History of Clinton Township, Shelby County, Ohio
From: History of Shelby County, Ohio
and Representative Citizens
By: A. B C. Hitchcook, Sidney, Ohio
Published by Richmond-Arnold Publishing Co.
Chicago, Ill. 1913

This township, which lies Southeast of the geographical center of Shelby county, was at first organized as a part of Miami county, in which, as elsewhere stated, the whole of Shelby county was formerly included. It still however retains its original name. It is bounded north by Franklin, east by Salem, Perry and Orange, south by Orange and Washington and west by Washington and Turtle Creek townships. The territory embraces portions of town 8, range 6; town 1, range 7; town 1, range 13, and town 7, range 6. This comprises sections and fractional sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, to, 11, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 30, 34, 35, 36, and 3 and 10 repeated being of different towns or ranges. Since its organization the townhip has undergone numerous territorial adjustments and readjustments, account of which may be found in the report. of the county commissioners' proceedings.

Clinton township is drained by the Great Miami river, which enters at the northeast corner and flows south by west, and then, running southwest, becomes for a distance of about two miles the boundary line between Clinton and Orange township. Side by side with the river flows the Miami feeder with its water supply, which it carries to the canal at Lockington. Tawawa creek enters the Miami opposite Sidney, coming from the east, while another small tributary, flowing in the same direction, joins the large stream about a mile south of the mouth of the Tawawa. Three small streams enter the Miami from the west within. the bounds of the township.

The township is crossed north and south by the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railroad, and east and west by the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad, which two roads cross at Sidney, the county seat, the town lying on the west side of the Miami. The canal leaves the river for a certain distance in order to pass through the central portion of the town. The chief importance of Clinton lies in its possession of the county seat, which attracts population, though throughout the township farming is carried on extensively and the inhabitants in general are prosperous.

The lands bordering on the Miami river are in particular noted for their fertility. The surface is broken, rolling away westward; and while not jagged or precipitous, is still broken and even hilly along the river. The Infirmary farm comprises the extreme southwest quarter of land in this township, being the southwest quarter (160 acres) of section 10, range 6, town. 7.


At an election held in the township of Clinton by order of James Wells, Esq., auditor of Shelby county, on the 25th day of October, 1821, agreeably to notice given, the following township officers were elected:

Trustees, Philip Coleman, Robert McClure, and Rufus Carey. Clerk, Harvey B. Foote. Overseers of the poor, John Tilbury and James Forsythe. Fence viewers, William Drake and Benjamin Mapes. Treasurer, George Poole.

Thomas Lambert appeared and gave bond, with William Drake and Thomas W. Ruckman, conditioned as the law directs, and was duly qualified to perform the duties of constable for Clinton township according to law, November 3, 1821.

Monday, March 4, 1822. The trustees met according to law, and agreeably to order of court of the 4th of February they proceeded to select W. Cecil, Jacob Sclosser, Wm. Johnston, Philip Coleman, Rufus Carey, Nathan Coleman, and Elias Carey as grand jurors (7), and also John Tilbury, Archibald Defrees, Robert Blakeley, John Whitmire, and John Johnston as petit jurors (5), to serve the ensuing year, the list thereof returned to the clerk's office the same day.

The trustees allow B. S. Cox $1.00 for services as clerk of the first township election in this township; order given on treasurer.

John Lenox, supervisor for district No. 6, Turtle Creek township, as appointed by the trustees before the township was divided, made his return. and charges nothing for his services. Return filed.

Ordered, that it (the township) be divided into three districts (road); Sidney, No. 1; Plum Creek, No. 2; and Mile Creek, No. 3. No. 1 to work the road from the ford below Ruckman's mill to the public square in. Sidney, the road leading to Hardin, and the one from Dingmansburg to Sidney. No. 2 to work the road from the public spuare on the road that leads up the river past Win. Johnston's and Talbert's to the township line and the Plum Creek road to the township line. No. 3 to work the road that leads from Sidney past Rufus Carey's to the township line, and the road from where it intersects the aforesaid road leading past Mr. Levalley's as far as the township line. John Blake supervisor district No. 1, N. Coleman of district No. 2, and a supervisor to be elected in No. 3.

Ordered that the clerk advertise according to law for an election to be held on the first Monday next to elect one clerk, three trustees, two overseers of the poor, two fence viewers, two appraisers, one of whom shall be lister as well as appraiser, one treasurer, two constables, and three supervisors, to serve the ensuing year. (1822) for the township of Clinton. A true record.

Attest. Harvey B. Rion, Twp. Clerk.


Elisha Williams, 1823; J. H. Coleman, 1825; John McCreight, 1825: James H. Coleman, 1831; John Lenox, 1834; E. McGrew, 1835; Alex. Stuart; Sam McCullough, 1837; Alex. Stuart, 1838; Sam. McCullough, 1840; John Shaw, 1841 (resigned); J. F. Frazer and. Alex. Stuart, £841; Sam McCullough, 1843; J. F. Frazer, 1844; Stephen Wilken, 1844. (never qualified); J. H. Byers, 1846; Fred Robinson, 1846; J. F. Frazer; 1847; Irwin Nutt, 1848; F. Robinson, 1849; J. F. Frazer, 1850; M. C. Hale, 1851: F. Robinson, 1852; J. F. Frazer, 1853; Wm. D. Walker, 1854; M. B. Newman, 1855 (resigned March 8, 1857); F. Robinson, 1855; J: F. Frazer, 1856; M. C. Hale, 1857; D. B. Rinehart, 1857; J. F. Frazer, 1859; M. C. Hale, 1860; D. B. Rinehart, 1860; Samuel Mathers, 1862; M. C. Hale, 1863; A. J. Robertson, 1864; Sam. Mathers, 1865; M. C. Hale, 1866; J. F. Frazer, 1867; S. Alex. Leckey, 1868; M. C. Hale, 1869; Irwin Nutt, 1870 (resigned July 2, 1870); A. J. Rebstock, 1870; A. A. Leckey, 1871; Mathew C. Hale. 1872;. Harvey Guthrie, 1874; A. J. Rebstock, 1874; M. C. Hale and H. Hume, 1875; S. J. Hatfield, 1867; M. C. Hale, 1878; Daniel L. Buch, 1878: J. G. Stephenson, 1881; D. L. Bush; 188r; Geo. H. Bunnelle, 1881; Mathew C. Hale, 1884; Wm. C. Wyman, 1884; M. C. Hale, 1887; W. C. Wyman, 1887; H. S. Ailes, 189o; H. S. Ailes, 1893; Wm. C. Wyman, 1893; M. C. Hale, 1896; Chas. W. Nessler, 1896; Wm. C. Wyman, 1899; Chas. W. Nessler, 1899; J. W. Conklin, 1902; M. C. Hale, 1904; Ben D. Higgins, 1904, 1905; G. W. Elliott, 1905; C. R. Hess (appointed April 24, 1907, until successor elected); C. R. Hess, 1908; Emanuel Needles, 1908; E. Needles, 1911; C. R. Hess, 1911.

The present township clerk of Clinton is Karl F. Young. Trustees -William Salm, F. M. Hussey and Geo. Ehrhart.

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