History of Erie County, OH

From: The Centennial History of Erie County, Ohio
By: H. L. Peeke
President of the Firelands Historical Society
Sandusky, Ohio 1925

History of Erie County

The county of Erie as well as the Lake takes its name from the tribe of Indians that at one time inhabited this vicinity and together with the present county of Huron, the township of Danbury in Ottawa County, and the township of Ruggles in Ashland County constitute "The Firelands."

"The Firelands" are so called because this tract of 500,000 acres was donated by the State of Connecticut, to recompense those whose homes and property were destroyed by Benedict Arnold, the traitor, during the War of the Revolution.

Frequently did the inhabitants of the nine suffering towns appeal to the Connecticut Legislature for some material recognition of their claims for relief. The state afforded limited aid by the abatement of taxes, but no adequate compensation was provided for some years.

In 1787, at the May session, the memorialists made another and a strong appeal, asserting the justness of their claims and complaining of the neglect their previous petitions had suffered. They earnestly urged the attention of the Legislature to their prayer, which was signed for the petitioners of the several towns as follows: By Charles Chauncey, of New Haven; Philip Burr Bradley, of Ridgefield; Daniel Taylor, of Danbury; Thomas Fitch, of Norwalk; Jonathan Sturges, of Fairfield; John Mead, of Greenwich; John Deshon, of New London; and Andrew Ward, of Groton. The assembly referred this memorial to a special committee, consisting of Hon. Andrew Adams, of the upper house, and Col. Jeremiah Wadsworth, Maj. Charles Phelps, Maj. Wm. Hart, Col. Charles Burrell and Capt. Moses Cleveland, of the lower house. (See documents relating to Revolutionary war, volume XXXVI, number 351.)

In October of the same year, this committee reported that, for want of exhibits, certificates and vouchers, they were unable to present either a correct statement of the amount of losses, or of the relief already granted by the state; that the houses, buildings and furniture destroyed by the enemy "ought to be, by this state, paid for at their just value; and that the only means in the power of this state at present to pay the same, is in western lands." (Lb., Doc. 117.)

The report, after discussion, was approved, and with this the matter rested. Further action being postponed from session to session, Thaddeus Burr and others, at the December session of 1790, presented a new petition. Thereupon a committee, consisting of Hon. John Treadwell, Ashur Miller and Capt. John Chenwood, was appointed to ascertain the amount of the losses of the memorialists and others who had undergone similar misfortunes. This committee entered upon its work without delay. At the May session of 1791, further time was asked and given. It was not until May, 1792, that the labors of the committee were so far completed as to enable the assembly to take action, which it then did as follows:

"At a general assembly of the State of Connecticut holden at Hartford on the second Thursday of May, A. D. 1792:

"Upon the memorial of the inhabitants of the towns of Fairfield and Norwalk, shewing to this assembly that many of the inhabitants of said towns suffered great losses by the devastations of the enemy during the late war, praying a compensation therefor, and a report of a committee appointed by the assembly at this session held at Hartford in May, 1791, to ascertain from documents in the public offices the amount of the losses of the said memorialists, and others under similar circumstances, which had been estimated conformably to acts of this legislature, being such as were occasioned by excursions of the enemy during the late war, distinguishing the losses of buildings and necessary furniture from those of other articles, by said documents or otherwise, and also to ascertain the advancements which have been made to sufferers by abatement of taxes or otherwise, and to report the same, with their opinion relative to the ways and means of affording for the relief, as per memorial and report on file.

"Resolved, By this assembly, that there be and there hereby are released and quit-claimed to the sufferers hereafter named, or their legal representatives where they are dead, and to their heirs and assignees forever, five hundred thousand acres of land belonging to this State lying west of the State of Pennsylvania, and bounding northerly on the shore of Lake Erie, beginning at the west line of said lands and extending eastward to a line running northerly and southerly parallel to the east line of said tract of land belonging to this State, and extending the whole width of said lands, and easterly so far as to make said quantity of five hundred thousand acres of land exclusive of any lands within said bounds, if any be, which may have been heretofore granted to be divided to and among the said sufferers, and their legal representatives where they are dead, in proportion to the several sums annexed to their names as follows in the annexed list."

The total amount of losses awarded was 161,548 pounds, 11 shillings and 6 1/2 pence New England currency, equivalent to $538,495.26. The board of commissioners ascertained that the number of sufferers was about 1,870. The following table will show in what proportion these sufferers and their losses were distributed among
the suffering towns:










8 3/4





2 1/2










7 3/4

New and East Haven





New London




8 1/2




















6 1/2

The names of the sufferers are classified by towns, and the amount of loss sustained by each is given in pounds, shillings and pence.

The following list is taken from the "Classification Record," an old book in the office of the recorder of Huron County, and, though far from being well arranged, the names have been copied in the order there given. Even where a cursory glance might seem to show the list alphabetical, further examination will disclose many exceptions. The largest amount awarded by any one individual was to Jeremiah Miller, of New London, in the sum of 2,535 pounds, 18 shillings and 10 pence, or $8,845.31; the smallest on the list is that of Marah Kilby, of New Haven, 2 shillings and 6 pence or 41 2/3 cents.

The names on the list are familiar ones. Many of them and their descendants settled on the Fire-lands, and their posterity are numerous here today. The family names are almost exclusively of English derivation, there being a notable absence of the Irish, Scotch, French and German names so common at the present day. But the baptismal names were peculiar, and, in this respect, time has wrought changes. Amos, Abijah, Ephraim, Ebenezer, Eleazar, Hezekiah, Joshua, Justin, Jedediah, Jotham, Obadiah, Nehemiah, Titus, Timothy and Uriah were as common as Abraham, Benjamin, John, James, Matthew, Moses, and Solomon, while Eliphalet, Eliakim, Shadrach, Shubael and Zechariah and many more names now unheard of are of frequent occurrence. The names of George, Charles, Albert, Edward, William, Henry, Frederick and Richard were not altogether wanting, but were less esteemed than those taken from scripture. In the names of women, Anna, Abigail, Charity, Deliverance, Deborah, Prudence, Priscilla, Ruth, Thankful and Temperance are as easily picked out as Lucy, Mary, Jane and Sarah. It is needless to say that there were no Allies or Bessies, Jennies or Minnies.

Another feature will strike even the most casual reader, and that is the absence of the middle names-scarcely one person in a hundred is so provided-while Jr., 2nd and even 3d, are common suffixes used to distinguish those of the same family having the same name.

List of Original Sufferers Classified by Towns

John Addington, Samuel Ask, Abigail Armour, Lauren Brumall, James Brown, William Bush, John Bush, James Barnes, Samuel Banks, Roger Brown, Isaac Bush, Nehemiah Brown, William Blake, Mary Austin, Isaac Anderson, Obediah Banks, Peter Cyphus, James Cunningham, Joseph Chambers, Deborah Close, Thomas Davis, Stephen Davis, Daniel Darrow, Humphrey Denton, Bazaleel Brown, Charity Banks, Silas Butts, David Bush, James Brundage, James Brush, Samuel Brush, Deborah Brush, Walter Butler, Charles Brundage, Elisha Belcher, William Brundage, Peter Brown, John Clapp, Jr., Thomas Clapp, Odel Close, Jacob Conklin, Nevil Conklin, Odel Close, (Administrator), Reuben Coe, Abraham Close, Joseph Close, Jonathan Coe, Jeremiah Chapman, Odel Close, Jr., Horse N. Church, Episcopal Church, Jonathan Connery, Abraham Hays, Thomas Hobby, Jr., Hannah Hays, Joseph Hobby, Jr., Isaac Holmes, David Hallock, Isaac Holmes, Jr., William Hubbard, Nathaniel Hubbard, Thomas Hitchock, Nat Huested, Ebenezer Howe, Jona. Hubbard, Jr., Benjamin Hubby, Ebenezer Hubby, John Dunn, Isaac Davis, James Ferriss, Urial Fields, Oliver Fairchild, Jabez Ferris, Jonathan Finch, Nathaniel Finch, Timothy Ferris, Solomon Finney, Joshua Franklin, Sylvanus Ferris, Jabez Fitch, Joshua Ferris, Timothy Finch, Joseph Ferris, Moses Ferris, Ezra Finch, Joseph Ferris, Park Ferris, John Gregg, Charles Green, Anne Gregg, Jabez Holmes, Reuben Holmes, Mills Hobby, Isaac Howe, Mindwell Hitchcock, Jonah Knapp, Nathaniel Knapp, Eunice Knapp, Joshua Knapp, John Knapp, Charles Knapp, William Kinch, Jonathan Knapp, Ezekiel Knapp, Abraham Knapp, Widow Kinch, Samuel Lockwood, Israel Lockwood, Philip Lockwood, Enos Lockwood, Thaddeus Lockwood, Peter Heusted, Abraham Heusted, Moses Heusted, Jr., Ebenezer Holmes, James Hounam, Meeting House, Thomas Hobby, Benjamin Heusted, Nathaniel Hubby, Sarah Hait, Joseph Hubby, Jr., Elizabeth Ingersoll, Nathaniel Ingersoll, William Jacobs, Anne Ingersoll, Job Ireland, Amos Jessop, Thomas Johnson, William Johnson, James Johnson, Israel Knapp, Jr., Ebenezer Knapp, Jared Mead, Daniel Marshall, Elizabeth Moore, Martin McDonald, Ezra Marshall, Benjamin Mead, Rachel Marshall, Peter Mead, Esq., John Mead, Hannah Mead, Sarah Mead, Ebenezer Mead, Charles Mead, Eliphalet Mead, Jr., Ichiel Mead, Abraham Mead, Eliphalet Mead, Nehemiah Mead, Mathew Mead, Titus Mead, Nehemiah Mead, Jr., Daniel Merritt, John Loudon, Caleb Lyon, Joseph Lockwood, William Lee, Timothy Lockwood, Hannah Lockwood, William Lockwood, Gilbert Lyon, Abraham Lockwood, Amos Lyon, James Lyon, Ezekiel Lockwood, James Lyon, Jr., Caleb Lyon, Jr., Theophilus Lockwood, Jonas Mead, Andrew Marshall, Peter Mead, Jr., Caleb. Mead, Reuben Merritt, John Mead, Jr., Nathaniel Mead, 3d, Jeremiah Mead, Jr., Gilbert Marshall, Deliverance and Jared Mead, Henry Marshall, Joseph Mead, Shadrack Mead, Caleb Mead, 2nd, Abigall Mead, Jonah Mead, Enos Mead, Sibil Mead, Angus McCall, Zacheus Mead, Ezra Marshall, Elkanah Mead, John Mesnard, Andrew Mead, Jotham Mead, Eliphalet and Ichiel Mead, Robert Nutt, Francis Nash, Daniel Ogden, Silas Mead, Thomas Mesnard, William Marshall, Deliverance Mead, Jemima Mead, Rev. Jonathan Murdock, Jesse Mead, Henry Mead, Elizabeth Mead, Dr. Amos Mead, Joshua Mead, Jerusha Mead, John Mesnard, Jr., James Moe, Nathaniel Merritt, Edmond Mead, Titus Palmer, Jere. and John Wood Palmer, Hoiton Reynolds, William Rundall, Susannah Reynolds, Anne Reynolds, Nath. Reynolds, Jr., John Rich, Hannah Rundell, Hannah Bitch, Mary Bitch, Reuben Randall, Anny Rundall, Joanna Reynolds, Solomon Rundall, Thomas Bitch, Timothy Bundall, Jonathan Reynolds, Abigall Rundall, Samuel Rundall, Ambrose and Jonathan Reynolds, Nathaniel Reynolds, Shubael Rundall, Joseph Sackett, Samuel Seymour, Joshua Smith, Jonah Smith, Justus Sackett, Daniel Smith, Oliver Sherwood, Drake Seymour, Jabez Sherwood, Henry Stedwell, Gilbert Sherwood, Rev. William Seward, Benjamin Sutton, David and Joshua Smith, Thomas Steedwell, Joseph Palmer, Stephen Palmer, Sarah Parsons, Theophilus Peck, Jr., Solomon Purdy, James Phillips, Denham Palmer, John Palmer, Mary Peck, Catherine Peck, Heth Peck, John Purdy, Winans Palmer, Daniel Palmer, Benjamin Peck, Samuel Palmer, Gould John Sellich, Roger Sutherland, Jesse Sutton, John Town, William Town, Oliver Tompkins, Michael C. Tempany, Mary Town, Zebediah Taylor, William Watros, Ebenezer Whelpley, Isaac Wood, John Willis, John Weeks, Francis Wilmott, Jeffrey Wilmeten, Isaac Whelpley.


Thomas Benedict, Josiah Thatcher, James Fitch, Jr., Thomas Fitch, James Fitch, John Lockwood, Jr., Abraham Camp's heirs, Seth Seymour's heirs, Nath. Raymond, Jr., Fountain Smith, John Seymour, Jr., Abraham Benedict, Thomas Betts, John and Daniel Eversley, John Benedict, Daniel Hyatt, Peter Betts, Ebenezer Whitney, Gould Hays, Uriah Raymond, Abigail Raymond, Jabez Saunders, John Cannon, Lois Whitney, Stephen Smith, Ezra Rickett, John Saunders, William Seymour, Nathaniel Benedict, Eliphalet Lockwood, Hannah Hooker, Ezekiel Lockwood, John Gregory, Jr., Ebenezer Gregory, Daniel Smith, Peter Quintard, Noah Smith, John Darrow, Thaddeus Betts, Mathew Mallery, John St. John, William St. John, John Hays, Daniel Jackson, Josiah Thatcher, Jr., Elizabeth Rogers, Eliakin Raymond, Lemuel Brooks, Richard Camp, Asa Hays, Catharine Boughton, Elizabeth Ketchum, John Kellog, John Seymour, Josiah Wentworth, Daniel Hanford, Jesse Benedict, Samuel Fairchild, Simon Raymond, Jedediah Hanford, Enoch Benedict, David Handford's heirs, Matthew Keeler, Mary Benedict, David Comstock, Thomas Fitch's heirs, John Rich, Ebenezer Hyatt, Nathan Mallery, Daniel Thatcher's heirs, Samuel Grummond, Ebenezer Lockwood, Isaiah Marvin, Eliakim Smith, Daniel Seymour, Jr., Dan Fitch, Hezekiah Raymond, John Betts, Edward Wentworth, Isaac Scudder, John Lockwood, 3d, Jathan Jarvis, Jabez Raymond, Nehemiah St. John, Hezekiah Hanford, Jonathan Fitch's heirs, Nathan Hays, Daniel Fitch's heirs, John Belden, Nathan Beers, Benjamin Isaac's heirs, Samuel Marvin, Thomas Grummond, Jacob Jennings, Jedediah Brown, Sarah Johnson, Joseph Whitney, Susanah Butler, Abraham Gregory, Lydia Comstock, Nathaniel Benedict, 2d, Josiah Raymond, Col. Stephen St. John, Daniel W. Auley, Daniel Seymour, Deborah Dickinson, Jane Hitchcock, Elizabeth Rogers, 2d, Hannah Hanford, Deborah Pickett, Mary Resco, Rebecca Smith, Obadiah Liscat, Abigail Weeks, Anne Seymour, Platt Townsend, John Platt, Stephen Lockwood, Nathan Hyatt, Jr., John Rogers, Stephen Whitney, Jesse Brown, Hannah Fitch's heirs, Jacob Arnold, David Hyatt, John Eversley, Syphax (negro), David Whitney, Anne Seymour, John Lockwood, David Judah, Timothy Whitney, Thomas Betts, Jr., Haynes Fitch, Michael Judah, Uriah Smith, Samuel Burral, Hannah Brown, James Hait's heirs, Stephen Keeler, David Bott, Eleazer Scott, James Crowley, Stephen St. John, Nathaniel Strull, Moses St. John, Isaac Waring, Giles Mallery, David Seymour, Mary Harvey, Rebecca Wasron, Jarvis Kellogg, William Mott, Mary Avery, Peter Hitchcock, Joshua Rogers, Desire Liscat, Robert Waters, Jedediah Raymond, Nehemiah St. John, 2d, Esther St. John, Mary Lockwood, James Smith, Betsey Hall, Mary Brown, Silas Bessey, Abraham Lockwood, Abner Booth, Charles Pope, Gersham Hyatt, Pomp Learning, Banley Arnold, Sarah Eversley, Mary Smith, Thomas Darrow, Nathan Hendrich, William Garner, Stephen G. Thatcher, Stephen and Hooker St. John, Nathaniel Raymond, Susannah Fitch, Thomas Hays, Auley W. Auley, Joseph Allen Wright, Dr. Uriah Rogers' heirs, Jesse Raymond, John Richards, Joseph Waring, Isaac Richards, Eli Read, Jesse Read, John Bigsley, Benjamin Read, Daniel Richards, Solomon Whitman, David Read Nathan Waring, Richard Youngs, Mary Read, Gersham Richards, Clapp Raymond, John Richards, Seth Abbott, Capt, Eliakim Raymond, Simeon Stewart, Capt. Phineas Hanford, Azor Mead, Phineas Hanford, Jr., Richard Dunning, Matthew Marvin, Elizabeth Whelpley, Lydia Fitch, Elijah Fitch, Samuel Keeler, Samuel Middlebrook, Ezra Waterbury, Hannah Gregory, Ebenezer Bennit, Jr., Nathan Adams, James Betts, Benjamin Keeler, Nathan Keeler, James Whelpley, Capt. Samuel Comstock, Benjamin Betts, Rev. Isaac Lewis, Daniel Sturges, Peter Sturges, Esther Wasson, Capt. Josiah Thatcher, Ephraim Stewart, Silas Hicock, Jesse Birchard, Simron Stewart, Jr., Benjamin Stewart, John Filleo, Col. Matthew Mead, David Webb, John Rockwell, Elizabeth Gaylord, Nathan Hicock, James Small Olmstead, Samuel Stewart, Michael Morehouse, Jr., Andrew Morehouse, Michael Morehouse, James Keeler, Josiah Taylor, Jr., Thaddeus Keeler, Sarah Morehouse, Ebenezer Fitch, Nathan Burrall, Jeremiah Webb, Elizabeth Dunning, Solomon Morehouse, Rebecca Deforest, Mary Pleet, Benjamin Betts, Jr., James Olmstead, William St. John, Daniel Gregory, Thaddeus Morehouse, Joseph Olmstead, Eliphalet Lockwood, Jabez Raymond, Charles Pope, Haynes Fitch, Hezekiah Hanford, Daniel Hanford, James Fitch, Jr., Rebecca Fitch, Robert Waters, Dan Finch, Uriah Smith, Simeon Raymond, William Raymond, Moses Raymond, Timothy Hoyt, Benjamin Merrit, Jedediah Raymond, Hannah Dickenson, Moses Dickenson's heirs, Silas Bartow, Samuel Ketchum, Evert Ellison, Michael Judah, John Read, Retty Javiss.


Abraham Andress, Sarah Andress, Col. Elijah Abel, John Allen, David Allen, George Allen, Anthony Anniball, Peter Burr, Reuben Beers, David Beers, Samuel Beers, Ebenezer Bartran, Joseph Beers, David Burr, Wakeman Burr, Samuel Burr, Job Bartran, Gersham Burr, Thaddeus Burr, Simeon Couch, 3d, John Davis, Ann Dimon, William Dimon, N. Thompson Nichols, Elizabeth Gold, Nathan Godfrey, David Jennings, 2d, Rebecca Jennings, Moses Jennings, Isaac Jennings, Peter Hendrick, Abigail Hubbell, Stephen Jennings, Jeremy Jennings, Ebenezer Jessup, Moss Kent, Lathrop Lewis, Sturges Lewis, Jonathan Lewis, Widow Eunice Morehouse, Gideon Morehouse, Ebenezer Morehouse, Grammon Morehouse, John Morehouse, Hezekiah Nicolls, Daniel Osborn, Eleazer Osborn, Jr., Widow Mary Penfield, Solomon Sturges, Mabel Osborn, Samuel Penfield, John Parrot, Nathaniel Parsons, John Raymond and E. Cooley, Samuel Rowland, Andrew Rowland, Samuel Squire, John Smedley, Seth Sturges, Joseph Squire, Thomas Staples, Joseph Sturges' heirs, Jonathan Sturges, Hezekiah Sturges, Samuel Sturges, Samuel Smedley, Eliphalet Thorp, Jabez Thorp, John Turney, Stephen Thorp, Ansel Treeby, John Wasson, Andrew Wakeman, Ebenezer Wakeman, Joseph Wakeman, Thomas Hanford Wakeman, Mary Cutler, David Annible, Nehemiah Buddington, Andrew Bulkley, James Bulkley, Walter Buddington, Widow Abigail Burr, William Buddington, Walter Carson, Jonathan Darrow, Isaac Jarvis, Abigail Jennings, Justin Jennings, Levi Mallery, Abigail Osborn, John Parsons, Ephraim Robbins, Ebenezer Sturges, John Squire, Jr., Judson Sturges, Isaac Tucker, Samuel Smith, Isaac Turney, John Williams, Jr., Ruth Wakeman, Wright White, Mary Alvord, Isaac Burr, Amelia Burr, Ruth Burr, Charles Burr, Luce Burr, George Batterson, Dudley Baldwin, William Batterson, Samuel Burr, Jr., Samuel Burr, 3d, David Burr, Abigail Burr, Jr., Nathan Bulkley, Olive Bulkley, Wid. Abigail Bulkley and Jonathan Bulkley, Ebenezer Bulkley, Nehemiah Banks, Priscilla Burr, David Barlow, Nathaniel Burr, Nathan Burr, William Carter, Ann Caldwell, Thomas and Simon Couch, Abigail Chapman, John Cake, Caleb Disbrow, Rev. Andrew Elliot, Francis Forgue, Abigail Thompson, Nathan T. Nickols, Hannah McKensey, Jemima Gould, Abel Gold, Abel Gold, Jr., Daniel Gorham, Joseph Gold, deceased, Martha Fairchild, Justin Hobart, Jabez Hubbell, Isaac Hubbell, Isaac Hayes, Anna Hull, John Hickling, Sarah Hews, Peter Jennings, Lyman Jennings, Hezekiah Jennings, Daniel Jennings, David Jennings, Martha Jennings, Ephraim Jennings, Margaret Keeler, Esther Lord, Jonathan Maltbie, Jona Middlebrook, Jesse Morehouse, Hannah Morehouse, David Osborn, Free Negro Ned, Samuel Osborn, Nehemiah Phinney, James Penfield, Jabez Perry, John Perry, Abraham Parrott, Sarah Penfield, Benjamin Rumsey, Lucretia Redfield, Widow Sarah Redfield, Robert Ross, Rev. Hezekiah Ripley, Joseph Sprague, Grace Spalding, Francis D. Sword, Benjamin Squire, Samuel Squire, 2d, Seth Smith, Zecheriah Sanford, Mary Smith, Ebenezer Squire, Stephen Turney, Samuel Taylor, William Thorp, Ruel Thorp, Widow Hannah Taylor, Jehiel Whitehead, Richard Wane, Abigail Whitear, Samuel King, Gideon Wells, John Wilson, Nathaniel Wilson, John Whitehead, Abigail Wynkoop, Joseph Wakeman, Increase Bradley, House of Peter Bulkley and Joseph Sturgess, Edward Buddington, Andrus Jennings, Aaron Jennings, William Levesay, Heirs of Benjamin Osborn, Benjamin Allen, Ephraim Burr, Gilbert Bryan, Ebenezer Baker, Gersham Banks, George Burr, John Banks, Ephraim Burr, Jr., Nathan Bennit, Joseph Bennit, Francis Bradley, 3d, Pickney Burr, Elias Bennett, Job Bartram, Thomas Bennitt, Sarah Bryant, James Bennitt, Abigail Desbrow, Jason Desbrow, Hezekiah Cooley, John Crosman, Caleb Desbrow, Jabez Desbrow, John Desbrow, Shubael Gorham, Solomon Gray, Ann Godfrey, Hezekiah Hull, Isaac Hays, John Hyde, John Hyde, Jr., Joseph Hyde, Ebenezer Jessup, Joseph Lyon, Seth Meeker, John Morehouse, Benjamin Meeker, Rebecca Nash, Sarah Ogden, Daniel Osborn, Cornelius Stratton, John Stratton, Ebenezer Sherwood, Joseph Sherwood, Jehiel Sherwood, Joshua Squire and Samuel Burr, Andrew Sturges, Gersham Thorp, William Thorp, Jessup Wakeman, Samuel Whitney, Jr., Peter Whitney, Widow Elizabeth Sturges, Moses Bulkley, Josiah Bulkley, Nathan Beers, Ebenezer Munro, Adm'r of Nehemiah Buddington, Mary Alvoid, Jonah Bulkley, George Cable, County House, Goal and Goaler's House, School House on the green, Meeting House, Old School House, Church House, Meeting House at Green's Farm, Church, Glebe House and Barn.


Daniel Taylor, Esq., Major Taylor, John McLean, Zadock Benedict, Joseph Wildman, John Wood, Matt. Benedict, Jr., David Wood, Abigail Wood, Jonah Benedict, Rev. Ebenezer White, Joseph P. Cook, Esq., Ezra Starr, Matthew Benedict, Benjamin Sperry, Jabez Rockwell, Thaddeus Benedict, Esq., Eli. Mygatt, Esq., James Clark, Comfort Hoyt, Jr., Sarah Benedict, Daniel Church, Eliphalet Barnum, Mary Barnum, Elnathan Gregory, Rev. Noah Wetmore, Elizabeth Henries, Christian Rose, Matthew Barnum, Comfort Barnum, Joshua Benedict, Matthew Crowfeet, Ann Shepherd, David Judd, Charles Peck, Joseph Benedict, Jr., Preserve Wood, Joseph Gregory, Hannah Lockwood, Isaac Callin, Christian Starr, Nathan Taylor, 3d, Samuel Taylor, Esq., John Taylor, Rachael Gregory, Samuel Lambert, Horace Knapp, Nathaniel Lockwood, Seth Crowfeet, Samuel Andruss, Wait Desbrow, Isaac Davis, Hannah Andruss, Timothy Ketchum, Caleb Baldwin, John Knapp, Abijah Benedict, Thomas Wildman, Samuel Wood, Hannah Wood, Thomas Starr, Jonas Benedict, Seth Shove, Elias Taylor, Rebecca Crofeet, Phineas Peck, Eliphalet Peck, Benjamin Shove, William Wille, Comfort Wildman, Aaron Stone, Sarah Peck, Jonathan Taylor, Abijah Barnum, Oliver Taylor, Abial Philips, Daniel Hicock, Benjamin Wood, Ezra Stevens, Eethuel Judd, John Peck, Joseph Benedict, Anne Northrop, Benjamin Hicock, Benjamin Curtiss, Samuel Benedict, William Griffin, Elisha Dibble, Patience Guthrie, Benjamin Boughton, Andrew Comstock, Nathaniel Stevens, Joseph Beebe, Jonathan Hays, Nathaniel Gregory, Daniel Millson, Stephen Trowbridge, Justus Hoyt, Matthew Gregory, Jacob Fintch, James Fielding, Matthews Wilks, John Barnum, John Porter, Nathan Taylor, Jr., Timothy Northrum, Timothy Benedict, Timothy Wildman, Alexander Stewart, Stephen Scofield, Thomas Benedict, (Roger) (negro), Ebenezer Benedict, Jr., Joseph Broadbooks, Oliver Benedict, Ebenezer Benedict, David Northrop, Enos Camp, Ephraim Barnum, Daniel Stevens, Elijah Wood, Thaddeus Barnum, Philip Corbin, Nathaniel Benedict, Thomas Tayler, Thomas Tayler, Jr., James Trowbridge, Daniel Wildman, Benjamin Taylor, John Elliot, Matthew Starr, Thomas H. Benedict, William, Stone, John Stone, Lemuel Benedict, Nathaniel Starr, Ebenezer Munson, Jr., John Gregory, Jeremiah Dunning, James Crary, Amos Northrop, David Northrup, Abial Pickett, John Sturdevant, Sallie Pell, Eleazer Hoyt, Caleb Church, Thomas Benedict, Jr., Josiah Starr, Joshua Knapp, Moses Knapp, Ebenezer Manson, Hannah Robertson, Josiah Starr, Isaac Benedict, Thomas Benedict, Robert Benedict, Samuel Benedict, Jr., Mary Greenstale, Antony Anguine, Samuel Brown, John Coach, Stephen Jarvis, Ezra Dibble, Jr., Joseph M. White, Aaron Knapp, Joseph Gunn, Thomas Tayler, Benjamin Darley, Shadrack Morriss, Noah Hoyt, Samuel Gregory, David Pierce, Richard Smith, Henry Peek, David Comstock, John Shepherd, Joseph Burchard, Judith Taylor, Sarah Basset, Amos Collins, Joshua Starr, Matthews Taylor, William B. Alger, Caleb Hoyt.

New Haven and East Haven

Abraham Augur, Hezekiah Augur, Eldad Atwater, David Austin, Esq., Timothy Atwater, Phineas Andruss, Joseph Adams, John Allen, Christopher Allen, Samuel Austin, Abner Austin, Abiah Allen, Oliver Allen, Samuel Bird, Abraham Bradley, Joseph Bradley, Benjamin Brown, Israel Bishop, Isaac Bishop, Abel Burret, John Bradley, Jr., Stephen Ball, Francis Brown, Peter Bontion, Phineas Bradley, Jr., Daniel Bishop, John Beecher, Jr., Gurden Bradley, Azariah Bradley, Samuel Barnes, Stephen Bradley, Thomas Burrall, Timothy Bartique, James Bradley, Buckminster Brintnall, Eleazer Brown, Nando Cambridge, Charles Chauncey, Samuel Candy, John Chandler, Timothy Dwight, Samuel Dwight, Thomas Davis, Jacob Dagget, Amos Doolittle, Nathan Dummer, Jonathan Fitch, Jehiel Forbes, Levi Forbes, Samuel Green, Samuel Griswold, Caleb Gilbert, James Gilbert, Stephen Gorham, Hezekiah Gorham, William Greenough, Samuel Gills, Timothy Gilbert, Samuel Gorham, Richard Hood, Nathan Howell, Samuel Huggins, Ezekiel Hays, Josiah Holly, Abiah Hall, Amos Hotchkiss, Samuel Horton, Jonah Hotchkiss, Ebenezer Huggins, Mary Hubbard, Joseph Howell, Samuel Howell, Susannah Hotchkiss, Obediah Hotchkiss, Caleb Hotchkiss, Henry F. Hughes, Elijah Hill, Stephen Herrick, Jabez Johnson, Timothy Jones, Jr., Timothy and William Jones, Isaac Jones, Levi Ives, Peter Johnson, Silas Kimberly, Azel Kimberly, Mary Kimberly, Elam Ludington, Daniel Lyman, Esq., Jesse Leavenworth, William Lyon, Ebenezer Lewis, John Lathrop, Jeremiah McCumber, Amos Morris, William Mansfield, Jonah Mix, Stephen Munson, Joseph Mix, William Miles, Joseph Munson, John Miles, William Munson, Samuel Munson, Israel Munson, Aliss Miles, Edward Maloy, Amos Munson, Paul Noyes, David Osborn, Nathan Oaks, Nahittibal Osborn, William Plumgart, Jacob and Elijah or Abijah Pardy, Mary Pardy, Hezekiah Parmely, Mostin Parrott, William Punchard, Jacob Pinto, Ichabod Page, Sarah Parmely, James Plant, Jeremiah Parmely, Charles Prindle, John Pease, Benjamin Pardy, John Robertson, John Richards, Philemon Smith, Benjamin Sanford, William Sherman, Francis Sage, Jonathan Sabin, Timothy Sperry, Charles Sabin, Jesse Stephens, Elias Shipman, Caleb Trowbridge, Jere Trowbridge, Jr., Daniel Tuttle, Isaac Townsend, Benajah Thomas, Robert Townsend, Hezekiah Tuttle, Richard Tuttle, Michael Todd, Jeremiah Townsend, Jacob Thompson, Timothy Townsend, Abraham Tuttle, Jr., John Townsend, Stephen Trowbridge, Samuel Tuttle, James Tuttle, Timothy Tuttale, Noah Tucker, Jesse Upson, Jonathan Williams, John Woodward, John Woodward, Jr., Moses Wells, Samuel Wilmott, William Ward, John Wise, Daniel Walmitt, John White, Jr., Rev. Chauncey Whittlesey, Thomas Wooster, John Whitney, Esq., Titus Beecher, Hannah Bingley, Isaac Beecher, Sarah Brown, Peter Buckley, Joseph Bishop, Elias Beech, Archibald Blakeley, Tilly Blakeley, Abraham Barnes, Atkins Broughton, George Cook, Cornelius Cunningham, John Catlin, Nathan Catlin, Zachariah Candee, Levi Clinton, David Cook, Russel Clark, Samuel Clark, Samuel Cook, Samuel Chatterton, John Clause, John Carsu, Sarah Davenport, Isaac Doolittle, Samuel Dunwell, Henry Doggett, Rhoda Dennison, Hamlin Dwight, Doet. Naptail Doggett, Isaac Dicker-man, William Dock, Rev. Jonathan Edwards, William Eyers, Robert Fairchild, Ezra Ford, Abel Frisby, Samuel Goodwin, John Goodrich, Timothy Gorham, Ruth Gordon, Henry Gibbs, Amos Gilbert, Sarah Goldsmith, Joe Gilbert, Daniel Goodsell, David Gilbert, Martin Gattee, deceased, John Goodsell, Stephen Hotchkiss, Christian Hanson, Ebenezer Hull, Hannah Hotchkiss, Sarah Hunt, Frederick Harding, Eleanor Hoy, Joseph Hutts, Jared Hemmingway, Hannah Howe, Sarah Howe, William Holmes, David Hull, James Hull, Silas Hotchkiss, Nehemiah Hotchkiss, Nehemiah Higgins, Enos Hotchkiss, Mary Horton, Stephen Honeywell, Abigail Hughes, Stephen Johnson, Simeon Joulin, Amaziah Joulin, Abraham Johnson, Mabel Johnson, Enos Johnson, Jack and wife, Jared Ingersoll, Richard Johnson, Lydia Johnson, Elijah King, Sarah Kimberley, Marah Kilby, Lydia Kimberley, Nathaniel Kimberley, James Lyndes, Edward Larkins, Samuel Little Major Lines, James Lane, Mark Leavenworth, Gad Luke, Susannah Mahon, John Mix, Jr., Daniel Mansfield, Elisha Mix, Mary Miles, Amos Morrison, Robert Matthews, Esther Mansfield, Kirsted Mansfield, James Murray, Nathan Mansfield, Silas Merriman, David Mulford, Hannah Mansfield, Patience Mix, Phebe Miller, David Murison, Hannah Mix, Dr. Timothy Mix, Moses Mansfield, Nathaniel Mix, William Noyes, Ann Platt, Mary and Lydia Pardy, William Punchard, Ebenezer Peck, Thomas Punderson, Thomas Punderson, Jr., Mary Pease, David Phipps, John Pierpont, Abigail Potter, Moses Pardy, Solomon Phipps, Lamberton Painter, Elijah Painter, Martin Patchin, Levi Pardy, Jonas Prentice, Sarah Pomeroy, James Prescott, Philip Rexford, Samuel Robinson, Rachael Russell, Zacahaniah Read, James Rice, Hannah Russell, Martin Ray, Hannah Sackett, Adonijah Sherman, John Scott, James Sherman, Leveret Stevens, Sarah Stevens, Elizabeth Stillman, Widow Scovil, William Sherman, Moses Strong, Abigail Starr, Benjamin Smith, Nehemiah Smith, George Smith, Nathan Smith, Mary Stillwell, Hezekiah Sabin, Hezekiah Sabin, Jr., Edmond Smith, Amos Sherman, Joseph Smith, 3d, John Storer, Hannah Sloper, James Thompson, John R. Throop, Joseph Thompson, John Townsend, Thankful Thompson, Isaac Thompson, Abraham Tuttle, Abraham Thompson, Stephen Tuttle, Timothy Talmadge, Joseph Trowbridge, Ebenezer Townsend, William Trowbridge, John Trowbridge, Cornelius Thayer, Moses Thompson, William VanDuerson, Moses Ventires, Michael Vaun, Thomas Wilson, Lois Wells, Thomas Wilmot, Alice Wise, John Ward, Rev. McWilliston, Samuel White, John Warner, Newton Whittiesey, Henry York, David Abbott, Joseph Ailing, James Ailing, Samuel Ailing, Ebenezer Ailing, Lorrain Ailing, Hezekiah Alling, David Atwater, David Austin, Jr., Abigail Andruss, Jedediah Andruss, Jeremiah Atwater, Jonah Atwater, Archibald Austin, William Alley, John Austin, Stephen Austin, Joel Atwater, Samuel Bishop, Esq., Phebe Brown, Timothy Benticon, Jr., Eleanor Benticon, Stephen Brown, Jonathan Bridgien, Abraham Bradley, Jr., Willard Brintnall, Lemuel Benham, Thomas Bill, Hanover Barney, Lucy Barker, Israel Bunnel, Nathan Beers, William Brintnall, David Beecher, David Brown, Timothy P. Bonticon, Lamberton Painter, Silas Kimberley, John Beecher, Thomas Benham, Jotham Williams, Andrus Smith, William Trowbridge, Anna Clinton, Rev. Noah Williston, Azel Kimberley, John Mix.

New London

Phillip Allen, James Angell, Lydia Beebe, Abigail Bill, William Brooks, John Barr, Ann Bulkley, Samuel Brown, Stephen Babcock, Jonah Beebe, David Byrne, John Barna, Jeremiah Brown, Hannah Beebe, Hannah Bolton, Walter Beebe, Percy Beer, Nathan Bailey, Cornelius Cunningham, Joannah Culver, Richard Chapman, Esther Cutler, Joseph Cheds, Joseph Collins, John Critchett, Joseph Colt, William Colt, James Culver, Joseph Cocks, Lodwick Chaplin, Elizabeth Christopher, Rebecca Church, William Comstock, Thomas Coit, Nathaniel Colt, Jr., Joshua Coit, Joseph Champlin, Jonathan Colefax, John Mc-curdy, Samuel Coit, John Clark & Sons, John Deshon, Deshon & Co., Henry Deshon, Joseph Deshon, Richard Deshon, Mons'r Dumont, Jonathan Douglass, Darah Daviss, Richard Douglass, Robert Douglass, Ebenezer Douglass, Peter Darrow, Nathan Douglass, Nicholas Darrow, James Darrow, Nathaniel Dickinson, Timothy Durfey, Isaac Champlin, Clark Elliot, John Champlin, Sarah Edmunds, John Crocker, Abigail Elliott, John Jrevin, Jacob Finch, Ann Fosdick & Sons, Ebenezer Goddard, Mary Goodfaith, Elizabeth Griffin, Thomas Gardiner, Roger Gibson, Mary Gardiner, David Gardner, John Gordon, George Gibbs, Matthew Griswold, Russell Hubbard, Joseph Hurlbut, Thomas Hopkins, Ruth Harris, Elizabeth Holesworth, Thomas Hancock, Mary Huriburt, Joseph Harris, Jr., Stephen Holt, Nathaniel Harriss, Elizabeth Holesworth, Edward and John Hallam, Edward and George Hallam, Edward Hallam, William Higgins, Daniel Hurlburt, Sarah Harris, John Harris, 2d, John Hempstead and others, John Hallam, Benjamin Harris, Abigail Holt, Nathaniel Hempstead, John Hartle, Joseph Holt, Lydia Harriss, Thomas Holt, Bridgett Harriss, John Harriss, 1st, Walter Harriss, Grace Harriss, Ebenezer Holt, Daniel Harriss, Eliphalet Harriss, Daniel Holt, Jonathan Holt, Ann Hancock, Titus Hurlburt, Stephen Hempstead, Moses Jeffrey, Lydia Johnson, Robert Kennedy, Mary Lewis, Christopher Leffingwell, James Lamphier, Lydia Lattimer, James Lamphier, Jr., Pickett Lattimer, Samuel Lattimer, Amos Lester,E benezer Lester, John Lester, Edgcornb Lee, Diodate Little, Samuel Lattimer, Michael Love, Richard Lattimer, Rasman Lawrence, Peter Lattimer, John Lathrop Amass Larned, Jeremiah Miller, James McEver's heirs, James Matthews, Robert Manwaring, James Miller, John Morriss, Giles Mumford, James Minor, Lawrence Marting, Ephraim Minor, Lydia Green Antony Mitchell, David Mumford, Isaac Moseley, David Manwaring, Lewis Minor, Thomas Jones, Elizabeth Newcomb, George Newcomb, Widow Nelson, Mary Newburg, Nathaniel Overton, Isaac Oliver, Owen Neal, Joseph Owen, Richard Potter, Christopher Prince, Abigail Potter, Zuriah Preston, Joseph Plumb, Green Plumb, Ichabod Powers, Jr., Andrew Palmer, Widow Piner, Simeon Peck, James Parker, Sarah Pool, Joshua Powers, William Packwood, Ichabod Powers, John Penwert, John Potter, Joseph Parkwood, Joshua Potter, John Prentice, Elizabeth Plumb, James Pittman, Stephen Rougett, Mary Rogers, Patrick Robinson, Ann Richards, James Rogers, Guy Richards and Son, Mary Richards, Benjamin Rogers, Jabez Richards, Solomon Rogers, Amos Rogers, Samuel Roberts, George Rogers, David Richards, James Rogers, Harriss Rogers, Peter Rogers, William Rogers, Peter Rogers, Jr., Peter Robinson, John Rogers, David Roberts, William Rogers, James Penniman, Daniel Stale, Gurdon Saltanstall, Esq., Thomas Smith, William Skinner, Seth Sears, Jonathan and I. Starr, Bathsheba Skinner, Bathsheba Smith, Eliza Shapely, Adam Shapely, Lydia Spinck, Ann Squire, Nathaniel and Thomas Shaw, John Shepherd, Robert Smith, Starr & Tallman, John Springer, Ann Simmonds, Peter Perry, John Coster, Widow Dorsett, Judas P. Spooner, Richard Stroud, James Smith, Jane Stewart, Lucy Starr, William Stark, Sarah Sitchell, John Spencer, Joshua Starr, Roswell Saltonstall, Winthrop Saltonstall, Nathaniel Throp, Bethiah Tallman, Daniel Tinker, James Tilley, John Tilley, Mary Taylor, Daniel Truman, Edward Tinker, John Welch, Walter Welch, Ebenezer Way, John Ward, Lucretia Wolfe, Anthony Wolfe, Simon Wolcott, Elizabeth Westcott, James Young, Temperance Moore, Samuel Belden, Joanna Short, James Thompson, Michael Melally, John Way, Thomas Bowhay, Joshua Hempstead, Nathaniel Salton-stall, John Thompson, Spere Douglass, Chapman Simmons, Elizabeth Beebe, John Hallam and Benjamin Harriss, Mary Ward, Stephen Culver, Mahitabil Leet.


Samuel Olmstead, Ebenezer Olmstead, Thaddeus Rockwell, Samuel Olmstead, 3d, Philip B. Bradley, Esq., Lydia Gilbert, Timothy Keeler, 2d, Gamaliel Northrop, Benjamin Northrop, Daniel Smith, John Northrop, Thomas Seymour, Hannah Seymour, Sarah Morehouse, David Olmstead, Joseph Stebbins, Daniel Smith, 3d, James Sturges, John Douchey, George Folcott, Daniey Smith, 2d, Ebenezer Jones, Bartlett Folcott, Ebenezer Stebbins, Jesse Benedict, John Abbott, Bartholomew Weed, Hope Rhodes, Stephen Smith, Martha Keeler, John Watrous, David Perry, James Scott, Philip Dauchey, Matthew Keeler, John Smith, Samuel Smith, Benjamin Smith, Jeremiah Burchard, Samuel Camp, Isaac Keeler, Lemuel Abbott, James Northrop, Abraham Rockwell, John Keeler, Timothy Benedict, Ichabod Doolittle, Jemima Keeler, David Rockwell, Samuel Keeler, Ebenezer Sherwood, Stephen Norrice, Daniel Cooley, Mary Hays, Abijah Rockwell, Abijah Smith, Jonah Foster, Sarah Silsby, Elihu Deforest, Price Northrop, Nathan Foster, Mary Gray, David Rockwell, 2d, Abner Wilson, Samuel Keeler, 2d.


Amos Avery, Prudence Avery, Thankful Avery, Rufus Avery, Lydia Avery, Ebenezer Avery, Phebe Avery, Peter Avery, George Avery, Hannah Avery, Elizabeth Avery, Benjamin Avery, Caleb Avery, Ezekiel Bailey, Stephen Billings, James Bailey, Samuel Chester, Eldridge Chester, Jedediah Chester, Benjamin Chester, Benjamin Chester, as Executor, Charles Chester, Thomas Chester, Daniel Chester, Esther Conklin, Simeon Chester, Nathan Darrow, Mary Dodge, Chas. Eldridge, Jr., Daniel Eldridge, Sergeant Daniel Eldridge, Thomas Griffin, Robert Gallup, John Hicks, Jonathan Havens, Ruth Holliday, Edward Jeffrey, Alexander Kydd, Thomas Mumford, Esq., Elizabeth Moore, Henry Mason, Nancy Moore, Predence Minor, Rebecca Minor, Elisha Morgan, Joshua and Isaac Morgan, Mary Moore, Frederick Moore, Shoram (negro), Ebenezer Ledyard, Esq., John Latham, Bridgett Ledyard, Youngs Ledyard, deceased, William Leeds, Benjamin and Caleb Ledyard, Anne Ledyard, Anne Leeds, Benajah Lester, Capt. Edw'd Latham, Thomas D. Lavis, Widow A. Latham, Capt. William Latham, Lydia Latham, Mary Latham, Jonathan Latham, Elizabeth Latham, Amos Prentice, Esq., Elisha Prior, Abigail Palmer, Alexander Reed, Thomas Starr, Nathan Seabury, Thankful Stanton, Jabez Sholes, Nathan Sholes, John Starr, Sarah Stedman, Lucretia Sholes, James Smith, Experience Ward, Eunice Williams, Samuel Walsworth, Christopher Woodbridge, Peter Williams, Benjamin Vose, Ezekial Yenington, Elizabeth Seabury, John Brown, Daniel Williams, Elisba Avery.

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