Some of the residents, Clarksville, New York
A Centennial Memorial
History of Allegany County, New York
John S. Minard, Esq. Historian
Mrs. Georgia Drew Andrews, Editor.
W. A. Fergusson & Co., Alfred, N. Y. 1896

SOME OF THE RESIDENTS. - Jabez Bradford, a native of Turner, Androscoggin Co., Me., born in 1813, was a descendant of Gov. William Bradford of Yorkshire, England, who was one of the Mayflower band of 1620, and governor of Plymouth colony for 31 years. Jabez Bradford married Hannah Putnam of Turner, came to Western New York, settled first in Farmersville, then came to Clarksville and made his home on the farm now owned by Mrs. Gladwyn. Here he lived and died. His children were Lavern (dec.), and Charles E. Bradford who married Sarah T., daughter of Nathaniel and Adaline (Child) Eastman. Their children were Riley H., who married Gertrude Murray. and Ellen A. Mr. Bradford resided on the ancestral acres for 18 years after his marriage when he settled at the village, and was a merchant, postmaster and justice of the peace. He died Sept. 5, 1890. His widow married Capt. George Gladwyn in 1891.

Smith Bartoo, son of Jesse and Eunice (Loomis) Bartoo, was born in Chenango Co., N. Y., in 1806. He married Eliza Davis in 1832 and moved to Jasper, Steuben Co., where he resided until 1850 when he came to Clarksville and settled on the farm he cleared and where he made his home until his death, Aug. 19, 1885. His children were Hiram D., David J., a soldier in Co. I, 85th Regt., N. Y. V., and died Sept. 11, 1864, in Andersonville prison, Charles S. (dec.), Edward C. Susan M. (dec.) and Louise (Mrs. Allen Z. Peckham), who has one child, Lillie A. (Mrs. H. E. Burlingame).

Martin Butts. son of Nathaniel, was born in Pawlet, Vt., in 1798. In 1819 he walked to Western New York. He was a surveyor and lived in different parts of this county. In 1843 he came to Clarksville and settled upon the farm now owned by his son, Martin N. He was a teacher for some time. He was state senator from this district in 1855 and 1856, supervisor several years, justice of the peace and assessor, county clerk in 1847, 1848 and 1849. He married first Lydia, daughter of Othello Church of Friendship. Children were L. A. and D. C. His second wife was Mandana, sister of Lydia. Their children were W. O., J. T., Martin N., Frances A. (Mrs. Dr. R. A. Waterbury of Geneseo State Normal School) and Albert. Martin N. Butts, son of Martin, was born May 28, 1839, in Richburg. He married Sarah L., daughter of Joel and Lucinda (Morey) Waterbury and settled on the old homestead. They have 5 children, Eva, Corinne H. (Mrs. C. Congdon), Florence E., Edna M., Edgar M. and Theodore J. Mr. Butts was supervisor in 1866.

Cyrus N. Capen, son of Samuel and Hannah (Clark) Capen, was born in Rushford, June 15, 1829, married Ruisa, daughter of Jeptha Bubee of Lyndon, Dec. 31, 1850. In March, 1859, he settled in Clarksville. In October, 1861, he enlisted in Co. I, 6th N. Y. Cavalry. In 1862, he was discharged for disability and returned home. He has since been a farmer, and is a member of S. T. Battle Post, G. A. R. His children are Mary (Mrs. M. A. Green of Alfred) and Grover M. Capen who married Eliza Davis.

William R. Carrier, son of Philo and Lovinia (Andrews) Carrier, was born June 27, 1836, in the town of Dix, Chemung Co. His father came to Cuba in 1849 and to Clarksville in 1852, where he was assessor for several years. He had 10 children. In 1862 William R. Carrier enlisted in Co. A, 136th N. Y., and servcd until mustered out in 1865. He returned home and, in 1866, married Ada, daughter of E. R. Dunn, and settled on the farm he now owns. They have 6 children: Frank P., Julia E., Marion O. (Mrs. C. Cook), Fred W., Kate E. and Hattie L. Mr. Carrier has been assessor for six years.

The Congdon family descends from Joseph Congdon, born in Connecticut of English parentage, whose son Joseph, born in Petersburg, N. Y;, had one son, Anson, and five daughters, by his wife Lydia Collins. Anson Congdon, born in Otsego county in 1817, came to Clarksvile in 1833, bought land south of the village for 25 cents an acre, and was a most prominent factor in the growth of this section. He was an influential man in public affairs and represented his district in the assembly of 1851. He married, first, Rachel Lurvey of Prattsburgh, N. Y.. who died in 1852. They had two sons, Marcus M. and William O. His second wife was Mary A. Peckham. Mr. Congdon was extensively engaged in lumbering, farming, etc., and held numerous offices of trust for long terms of service. He was many years a justice, was frequently chosen as supervisor, and was U. S. Collector of Internal Revenue for several years in the 29th district. He died Feb. 23, 1890. Hon. Marcus M. Congdon was born in Clarksvile May 20, 1844. He was educated at Friendship Academy and .has been a life-long resident of Clarksville. In connection with farming he has successfully conducted other enterprises, among them being cheese manufacturing and oil producing. He was one to help in building the first cheese factory in Clarksville in 1867, and has done much in cheese making. He has held important public offices, and was elected to the assembly in 1891 on the Republican ticket by 2,508 plurality over Hugh J. Coyle, Democrat, and George A. Scott, Prohibitionist and Farmers' Alliance. In 1892 he was renominated by acclamation and re-elected by an increased majority. In the assembly he served on important committees. He married Elma E. Keller in 1865. Their children are Mary R. (Mrs. Victor H. Hammond). Cassius, Archie D., Gail and Anson. Archie D. Congdon, son of Hon. M. M. Congdon, was born Sept. 1, 1871, married Hattie M. Marshall, and settled at Obi. He is a cheese manufacturer. William 0. Congdon has one son, Roscoe. Cassius Congdon, son of M. M., is the present supervisor of the town, and is prominently connected with the gas, oil and other interests in Clarksville and the adjacent county.

Thomas DeKay came from Vernon, Sussex Co., N. J., to New Hudson, Allegany Co., Nov. 9, 1827. He was a farmer and blacksmith. He married Christina E. Roe. They had 9 children. He and his wife both died in Lyndon, Catt. Co. Their son Nathaniel was born Nov. 9, 1816, in Warwick, Orange Co., N. Y., married Sylvia, daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Drew of Belfast, in 1841, came to Clarksville in 1843 and settled on the farm now owned by his son Burdett. He was a farmer and horse farrier. His first wife died May 19, 1851, leaving 3 children. He married second, Sally A. Shuart of Allen, and now resides at Olean. Burdett DeKay, son of Nathaniel and Sylvia (Drew) DeKay, was born May 2, 1847, married Kate, daughter of Hiram Davenport, and settled on the old farm. They have 2 children, Gertrude S. and Fred B. Mr. DeKay is a farmer. a veterinary surgeon, and has been assessor two terms.

Wallace Dye, son of George and Harriet (Wilcox) Dye, was born Dec. 12, 1854 in Concord, Erie Co., N. Y. In 1875 he went to Bradford, Pa., and commenced work in the oil field. In 1885 he came to Bolivar and engaged as a pumper for Hogan & Murphy, and also worked for other parties until 1895, when he purchased 28 wells in Clarksville of J. S. Patterson and now produces about 400 barrels monthly. In 1894 he married Gertrude, daughter of William and Bloomer (Keller) Persing.

Jabez Ferrington came to Clarksville about 1833 with his family. His wife's maiden name was Gray. His son Jabez, Jr., was born in 1814. He married Amanda M. Hill and settled on lot 34 which G. N. Wright now owns. Here he made his home. Of his to children, survive, Ithamar, Caroline (Mrs. Marshall Peckham), Amanda A. (Mrs. G. N. Wright), Milton and George R. Ithamar Ferrington was born July 8, 1849, married Eunice L., daughter of William R. Nichols. Children, William H., George M., Carl C., Miles L. (dec.). Mr. Ferrington has been road commissioner and assessor.

John A. Fowler, son of William and Sarah (Rogers) Fowler, was born Oct. 12, 1841, in Washington, Butler Co., Pa. He commenced work as a pumper for Guilds, Waibridge & Hawkins in Mecca, Ohio, in 1861. In 1862 he entered the Pennsylvania oil field, and was in the employ of Ryder Bros. in their refinery. In 1870 he commenced work for the United Pipe Line Co. at Oil City, and has been since in their employ. He was in McKean Co. in 1878, came to Richburg in 1883 as a gauger and has been in Clarksville since 1885 where he has charge of this district as gauger.

Victor H. Hammond, son of F. E. and Emma L. (Scott) Hammond, was born in Shamburg, Venango Co., Pa., Oct. 25, 1868. He attended schools at Corry and Pittsburg, Pa., Cuba and Olean. He married Mary R. Congdon, Aug. 28, 1891. Their children are Maude lone and Emma Zey. Mr. Hammond is a teacher, bookkeeper and is also engaged in the oil industry. He located in West Clarksville in October, 1891. He is an energetic, pushing individual, and a natural and breezy writer in prose and verse. His history of Clarksville and other contributions to this volume are remarkable for their lucidity and sharpness of detail and show that he should cultivate his literary powers.

Capt. Joseph Palmer, a soldier of the War of 1812, came from Warsaw to Clarksville about 1823, took up 200 acres of wild land now owned by J. B. Isenhour and built one of the first sawmills on Dodge's creek about 1823. He served as supervisor, justice of the peace, road commissioner and assessor. John Isenhour, son of Jacob, was born in Geneva, N. Y., in 1800. He married Harriet Palmer, came to Clarksville in 1830 and settled on the farm now owned by N. Grove. He died in Cuba in 1845. his wife in 1881. Their son, Jerome B., born April 25, 1832, married Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Weatherby of Wirt in 1858 and settled on his grandfather Joseph Palmer's place which he now owns. In i 862 he enlisted in Co. K, 136th N. Y. and served until discharged June 25, 1865. Mr. Isenhour is a farmer and has been assessor. He has two children, Nellie R. and Clarence B. Mrs. Isenhour died in 1893.

Lyman Hubbard, son of Jedediah, who was a soldier in the Revolution, came from Hamilton, Madison Co., to Farmersville in 1820. In 1831 he settled on lot 6o in Rushford. He engaged in agriculture to a large extent, was highway commissioner, justice of the peace and assessor. He married Sarah Booth. They had 5 children. His wife died in 1853, he died in 1873. Russel L. Hubbard, a son of Lyman, was born in Rushford, Oct. 24, 1831. He married Mary E., daughter of Dr. Wm. A. Stacy of Centerville, in 1858. He settled in Clarksville in 1860 as a farmer. In 1864 he enlisted in Co. B, 189th N. Y., and served as sergeant and left guide of the regiment until discharged May 29, 1865. He was in every action in which the 189th was engaged, in the first and second battles of Hatcher's Run, and at Lewis Farm, Boydton Plank Road. White Oak Ridge, Gravelly Run, Five Forks, Sailor's Creek and at Appomattox. He was one of the guard detailed to witness the surrender of the Confederates and the staèking of their arms near the famous apple tree. Mrs. Hubbard died in 1870. His children are Walter S., Russel L. and Mary A.

Isaiah Jordan, son of John, was born in Canajoharie, N. Y. (see Wirt). Michael J. Jordan son of Isaiah and Polly Dakin Jordan, was born in Wirt in 1834, married Lucy, daughter of Benjamin Smith, and settled in Clarksville. Their children are Leroy E., Lyman M., Erwin and Clyde. Mr. Jordan is a farmer and also is in the oil business as an operator and producer. He has twelve wells on his farm and has an interest in others. He is a deacon of the Baptist church at Richburg and is a strong advocate of temperance.

William H. Keller, son of William, was born in Cherry Valley, N. Y. In 1822 his father settled in Rushford. He married Susan Armstrong, and located in Clarksville in 1848. John Keller a native of Cherry Valley settled in Hume in 1835 resided there until 1849 when he moved to the east part of Clarksville.

The firm of W. & T. B. Love, oil producers at West Clarksville, are William and Thomas B. Love, brothers, born in Mercer Co., Pa., and Sons of Benjamin Love. They came to McKean Co., Pa., in 1878 and engaged in the lumber business with their usual vigor and energy. When oil was found in Allegany county, they moved their mill to Little Genesee and continued the manufacture of lumber mostly for the oil trade. They were also interested in the oil territory near Allentown and Clarksville, and opened up what is known as the Ciarksvilie Center field, at which place they are still operating and are among the largest oil producers in the Allegany field. Thomas B. Love married Miss Winnefred Butts, daughter of W. 0. Butts of Alfred, They bave three children, Gladys T., Benjamin and William S.

James MeDougal came from Saratoga to Clarksville early and located on 200 acres of wild land which Jacob F. Zimmerman owns. His wife was Mary Madison. They had 7 children. James McDougal his son married Hannah, daughter of Barber Maxson, settled in town and was a farmer. Of his 5 children, 3 are living, C. M. of Cuba, Maria A. (Mrs. W. 0. Congdon), Mary E. (Mrs. J. E. Zimmerman.)

Hiram Moulton, son of William and Olive Moulton, born in Alexander, Genesee Co., Dec. 4, 1831, in April, 1835, came with his parents to Clarksville, a few days prior to the holding of the first town meeting. He was educated at Alfred and Friendship academies and Genesee and Wyoming seminaries, taught school several terms. In 1854 was elected town superintendent of schools of Clarksville and held the office until it was abolished. He was justice several terms. In 1857 he became a member of thç Baptist church of Cuba of which he was elected deacon in 1874, after his removal to Cuba. He married Azuba A. Setchel, and has 2 children, Charles F. and William D.

Clark Nichols, son of Jonathan, was born in Rhode Island. He married Eunice Randall. He came from Brookfield, Madison county to Clarksville in 1832 and settled on the farm now owned by George Ferrington and William R. Hill. Mr. Nichols was assessor and road commissioner. He died in 1858, his wife in 1869. Of their io children, 7 are living. Jabez B. Nichols, son of Clark, was born in Otsego county in 1821. He came to Clarksville with his father. In 1855 he married Lucilla S. Allis, daughter of Solomon.

William E. Patterson, son of Samuel and Mary (Garrett) Patterson, was born in Baltimore, Md., Aug. 24, 1862. In 1888 and 1889 he was a foreman for the United Gas Company in Potter Co., Pa. He came to Clarksville in 1889, where he is engineer at the Pump Station for the United Gas Company. William E. and Blanche E. Patterson have two children, Emory C. and Benjamin H.

Cyrus Peckham, son of Benjamin, a soldier in the Revolution, was born in Stonington, Conn., in 1794. married Mary, daughter of Prentice Lewis, in 1816. He was engaged in the battle of Stonington in the War of 1812. He came to Clarksville in 1836 and was a farmer, dying in 1881, his wife in 1887. Of their 8 children, 6 survive. Prentice Peckham, son of Cyrus, born May 12, 1819, married Mary Murray, who died in 1889. Mr. Peckham has been a farmer and stonemason and has served the town as clerk for 31 years. James R. Peckham, son of Cyrus, was born May 18, 1825, in Plainfield, Conn. He married Matilda, daughter of James C. Wright. They had two children, Allen Z. of Olean, and Rosa (Mrs. F. A. Windsor). Mrs. Peckham died in 1876 and Mr. Peckham married, second, Mrs. Abigail (Nichols) Adams. She has two sons, Charles F. and John Q. Adams of Belmont. Mr. Peckham has held the office of town clerk.

David Perry, son of William, came from Pompey, N. Y., to Wirt at an early day and from there to Bolivar. He died at Angelica. His wife was Philena (Howard) Perry. They had 14 children. William D. Perry, their son, was born May 7, 1842. He enlisted Sept. 6, 1861, in Co. I. 85th N. Y., was taken prisoner at Plymouth, N. C., in 1864, and confined at Andersonville, Charleston and Florence 11 months and 6 days, and was mustered out in 1865. He is a member of S. T. Battle Post. G. A. R., No. 183. Mr. Perry married Hannah Childs and settled in Clarksville. He is a farmer and has been road commissioner. His children are Albion A., Otto W. and Zella D.

William B. Ryder, son of William and Mary (Richardson) Ryder, was born in Guilford, Vt. In 1855 he came to Clarksville and settled on the farm which he now owns. He has been a farmer and lumberman, and assessor for six years. He married Mary 0. Sweet, and has children: Lizzie (Mrs. Otis Hanks of Friendship). May A., George D. of New York City, William D. of Delevan, Fred S. and Archie.

Eber G. Wilkinson came to Clarksville at an early day. He married Sarah A., daughter of Samuel Compton, and settled on the farm now owned by Thomas Compton. He was a farmer. His children are Orlando A., Marcellus L., Phebe E., Estella, Warren E., Nettie, Miles A., Ida and Samuel.

George E. Wilson. son of Edward and Sarah Wilson, was born in Forestville, Sept. 6, 1854. He married Minnie D., daughter of H. B. and Lucy (Dawley) Francis. In 1874 he entered the oil field of Butler Co., Pa., as a pumper for H. L. Taylor & Co. In 1880 he went to Fullerton as foreman for the Angell Oil Co. In 1888 he came to the Allegany field, has his residence in Clarksville, and has the position of foreman. He has one son, H. Ray Wilson.

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