History of Buckeye Valley & Butler, Buffalo County, NE
From: Buffalo County, Nebraska and its people
BY: Samuel Clay Bassett
The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, Chicago 1916


Buckeye Valley is in Valley Township, and the first settlement in Buckeye Valley was by Col. W. T. Beatty and George Simpkins, in 1873; W. R. Wheeler, in 1874; J. B. Wheeler, George E. Fredericks, T. Q. George, O. Knepper, in 1878, and William Trivelpiece, in 1879.Col. Win. T. Beatty was a native of Ohio and gave to the valley its name, "Buckeye Valleys."

On March 5, 1879, County Superintendent John Swenson organized a school district, No. 49.

A school house was erected in which a Sabbath school was held, this about the year 1880, Rev. J. Marsh here organized a "class" of the Methodist Church, and Mr. Marsh also held regular preaching service in the schoolhouse. In the early '80's a Grange was organized, which flourished for many years, this being the last of the Grange organizations of that date in the county to surrender its charter.

A postoffice was established named "Butler," and which was continued until the establishment of rural delivery.

It is recalled that a very successful fair was held at Butler, with considerable exhibits of live stock and farm products.

Mr. George C. Lunger kindly furnishes the following history of the organization of the United Brethren Church at that point:

The first Sabbath school in Buckeye Valley was organized May 30, 1880, at schoolhouse No. 49, with Rev. O. Knepper as superintendent.

Rev. O. Knepper also preached each Sunday after Sunday school and occasionally in the evening for a period of two years.

The Butler class of the United Brethren Church in Christ was organized under the pastorate of Rev. John Green in September, 1884, with the following charter members: O. Knepper, Mrs. Emma H. Knepper, Henry C. Kriegel, Mrs. Elizabeth Fliegel, Jobnathan Stearns, Mrs. Mary Stearns, Mrs. N. Woodhull and several others.

At an expense of $915 a church building was erected and dedicated April 24, 1898, by Bishop J. S. Mills, the pastor at that date being Rev. A. L. Zimmerman, and the trustees George C. Lunger, Wm. Trivelpiece, O. Knepper, H. C. Fliegel and Peter Gillming.

The pastors serving this church from the beginning have been O. Knepper, John Green, H. S. Munger, J. M. Waters, J. Bremser, W. S. Fields, T. B. Cannon, Wm. Thompson, C. J. Bohart, A. L. Zimmerman, Wm. Tooley, A. Boyd, W. C. Miller, L. L. Epley, W. C. Arnold, Reverend Mr. Spahr, J. Mason, Walter Smith and C. E. Harrington.

This church disorganized in 1915, and the church building was sold to the Buckeye Valley Grange, and is now (1916) being used as a Grange hall.

A Methodist Church was organized at Butler and a church building erected, but a history of the church is not available for this history.

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