The Press of Genesee County, NY


Though the number of newspapers published within the limits of Genesee county is now comparatively small, about thirty publications of this character have been issued in this county since its organization. The first of these was the Genesee Intelligencer, established at Batavia in the spring of 1807 by Elias Williams, which was the first newspaper to be published at any point west of the Genesee river. Its career was brief, publication being suspended in October of the year in which it was founded.

The Cornucopia was first printed in Batavia in the spring of 1808 by Benjamin Blodgett and Samuel Peck. It was discontinued in 1811.

The Republican Advocate was established in Batavia in 1811 by Benjamin Blodgett and David C. Miller. It soon passed into the hands of Mr. Miller and was published by him until 1828. It was then successively in the hands of Charles Sentell, Charles W. Miller, Edwin Hough, Andrew W. Young, Lewis & Brown, C. C. Allen, Waite & Cooley and Daniel D. Waite. It 1854 it was merged in the Genesee County Whig and was issued by Kimberly & Goodrich as

The Republican Advocate and Genesee County Whig, In 1855 Mr. Goodrich withdrew, and the name was changed to

The Republican Advocate, which was continued by J. H. Kimberly until 1857, when the office passed into the hands of D. D. Waite, one of the former proprietors.

The Daily Advocate was commenced in May, 1859, by D. D. Waite.

The Spirit of the Times was founded in Batavia February 13, 1819, by Oran Follett. In May, 1825, it was sold to his brother, Frederick Follett, who continued its publication until August, 1836. It was suc cessively published by Nelson D. Wood, Frederick Follett, Lucas Seaver, William Seaver & Son, and Charles Hurley until 1856. In the latter year Andrew J. McWain purchased the Genesee Herald, then printed at Le Roy, moved the material to Batavia, and in January, 1857, continued its publication under the title of

Genesee County Herald and Spirit of the Times. From 1858 to 1860 a paper called the

Daily Herald was published. The Spirit of the Times dropped the Herald name in 1860, when Henry Todd bought out the paper. The latter published the Times until January 1, 1886, when his son, Charles E. Todd, and A. H. Thomas became the owners. April 15, 1889, Mr. Thomas and Joseph F. Hall succeeded to the business. Joseph F. Hall afterward purchased the paper. January 1, 1895, Mr. Hall disposed of it to Frances S. Hall, his wife. March 19, 1895, the paper was purchased by E. Kirby Calkins and David D. Lent, who are still the proprietors.

The People's Press was established in Batavia in 1825 by an association, with Benjamin Blodgett as editor. It was afterward issued by Martin, Adams & Thorp, by Adams & Thorp, and by Adams & McCleary. It was subsequently merged in the Spirit of the Times and for several years was published as

The Spirit of the Times and the People's Press by Follett & Adams and others.

The Morgan Investigator was published at the office of the Republican Advocate in Batavia during the Morgan excitement of 1827, and continued about a year.

The Masonic Intelligencer, instigated by the same excitement, was published for about the same period from the office of the People's Press, in Batavia.

The Farmers' and Mechanics' Journal was established at Alexander November 4, 1837, by Peter Lawrence. In June, 1840, it was removed to Batavia, and issued as

The Batavia Times and Farmers' and Mechanics' Journal, by Frederick Follett and Peter Lawrence. Soon afterward the former became sole proprietor, and published it until September, 1843, when it was sold to Lucas Seaver and was merged in the Spirit of the Times.

The Temperance Herald, monthly, was issued from the office of the Spirit of the Times, in Batavia, by Lucas Seaver, from March, 1842, to March, 1843.

The Le Roy Gazette was established in 1826 at Le Roy by J. O. Balch. It was successively issued by Starr & Hotchkiss, Henry D. Ward, Richard Hollister, Rufus Robertson, F. Goodrich, Seth M. Gates, Martin O. Coe and Cyrus Thompson, until 1840, when it passed into the hands of Charles B. Thompson. The latter continued in control until 1884, when he sold the paper to George B. Marcellus and George W. Hand (as Marcellus & Hand). In 1887 Mr. Marcellus purchased his partner's interest, since which time he has been sole proprietor.

The Genesee Republican and Herald of Reform was established at Le Roy in 1829, and was published for about two years by Freeman & Son.

The Le Roy Courier was established at Le Roy in the spring of 1844 by Edward Bliss, and was published about a year_ Mr. Bliss resucitated it in 1853 and published it for a short time thereafter.

The Genesee Courier was established at Le Roy in 1870 by George M. Howe, who has continued its publication as sole proprietor and editor to the present time.

The Genesee Herald was established at Le Roy in 1854 by William C. Grummond. In January, 1857, it was removed to Batavia and published by A. J. McWain for a short time.

The Le Roy Democrat was established in December, 1852, at Le Roy, by Henry Todd. In November, 1853, it was removed to Batavia and its name changed to

The Batavia Democrat. In December, 1856, it passed into the hands of John Bergen, by whom it was changed to

The Genesee Weekly Democrat, which was subsequently purchased by R. S. Lewis and merged in the Progressive Batavian.

The Genesee County Whig was established at Batavia in 1852, by Kimberly & Tyrrell, and was published by them until 1854, when it was merged in the Republican Advocate.

The Le Roy Advertiser was founded April 1, 1857, by Thomas B. Tufts. It was discontinued in July, 1858.

The Progressive Batavian was established in Batavia in 1868 by R. S. Lewis. The latter purchased the Genesee Democrat and merged it in the Batavian. He conducted the latter paper as proprietor and editor until January, 1896. It was then purchased by Griswold & McWain, who conducted it one year, at the end of which publication was suspended.

The Daily News was established as a morning paper in Batavia June 25, 1878, by Mix Brothers & Bradish. Soon afterward it was enlarged from four to five columns and was published in the afternoon. There were occasional changes in the management until 1881, Malcolm D. Mix continuing his connection with the paper in the meantime however. August 15, 1881, G. S. Griswold and A. J. McWain purchased the paper and are still in control, issuing the paper every afternoon except Sunday. The Daily News is the only daily newspaper now published in Genesee county. It has a daily circulation of over 5,000 copies, larger, it is claimed, than that of any other daily paper in the United States published in a town no larger than Batavia.

The Bergen Herald was established in May, 1379, by F. M. Merrill.

The Le Roy Times was founded at Le Roy in 1880 by Frank H. Morgan. It was afterward owned by the Le Roy Times Company. September 4, 1394, it was sold to George E. Marcellus and merged in the Le Roy Gazette.

The Morning Call, a daily paper, was established in Batavia in January, 1882, but its publication was discontinued about Christmas of the same year.

The Fireside Journal was established at Oakfield in 1887 by Mr. Van Hoesen. Publication ceased in 1889.

The Morning Advertiser, daily, was established by George B. Herrick in Batavia June 1, 1888. Its publication was suspended about six weeks later.

The Oakfield Reporter was founded at Oakfield in 1889 by B. H. James. In 1890 E. B. Gregory purchased the paper.

The Bergen Star was established in April, 1889, by George W. Grames. The Sun, a weekly paper, was started in Batavia in February, 1890, by L. C. Parmer and M. A. Weed.

The Bergen Enterprise was founded April 25, 1896, by A. A. Roberts. July 28, 1898, it was sold under chattel mortgage foreclosure to G. A. and R. I. Page of Batavia. They sold it to the American Type Foundry Company, who rented the plant October 31, 1898, to W. H. Dietrich.

The Corfu Enterprise was started at Corfu by A. A. Bloomfield & Son, May 19, 1898. December 1, 1898, it was sold to Myron S. Pike of Akron, the present owner.

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