History of Union Township, Hendricks County, Indiana
From: History of Hendricks County, Indiana
Hon. John V. Hadley, Editor in Chief.
B. F. Bowen & Co., Inc.
Indianapolis, Indiana 1914


Union township is located in the northern tier of the county, bounded on the north by Boone county, on the east by Middle township, on the south by Center, and on the west by Eel river. The land surface is generally level, with rolling land in the southwest and northwest corners. Like Middle township, the natural drainage is very poor, but has been aided considerably by artificial tiling. The land in this township is valuable today and it is easy of cultivation.


The first white settlement was made in Union township in the year 1828 by John Matlock and John Fowler. Isaac Veiley entered the land where Lizton is now located, in 1828, but did not move to his holdings until 1831. Prior to 1835 the following located in this township: Archibald Alexander, James and William Leak, their sons, William Montgomery, John Pritchett, Claiborne Davis and the Plummers. The bad drainage of the township hindered the rapid growth of the colony, the same as in Middle, and it was not until 1840 that the settlement assumed any size whatever. The cabins were small and far apart and the clearings were mostly unproductive. One of the advantages of the pioneer was that the stock brought with them would live in the woods all winter and usually do well. This was especially so with swine, and soon after the arrival of the first settlers wild hogs became very abundant in the woods and all those who had ever had a hog go astray had a lawful claim upon the common herd. In the autumn of the year, after the acorns and the other mast began falling, these hogs became fat and were hunted down by the settlers with dog and gun, the same as the bear and deer. The settlers often caught them in traps. When desirable to catch them alive, this was always necessary and was accomplished by making a log pen so high that they could not jump over and arranging a trap door to which a string was fastened. Corn was then scattered in trails in different directions through the woods to entice the swine into the pen, when a man secreted high in a tree top would spring the trap.


The poll book for the presidential election results in this township in the year 1852 gives the names of fifty one voters. The list is as follows: Jackson Griffith, R. D. Northcutt, Meizer Ward, William F. Darnell, James Leak, Benjamin G. Hiatt, John Pritchett, Claiborne Davidson, Tyra Stocker, Meredith Leach, Philip Sticldeman, George Wilson, Solomon Adams, J. P. Lewis, William Northcutt, James Reed, Ezekiel Davidson, Joseph Edwards, Parry Burk, E. Hutchins, James Adams, William Joseph, Thomas Northcutt, John A. Leach, Henry Lewis, Thomas C. Pritchett, Benjamin L. Rainy, Doctor Buzzard, John Gregory. R. S. McDaniel, James E Montgomery, William WA, James Dingemore, John D. Fear, William D. Lane, S. T. Lewis, John D. Hiatt, William S. Johnson, Anderson Leach, Isaac Burnett, Samuel T. Scott, Thomas C. Parker, Larkin C. Eperson, Samuel Reynolds, Enos Leach, Leland Leak, John Nouringer, Francis A. Scott, Johnson Brookshire and J. H. Herrick. Politically, the township has most always favored the Democratic ticket.


The growth and progress of Union township has kept pace with the development of the neighboring townships. The class of people are generally the same and the improvements have been equal. The land in Union township is now very valuable, this value increasing by the knowledge of proper cultivation and care which has in recent years come to the entire county of Hendricks.


Lizton is the only town in Union township. It was laid out by Jesse Veiley in 1837 and named by him New Elizabeth, in honor of Mrs. Veiley. The name was contracted to Lizton when the postoffice was first established.

Lizton never assumed a forward place in Hendricks county, although it has always been a substantial town, with good business and prosperous and public spirited citizens. The population now is about two hundred and fifty. The town was incorporated in 1909. The present officers are: George Thompson, Clarence Storms and A. Gibson, trustees; I. E. Voris, clerk; Jesse Tharpe, treasurer.

The Bank of Lizton, organized by Marion Bailey and others, commenced business on December 1, 1910. Mr. Bailey was the first president; W. E. Leachman, vice president; James T. Leak, cashier, and George Huber, assistant cashier. The same officers are now active The capital stock is $10,000; deposits, $10,000, and surplus, $1,000. Certificate of authority was issued to this bank on October 19, 1910.

Lizton Lodge No. 342, Knights of Pythias, was organized about ten years ago and now has one hundred and sixty members.

Iona Tribe No. 231, Improved Order of Red Men, has one hundred and ten members.

An Odd Fellows' lodge existed here once and was prosperous, but later

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