History of South Beaver Township, Beaver County, Pa.
From: History of Beaver County Pennsylvania
and its Centennial Celebration
BY: Rev. Joseph H. Bausman, A. M.
Knickerbocker Press New York, 1904


THIS is one of the original townships of Beaver County, but many changes in its size and shape have taken place since 1800. As it now stands it is separated from Darlington township on the north by the Little Beaver Creek, is bounded on the east by Chippewa, on the south by Ohio and Brighton townships, and touches the Ohio State line along its western border. Besides that of the Little Beaver Creek, the township has not much drainage. Brush Run, which heads near its eastern section and empties into Little Beaver after leaving the State, is the principal stream within its limits. Anderson Run empties into Little Beaver at Darlington, and Brady's Run. cuts across its southeastern corner.

The surface of the township is hilly, and the soil excellent. Massive strata of sandstone, with limestone and a good quality of coal are found in several sections of the township.

The population of this division of the county in 1900 was 930. In the same year its taxables numbered 374. Its total value of real estate was $547,480, including $2150 of real estate exempt from taxation and $545,330 taxable. It had 14,587 acres of cleared land and 3117 acres of timber land.

Rayltown is a village or hamlet in this township, and Black Hawk, which belongs to Ohio township, extends partly into South Beaver. The only post office in the township was discontinued April 20, 1892. It was called Rowe, and was served by the following postmasters: Calvin A. Smith, September 2, 1880; William Withow, October 26, 1880, and Jacob Smith, October 6, 1881.

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