for a butcher shop by S. L. Heaps at the time that he 'built his store.

It was in the early days of Pauline that F. C. Glazier came from Edgar and engaged in the implement business in Pauline. In about 1901 Mr. Glazier built the hardware store he now occupies. Mr. Glazier has associated with him his son, C. F. Glazier, and besides the hardware business, carries implements, windmills and pumps, automobiles, and operates a large general business.

The first livery barn in Pauline was built by M. M. Parkins in 1888. It was afterwards run by John Petit and Bert Foy. It was eventually destroyed by fire. A year or so after the burning of the first barn the present livery stable, owned by John Crandall, was built by Henry Johnson.

The Farmers Grain & Supply Company's elevator started in 1888, when Clyde Gaunt erected a shovel house on the Missouri Pacific. Dow Black purchased the business from Gaunt and ran it until he sold to T. T. Jones and Ben Sherman, who in turn sold to the Farmers Grain & Supply Company. Elmer Jones is the present manager. The elevator now owned and operated by John McCleery was the first elevator to he built in Pauline. It was erected by Charles Furrer. It was owned successively by William Townsend and W. H Ferguson and the Updike Bros. John McCleery managed the business under the Tpdikes and bought it in 1908.

The postmasters who have served in Pauline are Will Jeffries the first postmaster, followed by Samuel Bechtellieimer, Pat Cronin, Charles McCulloch, R. O. Slater, Dan MeCleery, Nellie Jones and the present postmaster, Carl McCleery.

During the drought years, from 1893 to 1897, both the railway stations at Pauline were closed because of the almost total falling off of business. The K. C. & O. depot at this time was moved from Pauline to the K. C. & O. junction with the Red Cloud line of the Burlington, where it later was destroyed by fire. The present Burlington station at Pauline was moved from Leroy to its present location.

The first blacksmith shop in Pauline was built by James B. McCleery and rented to Jerry Allen.

James B. McCleery died in 1889.

There is only one church in Pauline, the Methodist Episcopal which was organized in 1884. Among the first members were Mr. and Mrs. Sherman, Mr. and Mrs. Bauder, Mr. and Mrs. Carter, Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Jones. The first church house was erected the same year that the class was organized. The new church, within the village, was built in 1907, at a cost of $6,000. A partial list of the pastors who have served the church is as. follows: R. M. Hardman, 1884 to 1887; Almon Gore, E. L. Wolff, J. M. Correll, each one year successively after Mr. Hardman; T. W. Bean, 1890; W. C. Swartz, from 1897 to 1900; A. G. Blackwell, 1900 to 1902; L. F. Harman. 1902 to 1904; W. M. Brooks; 1904 to 1905; E. N. Tompkins, 1905 to 1908; W. H. Shoal, 1908 to 1911; T. C. Priestly, 1911 to 1912; J. W. Bair, 1912 to 1913; R. B. E. Hill, 1913 to 1915; Alfred Chamberlain, 1915 to 1916. The present pastor, the Rev. Mr. Thomas, has been the pastor in 1916.

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