History of Nether Providence Township, Pa.
From: A History of Delaware County, Pennsylvania
Edited By: John W. Jordan, LL. D.
Published By Lewis Historical Publishing Company, New York 1914

Nether Providence Township. - Nether and Upper Providence township originally constituted one municipal district known as Providence township. The first mention of Providence is in 1683, when the court appointed Richard Crosby and Andrew Nelson collectors of the "Levie for Defraying the charges of the Cort House and Prison att Chester," and appointed Thoma Nossiter constable for Provideijce. The first record of the division of the township into Nether and Upper Providence occurs in the miuutes of Chester Friends' Meeting, on the "13th of ye 8th month 1690." For over sixt years after this date, the southern part of the township as at present consti tuted, was part of Ridley township, but for the convenience of the settlers, i was then made a part of Nether Providence. The township lies between Crum and Ridley creeks, extending from the line of Upper Providence township it the limits of the city of Chester, from which it is separated by the creek In this southern part, John Nixon settled in 1683. Above his tract 200 acres known as "Smailgaine" were taken by Thomas Nossiter, who settled there in 1678. In 1684, Nossiter conveyed the tract to Walter Fancett. Above the Faucett tract Nossiter had 200 acres, which on September 12, 1682, he conveyed to John Sharpless, who came with his wife Ann from England in 1682. On August 24, 1882, two thousand descendants of John and Ann Sharpless held a bi-centennial celebration at the old homestead. Robert Vernon, from Chester, England, owned adjoining land to John Sharpless, while in the immediate neighborhood, Thomas and Randal Vernon settled, they coming in 1682. Randal Vernon was a member of the Provincial Assembly in 1687. At the extreme northern end of the township, Thomas Minshall had 380 acres, purchased from Penn before he came to the province. A list of the taxables in 1715 contains these names: James Sharpless, Joseph Sharpless, Isaac Minshall, Jacob Vernon, John Vernon, Joseph Vernon, Thomas Vernon, Henry Hasting, William Swafer. Jacob Edge, John Powell. The township settled rapidly and has always been an extensive manufacturing centre, Crum and Ridley creeks furnishing abundant water power before the introduction of steam as a motive power. These mills with schools and churches are treated elsewhere. The population in 1910 was 1941. The villages are Wallingford, a residential village; South Media, Briggsville, Todmorden, Rose Valley and Waterville.

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