History of the Cambria Business College.
From: History of Cambria County, Pennsylvania
By: John E. Gable
Historical Publishing Company
Topeka-Indianapolis, 1926

Cambria Business College, Johnstown, began in a small way in 1906 and has grown steadily until the annual registration reaches more than three hundred. Its growth and development have been due first to the popular demand for business education, and second, to the earnest effort of the school to meet the business situation and to keep pace with the growth and development of business enterprises. There have been many changes in the business world in the last quarter of a century. It is no longer possible to enter an office as an apprentice and work through the various departments to a proprietorship. Business men are too much engrossed with the duties of their offices to attempt to teach novices. They demand trained employees, and are requiring a higher degree of proficiency and efficiency today than ever before in history.

It has been the constant purpose of the school to meet the requirements of the thousands of business men who call upon the school for employees, believing and expecting that the school will furnish to them trained, reliable and competent help. It is probably true that the success of our students has, more than any other thing, made it possible for it to keep pace with the requirements of the business interests of Johnstown and vicinity. Thousands of graduates have gone from the college rooms into positions in banks, railroad offices, insurance offices, wholesale houses, department stores, jobbing houses, etc., and their success has encouraged other young people to come to it for the same kind of training.

Mr. Gerald Devaux, present owner and principal of the school, has been associated with it for several years. He has had university training. For three years he specialized in the School of Commerce, New York University, in the commercial sciences, such as: Business Administration, Accountancy, Finance, Commercial Law, Business English, etc. He is closely identified with the business interests of Johnstown, is a member of the Kiwanis Club and the Johnstown Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Devaux has under him a corps of teachers sufficient in number to give every student as much individual attention as he needs. The instructors are specialists in their line, and extremely conscientious in the performance of their duties. They are selected also for their high moral principles, so that, while the main object of the school is imparting thorough instruction to the student, it does not lose sight of the fact that, by example, it shall develop in the students traits of character which lead to reliability in business and good citizenship.

Cambria Business College is fully accredited by the National Association of Accredited Commercial Schools. This is an association which was formed for the purpose of promoting the interests of the private commercial schools of this country and which has been doing very successful work in watching the progress of the schools, forming its membership and insisting upon their living up to the highest standards. To be placed in the catagory of accredited schools is the highest honor that can be conferred upon a private commercial college. No school is accredited whose courses of study are not standard, whose corps of instructors are not adequate, whose equipment is not modern and sufficient for the needs of its patrons, whose educational standards are not fully approved and whose business methods are not above reproach. The student in an accredited commercial school has a number of distinct benefits that cannot be enjoyed through membership in any other school. Among them are: (a) The privilege of having unused tuition transferred to another accredited school, should the student decide to change his place of residence. (b) Membership in the universal employment bureau of the accredited schools, which membership gives the graduate the opportunity of calling upon any accredited school anywhere for assistance in securing a position. (c) The advantage of the fraternal fellowship that exists among managers, faculties, and students of accredited schools throughout the country.

There are many other reasons why a student should select an accredited school, not the least of which is the fact that accredited schools everywhere are recognized as the leaders in the work of business education. They are progressive. They are working together for the good of commercial education, which of course means for the good of the student in the commercial school. They are seeking constantly to improve their courses of study, to raise their standards for graduation and to keep always in touch with developments in the business world. It pays, always, to be identified with progressive institutions. Today more than ever before, emphasis is being placed upon initiative both in institutions and individuals, and accredited schools are taking the initiative in the best things in commercial education.

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