History of Bruno Township, Kansas
From: History of Butler County, Kansas
BY: Vol. P. Mooney
Standard Publishing Company
Lawrence, Kansas 1916

By A. M. Wolf.

Application for a new township in Congressional township 27, range 3, east of the sixth principal meridian, to be called Highland township, and to include all of township 27 and the north half of township 28, the election to be held at the school house in district 61. The application was presented to the board of county commissioners and granted, and the election was to be held on April 20, 1872. On April 9, 1872, a petition was presented, and granted, for changing the name of Highland township to Bruno township. The election on April 20, 1872, the first officers elected were as follows: N. B. Daniels, trustee; Jacob Brown, treasurer; D. J. Reber, clerk; Isaac Newland and Samuel Reed, justices of the peace; William Riser and Isaac Stroup, constables.

The first settlement of Bruno township was commenced in February. 1869 by Vincent Smith, being the first settler arriving on section 3 on Dry Creek. Upon his arrival, and to his surprise, he found about 500 Indians, and he traveled on horseback up this creek from Augusta to its beginning in Sedgwick county. He then went south across the prairie on to what is called Four Mile creek. Traveling down this creek he came to a large spring of water now known as Seltzer Springs, just over the line in Sedgwick county. He continued to follow this creek, and as he came within about three miles of the Walnut River, he saw what looked to him to be a dugout, and upon examining it found it inhabited by a white man, and interrogating the old gentleman, found that he had been a sailor on the high seas and that his name was Franklin. Smith then proceeded down the creek to the Walnut river and on down to where Winfield now stands. His intentions were on starting a town site for a county seat, and upon his arrival the first night, he again found himself among Indians, and they, stealing his horse, told him that "white man was too fresh." Finding that the land had not been surveyed, he then traveled on foot to Cottonwood Falls and, then came back in the early spring, about the tenth of May, 1869 and filed on the southwest quarter of section 3, the land office at that time being at Humboldt, Kan. Nothing much was done during the year 1869 until the early spring of 870, when the early settlers began to arrive, a man by the name of Champion, a blacksmith; Harry and Frank Kelley, C. A. Glancey and Mr. Graham taking up claims along Dry creek. About October I, 1870, a few more settlers began to arrive, of whom some are still remembered, being Mr. Wolf, F A James and James Collison; and then no further settlement until the spring of 1871, when settlers began to arrive from the East, settling up the township, and, in fact, every quarter section was taken, and improvements began at once and have continued to improve until this spring. The citizens of Bruno township can proudly say that we rank among the foremost in Butler county, having a fine high school, elevators, churches and well improved farms; also able business men and an excellent set of farmers. In the early spring of 1870, a few settlers that were here got together and names were suggested for the township, and it was finally agreed to delegate Mr. Graham to name it, and he suggested the name and called it Bruno. The first railroad through Bruno township was built in 1880. Bonds to the amount of $18,000 for the extension of the Frisco railway were voted and the road was completed through the township in May, 1880.

Andover, the county seat of Bruno township, was platted by Charley A. Glancey in 1880. It is a thriving little village on the Frisco railroad. It has one general store, owned by W. E. Peacock; bank, Earl J. Fanner, cashier; lumber yard, S. B. McClaren; millinery, barber and blacksmith shops, postoffice and other lines represented and all doing a good business.

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