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The Electric Materials Company, North East, Erie County, Pa.
From: History of Erie County, Pennsylvania
By: John Elmer Reed
Published ByHistorical Publishing Co., Topeka - Indianapolis 1925

The Electric Materials Company, North East. This is a Pennsylvania corporation organized early in 1915, for the manufacture of copper, bronze, brass and steel products used principally in electric equipment.

The plant originally consisted of three manufacturing buildings and power plant, but has been increased from time to time until on Jan. 1, 1925, it consisted of a power plant, double the size of the original, a foundry, rolling mill, forge shop, two machine shops and a two story office building.

The original Board of Directors consisted of George E. Pierce, F. B. Moorhead, A. S. Cooke, George N. Mackay, H. F. Eaton and O. C. Hirtzei. The officers were: George E. Pierce, president; F. B. Moorhead, vice president; N. P. Fuller, secretary; H. F. Eaton, chief engineer; and O. C. Hirtzel, treasurer.

The capital stock was originally $100,000.00, which was subsequently increased in 1917 to $150,000.00 and in 1920 to $250,000.00, fully paid in cash. The company has enjoyed a successful career from the beginning and is at this time employing approximately one hundred and fifty men and uses about three million pounds of copper per year.

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