Some of the settlers of Almond, New York
A Centennial Memorial
History of Allegany County, New York
John S. Minard, Esq. Historian
Mrs. Georgia Drew Andrews, Editor.
W. A. Fergusson & Co., Alfred, N. Y. 1896


Joshua Armstrong, son of Abram, was born near Hyde Park, N. Y. He married Susanna Hoag, and came to Almond about 1823. After locating some wild land he purchased a lot on what is now Karr Hill on the farm now owned by Charles Ferry. Here he lived until 1859 when he moved into North Valley where he died. He was in the war of 1812. He had 7 children. Alfred H., his son, married Elizabeth Prescott, settled at Almond village, carried on the wagon business until 1861 when he moved to North Valley and engaged in farming and wagon making. His wife died in 1858 and he married Caroline Bartlett and has 4 children.

Allen Barber, a native of Rhode Island, came to Almond when 16 years old on foot. He was an early settler and taught school in the log school house. He married Maria Vealey, always resided in town. Of his to children 4 are living. Alonzo, his son, married Sarah Cottrell and after long years' residence in Almond removed to Hornellsville where he now lives. His children are James L., Alta D and Lewis V. James L. Barber married Luella Tefft and settled on the Jesse Tefft farm. His children are Allen W. and Cora E.

Charles R. Brink, son of Isaiah and Nancy (Reynolds) Brink, was born Dec. 27, 1839, in Steuben county. In 1856 his farther moved to Almond. In 1863, Charles R. enlisted in Co. C, 109th Reg't. N. Y. V. He was taken prisoner June 17, 1864. in front of Petersburg, and was 5 months in Andersonville prison. After his discharge in 1865 he returned to Almond, and November 13, married Sarah A., daughter of Richard and Charlotte Lindsley. Mr. Brink has been a farmer, and is now in the harness business in Almond. His children are George W., Willie G., Charles R., Lewis D., Grace B. Grover C., Arthur R., Claude R.

Lam E. Dungan was born in New Jersey. His wife was Mary, daughter of William Lippincott. About 1850 he located in Birdsall where he engaged in farming and teaching. He was also a printer and bookkeeper. He served as supervisor of Birdsall for a few years. He died in January, 1858. His wife died in 1870. They had 5 children: William L., Joseph B., David L., Mary B., (Mrs. W. H. Baird), and Larva E. Dungan, Jr., whoa married Anna, daughter of William Karr. Mr. Dungan is a farmer and a teacher. His education was obtained at Friendship Academy and Geneseo Normal School.

Joseph W. Emery, son of Abram K. and Eliza (Thomas) Emery, was born in Hornellsville, May 24, 1840. He enlisted in Co. F, 141st Reg't. N. Y. V., in 1862 and was discharged May 3o, 1865. He married Helen J., daughter of William C. and Rachel (Head) Ward of Almond in 1865 and settled in the town. Mr. Emery has been assessor of Almond 7 years, is a member of Doty Post, No. 226, of Homellsville. He has one son Homer H.

Moses J. Farnum, son of Calvin, was born in Dudley, Mass. He came to Amity when a young man and taught school for some time: He married Charlotte Sampson and settled in West Almond, and kept a hotel at what is known as the Halfway House, and also was engaged in farming. His wife died in 1866, and he died in 1876. Five of their children are living, 4 in Almond, Dr. L. D. Farnum, Mary, (Mrs. Alvin Pincher), Catherine, (Mrs. John Davidson), Nathan M., and Mandana. (Mrs. Charles Headley) in Nunda. Nathan M. Farnum was born Feb. 19, 1835. June 5, 1883, he married Frances L. Kline. They have an adopted daughter Nellie M. Mr. Farnum resided in the West from 1864 until 1887. He has been a justice of the peace 4 years.

Silas Ferry, a native of Connecticut, married Jerusha. daughter of Philip Goss. He came to Almond in 1802, His son John, born in 1796, married Angeline Osgood. He located in Almond. His second wife was Sarah Holloway. He had 14 children. Elijah O., his son, married Frances M. Benjamin and had 5 children, Sarah A. Charles T., John B., Hattie B. and Nellie G. Charles T. Ferry, son of Elijah O., was born June 9, 1851, married Mary, daughter of Thomas Barrett, of Risingville, Steuben county. They have one child Clarence B. Mr. Ferry is a farmer and hay dealer.

Col. Jesse B. Gibbs was born in Lansing, Tompkins county, in 18o9. He moved to West Almond in 1830, purchased a farm and the old log tavern on the turnpike and later built a new hotel in its place. He was several times supervisor of West Almond and one year county superintendent of the poor. During the Civil War he moved to Almond village where he died in 1883. He was a colonel of militia and was three times married: 1st, to Esther Williams, they had 7 daughters and 2 sons, all dead but Wesley and Mrs. Libbie Carr; 2d, to Mary Brown, 3 children, of whom Jesse B. died 1888 in Hornellsville, and Sam. H. and Wm. O. live in Nebraska; 3d, to Mrs. Ruth (Cary) Stearns, widow of Calvin Stearns. She resides in Hornellsville. Wesley Gibbs, son of Col. Jesse B., was born in West Almond in 1833. went to California in 1850. In 1858 he married Mary Etta Wright in Almond, and removed to Wisconsin where was his home for 10 years and where 4 of his children were born. He then returned to Almond his present residence. He has been three years supervisor of Almond and has an extensive acquaintance throughout the county. He has 4 living children, Carrie L. (Mrs. Rogers Stillman, of Belmont), Jennie B. (Mrs. John C. Rewalt, of Hornellsville), John W. and Fred L., of Buffalo.

Zebulon Wright came from Massachusetts to Almond in 18'8. took up a lot of wild land, built his log house and cleared and cultivated his acres. His son Amos. born in 1809, married Angeline Trescott and settled on his father's farm. He had 13 children.

Lewis Halsey come from Long Island to Tompkins county, N. Y., and about 1825 to West Almond. He was a farmer and a shoemaker. His son Lewis married Angeline, daughter of Ebenezer Allen and located on the farm now owned by his son, Fred Halsey. Mr. Halsey was assessor several years, and a successful farmer. His death occurred in 1892. and that of his wife in 1882. Their children were Mary J. (Mrs. Nathan B. Tucker). Allen J., of Wellsville, and Fred, who married Ella O., daughter of Joseph Sisson, and made his home on the ancestral acres. He was supervisor in 1890 and 1891.

Nathaniel Haskin resided at Brookfield, Madison Co., where he married Lydia Stevens, and died there May 15, 1805. They had two children Eri and David. Mrs. Haskin married second, Enos Seward and in 1806 moved to Almond. Eri Haskin married 1st, Elinor Burdick, who died in 1827; 2d, Pauline, daughter of Christopher Crandall, who died in 1854; 3d, Caroline, daughter of Reuben Allen. Mr. Haskin was a farmer and settled on the farm where his son R. Allen Haskin now resides. His surviving children are R. Allen and Carrie L.

John Burdick, born in Grafton, N. Y., married Mary Avery, came to Almond and took up a lot of wild land where his daughter, Mrs. Lucinda Fuller. lives.

Joseph Karr, one of the pioneers of Almond coming thither in 1800, married a Lockhart and settled on the farm now owned by his grandson, Charles Karr. He was a farmer. His children were Margaret, Isaiah, Joel, Louis and Joseph. His second wife was a Whitney. Isaiah Karr was born in 1802, married Julia A., daughter of Amos Ellis of Almond. He devoted himself to agriculture, was a supervisor and assessor of the town. He and his wife were members of the Presbyterian church. He died in 1882 and his wife in 1891. Children: Josiah (dec.), Samuel S., Ann L., Joseph W. (dec.), Ruth, Charles, Margaret. Samuel S. Karr born in 1840, enlisted in 1861 in Co. D, 86th Regt. N. Y. V. He was taken prisoner at Cold Harbor, June I, 1864, and was in prison at Andersonville until September 14th, and from that time until December was in various prisons, then was taken back to Andersonville December 26th, and detained there until April, 1865, when the Rebels evacuated the prison, and Mr. Karr took with him, and has now in his possession, the flag of the First Georgia Artillery. On leaving the prison he went to Macon where he fell in with the Union Army. He was discharged in June, 1865, and returned home. He married Altie, daughter of Hiram Karr. His children are Martin J., Margaret D. and Isaiah. Mr. Karr is known as the pioneer potato grower. Charles Karr, son of Isaiah and Julia A. (Ellis) Karr, was born Nov. 26, 1849. He married Eugenia McHenry, and settled on the old homestead, and tilled the soil. Mrs. Charles Karr died in 188¢ His children are J. Ellis and W. Rowland. Mr. Karr married for his second wife, Ella C., daughter of Peter W. Wakely. Their children are W. Garland and Ethel E.

Samuel Karr. one of the brothers who were the pioneers of Almond. married Margaret Lockhart and settled on the land now owned by J. M. Karr. He had it children. His son Hiram was born Oct. 4. 1817, married Harriet L. Hosley, settled in West Almond on what is called Jersey Hill. He was supervisor several years, one of the elders of the Presbyterian church and much respected. He died Dec. 8, 1891, his wife Feb. 28, 1892. Their surviving children are Frederick, George and Walter. Walter Karr married Stella, daughter of George M. and Martha A. (Bunker) Franklin of Howard, Steuben county. They have a son, Walter G. Mr. Karr is a farmer, one of the elders of the Presbyterian church, and was a justice in West Almond. Fred Karr, son of Hiram and Harriet L. (Hosley) Karr, was born May 7, 1854, married Sarah M. Sisson and settled in West Almond where he resided until 1884 when he came to Almond. His wife died Dec. 25, 1883, leaving one child, Hiram. His second wife was Minnie Wyant a daughter of Abram. They have a daughter, Ruth. Mr. Karr has been assessor 3 years, is a farmer and potato grower.

Samuel P. Karr, son of Samuel, was born in Almond Feb. to. 1810. He married Erilla, daughter of Stephen Webb, and settled on the old homestead. He had 3 children, Harriet (who married D. Z. Gibbs and died Oct. 13, 1893, by the wrecking of the cars at Jackson), Eliza C. (Mrs. Joseph Wheeler died June 26, 1883), and James M. Samuel P. Karr died Feb. 4, 1878, his wife Feb. 9. 1869. James M. Karr was born May 2, 1850, married Alice E., daughter of Samuel and Mary J. Wilcox and settled on the ancestral acres. Their children are Florence E., S. Darwin, Arthur P., Harriet A. and Bertie E.

William Karr, son of James and grandson of Samuel, was born in Almond in 1830. In 1856 he married Mary, daughter of Amos and Vashti (Batchellor) Ellis, and settled on the farm now owned by his widow and daughter Gertrude. He died in 189o. His children were Anna (Mrs. L. E. Dungan), Gertrude and Edward P. Karr, who was born in 1858. He married Flora J., daughter of Samuel M. Parsons, in 1882, and settled in Almond. He was postmaster in 1884, has been town clerk, and in April 29, 1889, he was appointed railroad postal clerk and is now in service. He has a daughter, Mary E.

Ira Lamphere, son of Jabez. was born in Almond village in 1823. His father was a cloth dresser and wool carder. Ira married Emeline, daughter of Asa Phillips of Fremont, Steuben county. He located at Arkport, later came to Almond and settled on the Squire Ward farm. He is a farmer and carpenter. His 2 sons are Charles H. and Elbert G. Charles H. Lamphere married Elizabeth, daughter of Alfred H. Armstrong and granddaughter of Joshua Armstrong. He settled in Almond, was engaged in cheese making is now a farmer and makes a specialty of potato growing. He has one son, Ray W.

George Lockhart, son of Joseph. was born in Billshomy, County Donegal, Ireland. When a boy with his father he came to Luzerne county, Pa. He married Mary, oldest daughter of Major Moses Van Campen, and came to Allegany county at an early day, and to Almond about 1810. He took up land where his son Joseph now lives and was a farmer. He was supervisor of the town several years. He had 8 children. Moses Lockhart, his son, born April 30, 1808, in Angelica, married Elizabeth Karr, daughter of Samuel and Margaret (Lockhart) Karr, and settled on part of the old homestead in Almond. He was a deacon of the Presbyterian church. He died Oct. 4, 1887. His wife Aug. 15, 1872. They had 4 children. Egbert died aged 21 years, James J. resides in Denver, Col., George married Miranda D., daughter of Darius and Malvina (Ranger) White. and lived on the homestead, and was a farmer. He died Sept. 14, 1887. His children were Mary E. and Margaret, and Nellie Lockhart. Joseph Lockhart, another son of George Sr., was born in 1817, married Anna, daughter of Joel Karr. has always lived on the ancestral acres. He was supervisor 2 years. His only child is Kate (Mrs. Bert Black) of Livonia.

Lewis Marvin came early from Springwater to Birdsall, where he was a resident until his death except a few years passed in Michigan. His first wife was a Miss Tidd. She had 4 children. His second wife was Mrs. Mary A. (Haines) Karr. They had 5 children. She died in 1891. They lived on Jersey Hill., Mr. Marvin was a farmer, and had served as assessor. He died in 1864. John Marvin, his son, married Mary A., daughter of Jerry Halsey, and has one son Jerry. He first located in Birdsall, then in West Almond, and in 1886 moved to Almond. He is a farmer and carpenter.

Matthew McHenry, together with two or three others, came from Fishing Creek, Pa to Almond in the summer of 1796, and took up land in Karr Valley. McHenry made a clearing, sowed a piece of wheat and in the fall returned to Pennsylvania. The next spring he returned with his wife (Anna Dodderer) and two children guiding a colony of six or seven families. After leaving Hornellsville they cut their road through the woods for to miles to reach their land. When within halt a mile of their destination, their sled, drawn by oxen, tipped over, and a large potash kettle fell on Mrs. McHenry, breaking her leg. The nearest physician was at Bath, more than 3o miles away. So Major Van Campen and Rev. Andrew Gray, who were of the party, set the bone so well that it made a sound leg, which served her well to a good old age. The first white child born in the town was their son Henry. 7 of their 8 children attained maturity. Joseph McHenry, their son, was born in 1805 and resided on the farm where he was born until his death at 87 years. He married Eune Charles, 2 of their 7 children, survive. Lewis and Rebecca, who reside on the farm taken up by their grandfather 100 years ago. Matthew McHenry, the pioneer, died aged 39, of an epidemic fever in 1813.

Philip McHenry, son of Matthew, was born in 1803, married Julia, daughter of Lazarus S. Rathbun, and settled on the farm now owned by his son Matthew. His wife died in 1831 leaving two children, Varanes B. and Harriet R. (born Nov. 10, 1831, died in 1851). His second wife was Sarah, daughter of Walter Karr. Of their 9 children 7 survive: Julia A., Mary A., Elizabeth, Marion, Matthew, Walter and Henry. Mr. McHenry was supervisor of West Almond. Varanes B. McHenry, son of Philip and Julia (Rathbun) McHenry was born Nov. 17, 1829. In 1861, he enlisted in Co. D, 86th New York. and was discharged in May, 1862, by reason of disability. He married first, Arabella Charles, (they had one son, Edward R., born Oct. 17, 1872,) second, Orpha A. Lord. Mr. McHenry has been a cheesemaker and farmer, and is a member of B. Frank Matson Post, G. A. R. Walter McHenry, son of Philip and Sarah (Karr) McHenry, was born in 1844. In 1862, he enlisted in Co. G, 160th New York, re-enlisted in Co. D, 188th New York. He was discharged in 1865. He was supervisor of Almond in 1889, justice of the peace 4 years. He has been a cheesemaker 27 years and is now a merchant in Karr Valley. He is a member of Doty Post. No. 226 of Hornellsville.

William Root came from Cherry Valley to Almond about 1820. He married Charity Bloffett about 1825 and made his home on the farm now occupied by his son Erastus Root. He was an industrious farmer and justice of the peace several years. He died May 14, 1876, his wife died in October, 1876. They had 8 children. Erastus Root was born in 1826, married Nancy Matterson and settled in town. Of their 4 children 2 are living. Mrs. Root died in 1871 and Mr. Root married Mrs. Ann (Watkins) Stoddard. She died in 1884, and his third wife was Mrs. Lucy E. (Wolfe) Pendel. Mr. Root has been assessor 6 years.

George Sisson moved from Westerly, R. I., to Allegany county about the year 1829. He married Hulda Bliven in Rhode Island. They had 10 children, viz., Alonzo C., Elizabeth, Joseph M., Abby J., John F., George, Albert, Lucinda, George S. and Martha A.

Joseph M. Sisson married Mary J. Allen of Alfred. Their children were Elmer E., Ella O., Cora B., Calla L.

John F. Sisson, born 1834, married Rachel Hoard of Alfred in 1865. They had 5 children, viz., Ira F., J. Leon. Leora E., Elnora H., H. Lena. J. Leon married Ella Potter of Alfred. Leora E. married Ezra P. Hamilton of Alfred.

Elmer E. Sisson married Adda B. Thurston of Wellsville in 1882. To them were born 3 children, J. Arthur, Howard S. and H. Lloyd.

Sion Sisson, son of George, was of English descent. He married Betsey Welding, and came from Westerly, R I., to Alfred, about 1820. He was a farmer. Two of his sons remained in Rhode Island. Four children came to Allegany county, George, Asa, Betsey (Mrs. Thomas P. Meriott), and Content (Mrs. Ezra Potter). Asa Sisson, son of Sion, came with his father, married Anna, daughter of Rodman Place and settled on the old farm now owned by Henry Allen. He was a large farmer, a man well known and respected, served as assessor and road commissioner. His children were: Rodman P., Maria E. (Mrs. Joseph Vincent), Susan M., and Sarah M. (Mrs. Fred Karr dec.). Rodman Place Sisson was born June 30, 1837. He married Carrie, daughter of Cyrus Terwilliger. and made his permanent home in Almond where he has been a large farmer and been prosperous. He has been supervisor two years. His children are Charles W. and Nellie G. (Mrs. N. F. Allen of Hornellsville).

Mrs. Miranda Dean Stevens and Mrs. Sarah Lefferts Farnum on their mother's side trace back to 1630, when John Winthrop, first governor of Massachusetts Bay, landed at Salem with goo persons. Among them was Capt. John Gallup (Galloupe), who settled in Boston. His son, John W., married a relative of Gov. Winthrop, became captain, and moved to Pequot, Conn., where he was killed Dec. 25. 1675, in the swamp fight in Northern Rhode Island with the Narragansett Indians under King Philip. His seventh child, Elizabeth, married Henry Stevens of Stonington, Conn. Their children were: Thomas, Richard, Henry, Elizabeth and Lucy. Family tradition says that Henry Stevens was the oldest son of Nicholas Stevens an officer under Cromwell who fled to America to escape Royalist persecution. In 1768 a census of Stonington gives Henry Stevens and wife among the 43 inhabitants, and they were members of the Congregational church organized there June 3. 1674. Their son Thomas married Mary Hall May 26, 1702. Their children were Thomas, Phineas, Uriah (born Jan. 21, 1708), Andrew, Benjamin, Samuel. Zebulon, and, by second wife, Jesse; all born at Plainfield, Conn. The father died at Canaan in 1752. Uriah married his cousin Sarah, daughter of Richard Stevens (born May 4, 1708). Their children were: Uriah, Jr. (born Aug. 27, 1730), Mary, Sarah, Lucy, Phineas; all born at Canaan, Conn. Uriah was captain in the French war, a member of the Susquehanna company and one of the commissioners appointed to purchase the Connecticut claim from the Indians. He died October, 1764, at Canaan. Uriah W. married Martha W. Rathbun. Children: Sarah, Benjamin (died in continental service), Polly, Uriah (died in continental service), Martha, John, Elijah, Elias, William and twin sister, and a second Benjamin. The Stillwater N Y. colony was formed by 84 Canaan people, 9 of them of the Stevens family. Uriah, one of this number, was one of the Susquehanna Co. and in 1773 moved to Wilkesbarre, then Westmoreland was a town officer at the first election. The Connecticut settlers were driven from their Susquehanna lands by a court decision depriving them of title, and Uriah settled in Canisteo, Dec. 25. 1789. His son Elijah married his cousin Abigail, daughter of Jedediah Stevens. Their children were: Nathan. Benjamin, Rebecca, Eliza, Narcissa, Mary A., Cynthia. Marvette. Rebecca married Charles Lefferts and had children: David B., Abigail S., Sarah (Mrs. Dr. Farnum). Christina and Emerette. Eliza married Oliver Dean (dec.) of West Almond. Children: Miranda. Julia A. (Mrs. David Baker), Abby E. (Mrs. Edwin Baker), George, Ina (Mrs. Levi Hosley), Mary J. (Mrs. Elisha Stillman), 'Amelia (Mrs. Wm. Hurd). He left one daughter Miranda (Mrs. Marion Bullard of Wellsville).

Daniel Dean, born Dec. 25, 1781, came at an early day from New Jersey to West Almond. He was an agent for Judge Church and much respected in town. He was a member of the Presbyterian church. He married first, Nancy Sampson, second Mary Jewell. Oliver Dean, his son, was born Dec. 25. 1806, died Nov. 18, 1894, married Jan. 16, 1832, Mrs. Eliza (Stevens) Bostwick. Of their 7 children, Miranda S. Dean married Henry Easterbrooks, who settled in West Almond. He was born Dec. 19, 1824, and died Jan. 14. 1877. They adopted 3 children. He was justice of the peace several years and a steward of the church. Mrs. Easterbrooks married 2d, Dec. 26, 1880, Rev. A. Sornborger, who was born May 7, 1815. When about 30 years old he felt called to preach, having the "gift" and preached nearly every year until his death, July 10, 1888. For many years he worked at his trade of blacksmith, and preached 3 times every Sunday. He belonged to the Protestant Methodist Church Conference. Sept. 26, 1892, Mrs. Sornborger married Rev. J. C. Stevens, who was born Dec. 25, 1836. He attended the Wesleyan Methodist Seminary 2 years, and for 25 years has been a member of conferences of the Methodist Episcopal church, and in 1895 was made a supernumerary. Mrs. Eliza (Stevens) Bostwick Dean was born May 5, 1807, married Burr Bostwick about 1826; their children were Harriet and Sela. By her later marriage to Oliver Dean she had 7 children, and at her death, March 5, 1885, she had 8 living children, 22 grandchildren and 25 great grandchildren. " And her children rise up and call her blessed."

Silas Stillman, son of Joseph, was a native of Rhode Island. He emigrated to Allegany county, took up some 25o acres of uncultivated land in Almond, formerly Alfred, and cleared the farm now occupied by his son Silas. Mr. Stillman carried on blacksmithing with his farming. He was supervisor of his town, member of the Seventh Day Baptist church, and a well known townsman. His wife was Rebecca Peckham. Of their 10 children 4 survive: Joseph, Silas, Eusebia and Richard. Joseph Stillman, born in 1817, married Huldah Potter and resided in Hartsville, Steuben county, for 11 years when he purchased a part of the old farm where he has since lived. His children are Fanny H. (Mrs. Phineas Shaw) and Asher Stillman who married first. Fanny M. Burdick. She died in 1873, and he married second, Luella, daughter of William Davie of Friendship. Mr. Stillman has 3 children, Flora G. (Mrs. Henry Allen), Grant S. and Earl D. Elisha P. Stillman, son of Daniel, was born Oct. 1r. 1837. He acquired his education at common schools and Alfred University. He married Mary J., daughter of Oliver Dean of West Almond and settled in Whitney Valley. He has been a school teacher, farmer, and for 4 years a justice of the peace. His children are Fanny, Selah and Lavern.

Daniel P. Stillman, son of Silas Stillman, was born Jan. 15, 1812. He married Fanny M. Potter of Hartsville, N. Y., June 16, 1836. Soon after his marriage, he settled in Whitney Valley which was his permanent residence during the rest of his long and happy life. Here were born his three children, Elisha P., Edwin M. and Horace G. His death, March 6, 1895, removed the oldest native resident between Alfred and Hornellsville. Many years of his early life were devoted to school teaching. Occasionally a gray haired person will now be met who distinctly remembers his first school experience under his tutelage, but, like their instructor most of them have gone to the great beyond. He was a carpenter and joiner as well as farmer, and many buildings of his construction dot the vicinity of his former home. A frame building was considered in that early day in great advance of the log house in which he was born. In religious views he was liberal, in politics, Whig, Republican, Liberal, Democrat. A great reader with good memory he took a lively interest in public affairs to the end. The confidence and esteem in which he was held by his townsmen was evinced by his successive elections to the office of assessor. His life exemplified the hardy, self reliant, industrious, early settler.

Horace G. Stillman, son of Daniel P. Stillman, was born July 3, 1854. He married Dec. 28, 1876, Nellie A. Warfield of Andover. Their two children are Bessie M. born July 25, 1880, Pearl M. born Nov. 4, 1891. Mr. Stillman is a market gardener and iceman. Incidentally he holds the office of postmaster at Almond, under the administration of Grover Cleveland. It has been his aim by the aid of greenhouses to successfully compete with the South in the production of early vegetables. In connection with his ice trade, he has a "coldvstorage" located in the "brick" where thousands of dozens of eggs are annually stored during the warm season. Mr. Stillman has been favored with town office and upon the whole is a busy, cheerful man and enjoys life because he is busy.

Frank J. Taylor, son of William L. and Martha (Brown) Taylor, was born May 3t, 1858, in Manlius, Onondaga Co. In 1871 his father moved to Almond. March 29, 1882, Frank J. married Della E., daughter of George and Wealthy (Potter) Helmer, and made his residence in West Almond. About 1886. he removed to Almond village and engaged in merchandising. He keeps a general store and has lived here since. He has served as town clerk 3 years. Mr. and Mrs. Taylor have had 5 children, Millie F. (dec.) Claude G., Clara M. (dec.), Ralph M. and Earl F.

Jesse Tefft. Jr. his wife, Dency Bliven, and three small children came from Rhode Island to Almond in March, 1831, settling upon a farm on the old turnpike road, three miles west of Almond village. The journey was made by sailboat from Stonington, Conn., to Albany, thence by packet on the Erie canal to Hammondsport, where teams met them from Almond; his father, Jesse Tefft, Sr., having preceded them in 1830. They encountered a terrible storm on Long Island Sound, were in great danger of shipwreck, and were three weeks in getting from Stonington to Albany. The oldest child, Mrs. Dency McHenry, now living in southwestern Iowa, writes of early life in Almond. "Those were the days of privation and hardship. Being the eldest in a family of twelve children, my time was spent in caring for the younger ones, and as years passed I learned to sew, spin and weave, as did all girls in those days. When I see young people now going to parties picnics and the theatre, amusements of which I never even heard until after I was married, I often wonder if they are half as contented and happy as I was, though all my spare moments were spent at the spinning wheel or loom." While the farm was being cleared and put under cultivation, the family expenses were largely met by the sale of homemade goods; linen table cloths and towels, grain bags which found a ready market, woolen blankets, socks, etc. These were taken to Mt. Morris in the spring and fall of each year and exchanged for groceries and family supplies. It was a home of industry. frugality and gradual prosperity. The father died in 186r, aged 63. The mother, "Aunt Dency" to all, lived to be nearly 86. Of the large family of children, eight lived to mature years. Mrs. Susan Goff died in Almond, and J. Willard in Janesville. Minn., and six yet remain: Mrs. Dency McHenry of Dow City, Iowa, Mrs. Amy Whitticar of Janesville, Minn., Clark H. of Richmond. IR, Christopher and William S. of Almond and Mrs. L. A. Platts of Alfred. A large family reunion was held with Clark H. Aug. 30, 1893, in connection with visiting the World's Fair.

Willis B. Upson, son of Uriah, was born in Canisteo. He married Eliza, daughter of Capt. John Jamison a revolutionary soldier. In 1828 he came to Almond and cleared and settled on the farm where his son John now lives. He was a man well known and respected. He died in 1889, his wife in 1860. The only survivor of his 6 children is John Upson, who was born in 1833, married in 1869, Helen, daughter of Thomas Cheever. Their children are Madeline, Leona and Homer W. Mr. Upson has always lived on the old homestead, was supervisor of the town 5 years, and loan commissioner from 1886 to 1895

Capt. Zenas Ward, son of Zenas Ward. born in Connecticut, married Elizabeth M. Delaney. He came to Almond from Cayuga Co. in 1823 and settled on the farm now owned by the Curry family. He was a farmer. Of his ten children 5 are living: Cordelia (Mrs. Lewis Wollever), Jonathan, Jackson, Nancy J. (Mrs. Dr. D. Van Vechten of Ohio), and Angeline, who married Charles W. Van Vetchen, son of Jerry. C. W. Van Vechten was born in Montgomery Co., he came here early with his parents. He settled on the farm owned by Newton Karr. He was road commissioner. He died in 1885. Ashbel Ward, son of Zenas, was a native of Connecticut. He located here, married Electa Brown, had 4 sons and 4 daughters and died in Almond.

James W. Milner, son of David H. and Lydia (Baker) Milner, was born in Otis, Berkshire Co., Mass., Aug. 17, 1828. In 1851 he came to Mt. Morris, N. Y. In 1857 he married Harriet M. George. In May, 1861, he enlisted in Co. H, 27th Reg't, N. Y. V. In September, 1864, he re-enlisted in Co. F, 136th Reg't, N. Y. V., and was discharged June, 1865. In 1865 he came to Birdsall, and in 1867 to Almond. In 1869 he moved to Wyoming, Pa. He returned to Almond in 1891 where he now resides. His first wife died in 1872 and he married Addie E. George. Mr. and Mrs. Wilner are members of the M. E. church. The surviving children are George M. and Charles H.

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