History of Graham, Pa.
From: Clearfield County, Pennsylvania and Representative Citizens
By: Roland D. Swoope, Jr.
Published By Richmond-Arnold Publishing Co., Chicago


This township was erected by a decree of court dated August 22, 1856. The township is situated in the eastern part of the county and is bounded on the north by parts of Coyington and Girard townships, on the east by Cooper township, on the south by Morris township and on the west by part of Boggs township and by Bradford township.

The principal business of the people is farming. The population, according to the census of 1910, was 664.

Graham township was named after John B. Graham, who came to the county with his parents in 1822, but who did not become a resident of this locality until some 14 or 15 years later. The town of Grahamton was named for him, lie being one of its most enterprising residents. He built both saw and grist mills there and also engaged in the lumber business. In 1852 lie removed to the borough of Clearfield, of which lie became a prominent citizen. Jacob Hubler and Bassel Crowel, came to this locality about 1827 or 1828. Each reared a large family and cleared up a good farm. In 1864 Jacob Huhier was arrested for a political offense and was imprisoned at Fort Mif— fin, but was subsequently released. He died in i868.

Conrad W. Kyler, who came here in 1843. cleared and developed a fine farm. He was made county commissioner in 1875 and for ten years was a justice of the peace of Graham township. Other early settlers were Samuel Turner, the Monos, the Hitchins, the Kepples, the Smeals, and the Flegels; while among the taxable inhabitants in 1857 (the year following that in which the township was erected) were B. F. Ackley, M. D., Moses Boggs, William Burlingame, William Bcii— nett, William Bagley, William Burge, John Cook, William Cole, M. & S. Catherman, David Chollar, Henry Colegrove, David Crowell, Israel Crowell, Basil Crowell, Patrick Curley, James Curley, Benjamin Chance, Frederick Conklin, Francis Colegrove, Samuel Davidson, Thomas Duncason, John Dixon, Robert Elder, William English, Thomas H. Forcey, Martin French, Francis Graham, Ira Green, William R. Green, Amos Hubler, George Hoover, Jacob Hoover, John Holt, Michael Fink, Jacob Hubler, Simon Hauckenbury, Joseph Ishman, John H. Irvin, Edmund Jones, Henry Kyler, Conrad W. and Isaac Kyler, Peter Keppler, John M. Katon, Samuel Lonsbury, Benjamin and Abraham Lonsbury, Rev. J. M. Mason, Mark McGuire, Gerge Moyer, John Martin, Jacob Mack, George Nearhood, Henry Nearhood, William Phenix,’ Christian Pace, Jonas Powel, Harrison Ross, F. W. Russell, William Roiston, Alexander Roiston, William P. Smeal, John Smeal, Samuel Smeal, George Stever, William Shimmel, Jr., John W. and David Turner, Joseph Thompson, Samuel Ulrich, John Urnmerman, John and Jacob Wilhelm, William Woolridge, James E. Watson, George W. Wells and others. This will serve to show who were the pioneers of Graham township, though some of the above mentioned were the sons or descendants of the original pioneers of this locality.

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