History of Borough of Brisbin, Pa.
From: Clearfield County, Pennsylvania and Representative Citizens
By: Roland D. Swoope, Jr.
Published By Richmond-Arnold Publishing Co., Chicago

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The Borough of Brisbin is situated on lands formerly owned by Dr. Daniel Houtz of Alexandria, Pa., and was named in honor of George M. Brisbin, Esq., of Osceola Mills, a son-in-law of Dr. Houtz. Mr. Brisbin had charge of what are known as the Houtz lands for Dr. Houtz, and located where the town of Brisbin now is in 1854 and erected a saw-mill, which was operated until 1869. In 1874 the Moshannon Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad was extended to Brisbin and in 1880, Hoover, Hughes & Company having purchased a large quantity of timber in the neighborhood, erected a steam saw-mill at Brisbin and operated it until May 27, 1881, when it was burned and was immediately rebuilt and continued to be operated until the timber was manufactured.

The borough was incorporated on January 8, 1883, and on June 20th of the same year, a postoffice was established, John E. Vaughn was appointed postmaster.

The coal operations in the neighborhood of the town were rapidly developed after the building of the railroad and the population continued to increase and the town prospered and was a thriving place until on the 2nd of May, 1884, it was totally destroyed by fire. The fire first started in the woods, west of the town, and spread so rapidly that the inhabit. ants were not able to save any of their prop. erty or personal belongings, but were forced to flee for their lives. One aged lady, who after reaching a place of safety, returned to try to save her cow, lost her life.

Although greatly discouraged by the de struction of their town, the people of Brisbin went bravely to work to rebuild their homes and soon a new Brisbin sprang up and prospered until the timber on the adjoining lands was cut and manufactured and the coal underneath exhausted, since which time Brisbin has not increased much in population or business. The present population is about five hundred.

The town has three churches, good public schools and is supplied with water and electric light from the neighboring town of Houtzdale.

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