History of North Chester Borough, Pa.
From: A History of Delaware County, Pennsylvania
Edited By: John W. Jordan, LL. D.
Published By Lewis Historical Publishing Company, New York 1914

North Chester Borough.— Thls borough, created by act of legislature, March 14, 1873, included the villages of Paultown, Powbattan, Waterville and Shoemakerville, “beginning at the intersection of the boundary lines of. the city of Chester, the borough of Upland and the township of Chester,” the line continuing “along the northeastern boundary of the said borough of Upland,” following the line of Chester creek to the northern boundary of the city of Chester. The upper part of the borough was part of the 184½ acres surveyed to James Sandelands, December 2, 1685. At the southeastern end of the borough, December 18, 1685, 197 acres were surveyed to Eusta Anderson, the greater part not in the borough, the part that was included being known as Powhattan, because of the mills of that name erected there. At the time of the erection of the borough, Powhattan Mills and Irvington Mills were in successful operation, Chester Rural Cemetery also being within its limits. The first election for burgess and council was held March 29, 1873; John M. Sharpless, the first elected burgess, declining to serve, Henry L. Powell of the council was chosen to act in his stead. North Chester continued its separate borough existence until 1888, when it was consolidated with the city of Chester, and is now known as the First Ward.

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