History of Noble Township, Auglaize County, Ohio
From: History of Auglaize County, Ohio
Edited By: William J. McMurray
Histotical Publishing Company
Indianapolis - 1923


Noble township in the western part of the county is bounded on the north by Salem township, on the east by Moulton township and a fraction of Logan township, on the south by St. Marys township and on the west by Mercer county. It is made up of sections 7 to 36 of township 5 south, range 4 east, and thus contains thirty square miles. The township is traversed by the St. Marys river, which enters in section 34, pursues a serpentine course east of north through the township and out in section 12, the chief tributary of this stream in this township being Four Mile run, which enters from Mercer county in section. 31 and joins the river in section 22, about the center of the township. The Miami & Erie canal follows the general course of the river, with Lock 14 in section 14. The generally low and level surface of the township, which borders on what formerly was known as the Black Swamp, has necessitated a good deal of pretty expensive artificial drainage, the first important project of which was the Big Run ditch put through in the northwestern part of the township about fifty years ago. Since then, as the land became cleared of its heavy forest growth, drainage has kept pace with the demands of the landowners and it is now one of the most productive portions of the county. There are no villages in Noble township, but it is joined on the south (in sections 33 and 34) by the city of St. Marys, a very convenient commercial and social center for the people of the township.

This township prior to the erection of Auglaize county in 1848 was attached to Mercer county and with what now is Salem township, neighboring on the north, was known as Wayne township, so named on account of the old Wayne military trail having run up through that part of the country. However there also was a Wayne township in that part of Allen county which was taken over by the new county of Auglaize and it thus became necessary to find a new name for the western township which was divided for the sake of convenience, the upper part being given the name of Salem and the lower part the name of Noble. This latter township was named in honor of Elisha Noble, one of the early settlers of that region and who had been serving for six years as a member of the board of commissioners for Mercer county. In the second election held in the new county of Auglaize (1850) he was elected to represent his district on the board of commissioners for this county. Elisha Noble was born on the east shore of Maryland in 1782 and five years after Ohio was admitted to, statehood came to this state, in 1808, and settled in Clinton county, where he was living when the War of 1812 broke out. He enlisted his services and was an active participant in that second struggle for American independence, having been present at the siege of Ft. Meigs and at the battle of the Thames. When the new lands up in this part of the state were opened for settlement he moved here and settled in what then was Mercer county, thus early becoming one of the prominent and influential citizens of this region, where he spent the remainder of his life, his death occurring in 1864.

In the chapter relating to the settlement period mention is made of the first settlers of this township and the tax duplicate for 1848 shows the presence of the following landowners in Noble township when this county was erected: William Armstrong, Samuel Armstrong, Eleanor Armstrong, Joseph D. Blew, Thomas S. Bowles, Samuel Brady, Nicholas Brewer, Nicholas Broadwell, Alexander Conover, Bergen Covert, Aaron Cox, Thomas Davidson, Solomon Denny, John Ellis, Ezekiel Gould, R. B. Gordon, John Hawthorn, Henry W. Hicks, John S. Houston, Joseph Hoover, John N. Hawthorn, James Jeffrey, Israel Johns, Joseph Kelsey, Jared Kelsey, Peter P. Lowe, Franklin Linzee, William Lattimer, Benjamin Linzee, C. C. Langsdon, Caleb Major, Robert Moody, William Mitchell, A. D. Medberry, Frederick Marquand, G. W. McLaughlin, William Neal, John M. Nelson, Jacob Noble, Henry Noble, Elisha Noble, William Overley, William O'Hara, Jacob Perkins, John Plummer, Jacob Rice, Jeremiah Rubert, William Sawyer, Madison Sweetser, Frederick VanBillerson, John Vannuys, Griffin Watson, William Weidemeyer and Samuel Weidemeyer. On August 25, 1836, Jesse Belknap filed for record a plat of a town in the southern part of Noble township, to which he gave the name of Janesville. This was a tract of seventy two lots with a "public square" in the center of the plat. Janesville never got a permanent place on the map.

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