History of Prague, Nebraska
From: Past and Present Saunders County, Nebraska
A Record of Settlement, Organization, Progress and Achievement
Charles Perky Supervising Editor
The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co. Chiago 1915


The Town of Prague is located in section 36, Chester Precinct, and is reached by railroad on the Burlington, Schuyler branch. The town has become prosperous as a business center, being located advantageously for the farmers despite the relatively poor train service. The town is thirteen miles northwest of Wahoo. The town had its beginning with the completion of the Burlington road in the year 1888. At the very beginning the town did not grow very rapidly, but by the year 1896 the business section had taken on quite an important appearance. At this time there were: one bank, one drug store, one doctor, one hotel, one harness shop, one livery barn, one machine shop, one blacksmith, one well boring outfit, one steam mill, one elevator, two furniture stores, two butcher shops, two hardware stores, two carpenter shops, two shoemakers, four saloons and four general stores. This compares very well with the present size of the town.

The Town of Prague was platted and surveyed in the year 1887. Among the first business houses of the town were Fisher & Simanek's elevator and lumber yard, Secor & Kasper's store for agricultural implements, hardware, stoves and tinware, M. Slamsidlo's blacksmith shop, and the hotel of Mrs. Mary Belek.

The Farmers and Merchants Bank of Prague was established in 1888 by W. C. Kirchman, F. J. Kirchman, Joseph Kasper, It. Safranek, and H. H. Dorsey. Since this time the institution has had a steady growth and now has a capital stock of $25,000, a surplus fund of $5,000, and undivided profits amounting to $10,000. The deposits average about $275,000 on the year. F. J. Kirchman is the president of the Farmers and Merchants Bank; W. C. Kirchman is the vice president; J. G. Hohl is the cashier; and J. E. Palensky is the assistant cashier.

The Bank of Prague is comparatively a new institution, but is a very popular one. This bank was established in 1906 with a paid up capital stock of $10,000, the same as at present. A building was constructed the same year as the organization, costing $2,500. The list of officers has not changed since the beginning, being as follows: E. E. Placek, president; Joseph Vlasak, vice president; J. J. Viasak, cashier; A. L. Vlasak, assistant cashier. The Bank of Prague carries a surplus of $5,000 and the average yearly deposits amount to $200,000.

The town waterworks system of Prague was finished in February, 1907, by C. A. Killian of Morse Bluffs. The well is an 8 inch tubular one and 112 feet in depth, with 85 foot standpipe.

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