History of Bethel Township, Pa.
From: A History of Delaware County, Pennsylvania
Edited By: John W. Jordan, LL. D.
Published By Lewis Historical Publishing Company, New York 1914

Bethel Township. - Bethel, smallest of all the original townships of Chester county, is triangular in shape, its southern line adjoining the state of Delaware, the northwestern boundary being Concord township, the eastern, Upper Chichester. The township is mentioiied as early as 1683, and again at the court held 11 mo. 6,' 1684, the inhabitants of "Concord, Bethell and Chichester were ordered to meet on the third day of the next weeke." The land is high and very productive; clay used for making fire bricks and Kaolin abound vn the northwestern part of the township. Bethel hamlet was founded at an early date, the early settlers building together for the sake of safety. At the September court, 1686, Edward "Beaser" was appointed constable for "Bethel Liberty." In 1683, Edward "Bezer" and Edward Brown had 500 acres surveyed to them in the northeasterly end of the township. On this tract Bethel hamlet, afterwards known as "Corner Catch or Ketch," and the present village of Chelsea, is located. In 1686 the grand jury reported the laying out of the road from Bethel to Chichester (Marcus Hook). The list of taxables for Bethel township in 1693, shows nine tax payers: John Gibbons, Ralph Pile, John Bushel, Nicholas Pile, Edward Beaner, Robert Eyre, Thomas Garrett, John Howard, Thomas Cooper. In 1715, the list had doubled: Robert Pyle, John Grist, Robert Booth, Edward Beazer, John Canady, Benjamin Moulder, Joseph Pyle, John Hickman, Edward Griffith, John Hopton, John Gibbons, Thomas Durnell, constituting the list. There are no railroads in the township, which contains but two villages-Chelsea, in the extreme northern corner of the township, and Booths Corner in the southern part. Public schools are maintained at both these villages. Another in the centre of the township is known as Central School. The Methodists maintain churches and ministers in the township. The population of Bethel in 1910 was 535.

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